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From What Country Are You?


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Netherlands here also..


And especially for Yme369:


Goedendag landgenoot Eelco.

(Hello fellow countryman Eelco)

Dank je wel richard.


Leuke signature overigens.


(Thank you Richard,

I like your signature)


--It ain't much if it aint dutch--

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I've recently been accused of being an AI for CSB support so I guess I am in cyberworld too much. :unsure:



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Oh my gosh Torvan - your house locations would be the ideal setup for me! I hate Illinois summers and I'm not fond of temps below zero. I only stay here because of the beautiful autumns. Well, ok - also because of family and work, and lack of money, but still... :unsure:

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Brasil.  :)

Is that you doing kapoeira? I love it! The most beautiful martial art!



No, this Martial Art is Shorinji Kempo.

Is fantastic.

"also I practise Capoeira"



Hmmmmm.... Looks beautiful! I studied American Kenpo (Ed Parker Style) for many years... probably a cousin art to yours as it is derived from Chinese Kempo among others. I visited Brazil about 15 years ago and fell in love with Capoeira there. It's my favorite style to watch... probably because of the music and the gracefulness and acrobatic quality of the moves. But in terms of theory and application, I'm sure your Kempo and my Kenpo are a bit more practical!

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I'm also from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro),

but I have been living in New York for the last 15 years. :)


Que bom gente! Eu morei no Brasil de 1997 até 1999 em São Paulo. Foi muito legal!! Amo o Brasil! :D Sinto muitos saudades. Agora moro em Utah, EUA.


([More or less] How cool! I lived in Brazil from 1997-1999 in São Paulo. It was really cool. I love Brazil, and miss it. Now I live in Utah, USA.


We are one big world family!! :group:

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I live in the UK. Born and raised in Manchester then moved to Bristol a few years ago. In response to the posts about martial arts above, Kempo is actual Korean. they refer to it as Korean Karate because people like to pigeon hole things but Karate is Okiniwan and Kempo is Korean.

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