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  1. Do you use a CMS like WordPress or Drupal for your site? If you do, its pretty easy to find plugins that do everything you need. (And a bunch of stuff you didn't know you needed!)
  2. I'm trying to edit my .htaccess file in either my FTP client or in cPanel file editor, but the file won't show. If I try to add a new one, I'm told that one already exists, but I can't see it to edit it or modify the permissions. Is there a setting somewhere that hides certain files? How can I make it display the .htaccess file? Thanks!
  3. Thank you. That was the piece I've been missing!!
  4. I'm trying to get MySQL to return a SUM of items in one of the columns in my database table, and convert that into a format that I can display in PHP. Here is the code I'm using on my .php page: >$queryDinnerNumber="SELECT SUM(dinner_number) FROM data WHERE dinner = 'yes'"; This works, because when I run the code on the SQL tab of PHPMYADMIN, I get a table that has one row and one column, with the resulting value in that cell. However, how do I display that value on my webpage? Here is the code I'm trying: ><? $queryDinnerNumber="SELECT SUM(dinner_number) FROM data WHERE dinner = 'yes'"; $resultDinnerNumber=mysql_query($queryDinnerNumber); echo $resultDinnerNumber; ?> people have been invited to the dinner. However, on my page, I see the following: How do I convert the value from the results into something I can display on my web page?
  5. Thanks, Mike and Bruce. It turns out CURL wasn't enabled on my server. The help desk was able to make the fix quite quickly. Thanks,
  6. I'm doing work on a client's site, and I recently upgraded the WordPress installation to WP 2.6; I also upgraded the e-commerce plugin to the latest version. Now, I'm getting a CURL error when I try to use the checkout function in the store. You can reproduce the error on my TCH-hosted site: http://solutionsforpreparedness.com/store/ (add an item to the cart, then select "checkout". The error message is: This was working normally before; I don't know if the change was related to the upgrade in WP or the plugin, but I think that seems a likely culprit. Any suggestions on what to do next?
  7. Miriam, Forwards aren't allowed to several domains because of SPAM complaints that can result in our servers getting blacklisted from sending ANY mail to those (and other) domains. If you add a forward to aol accounts, aim accounts, hotmail accounts, msn accounts, comcast accounts, or yahoo accounts, the forward will be deleted from cpanel. Forwards to these domains have resulted in numerous complaints from users, and we threaten the ability of all TCH users to send even standard e-mail to these accounts when we allow forwards to these accounts. It's a pain, I know, but it is better for the community that TCH has taken this action. Several threads to reference: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=16053 http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=31202 http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=29236 http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...showtopic=34813
  8. I've also been with TCH for around 5 years (or more?) I couldn't be happier with a web host. If you wonder if you'll get good support, check out the signature for Head Guru (you know, the OWNER of the company). go look. I'll wait. Just scroll up and read it and then come back. (Need a shortcut? Try this.) Did you read it? Did you notice that the owner of the company includes his IM account, his OFFICE Phone number, and his CELL PHONE NUMBER, all so you can call him if you need help. That is a guy who believes his company is going to provide you with outstanding service. And he's right. Or I wouldn't have stuck around for 5+ years. TCH was the best hosting decision I ever made. I can't recommend it enough. Edit: My link didn't work. I fixed it.
  9. HEY TCH friends (Long time, no see!) I'm doing some web work for one of my clients who is running for office (check out his TCH-hosted website at: http://philurie.com). My client wants to send out an e-mail to a list of 30,000 registered voters (we purchased the list from the county clerk's office). My guess here is that I want to install PHPMail from Fantastico, then I upload my CSV-formatted list of e-mail addresses, then I set PHPMail to throttle sending at the rate the helpdesk tells me. Is there anything else I need to know in order to make this work right? I don't want to get into trouble. I don't want to kill my server. I don't want to get my server in trouble. In short, I want to be a good TCH neighbor. (I'm a reseller, so I'm on a reseller shared server, server12.) Any advice or tips? I'd like to get this started later today, if possible, so your prompt advice is sure appreciated. Thanks! -Paul (lost, but not gone forever)
  10. Computerworld reports that starting next month, an update to Internet Explorer will no longer force users to "click to activate" Flash and other multi-media content. This is great news for people who include Flash content! Here is the article (I TinyURL-ed it because the actual URL is quite long): h*tp://tinyurl.com/2yyuk3 Enjoy!
  11. Second what Andy said. In one of my previous jobs, the IT admin blocked all traffic on port 2082, so I could never access my cPanel from my office. I no longer work there.
  12. As a reseller, can I create a DB user that can create databases? I'm trying to install dokeos (http://www.dokeos.com) and for their installer to work, the installer has to be able to create the databases automatically. Is this an option I can set for an account as a reseller? I installed an earlier version of this software on a different account, but that was months ago and I can't remember how I got it to work.
  13. Glad you found the information useful. Sorry about the last line of that post. I must have left it when I was editing the post and forgot to erase it. Now it is WAY too lat to edit the post. Good luck with your project.
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