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  1. Hey Nordie, If you have a script such as a shopping cart that needs CURL, you should be fine using it here.
  2. Paul, We have the limit in place to prevent the abuse of our servers from those trying to spam and to those whose scripts were compromised doe to security problems. Unless specified by the helpdesk, and I do not hitnk they will be able to change anything, all shared accounts must comply to these rules. I do believe that a dedicated solution would be the only way around it if you are not willing to use something like Dada. Wait for a response from the helpdesk just in case I am wrong on this.
  3. It's a "Time to open a ticket" issue. There really is not anything you can do at this point and the techs will look into it and determine the exact cause of the problem.
  4. Think of it as someone walking through a parking lot and lifting door handles to see who did not lock their car. If they find one unlocked, they can do more than if they have to try and get in through the locked door first.
  5. Well, Here is my take on it. You will have to add your products to the cart. Because you are doing that you will most likely want to remove them from where they are on your site now. Since you are already doing that, you will probably remove the PayPal button. I suppose, with modification of the cart, you might be able to bypass doing it that way but I am thinking it might be more work to do it than it would be to just use the cart as it is set up by default. I have not used OSC in some time and there are other members here that do use it often so I will defer to one of them for confirmation.
  6. Huh? The Discovery Channel, Science Channel and History Channel are junk? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that if you learn something from it then the show has purpose? Just kidding of course, we all have our own opinions about what the TV is good for and what it isnt. I will have to give Kana a look see.
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