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  1. thanks, I'm sure I will have a good day
  2. 30minutes further and issue solved, another big + for TCH
  3. ok, I've sent in a suport ticket, thanks for the info
  4. Hi, about a year ago I installed pMachine Free blog from the fantastico plugins as a blog. I noticed it was still running, whilst I no longer use it, thus wanting to uninstall it. Unfortunately, I can not do so through Fantastico. pmachine is no longer listed as a installable blogsystem, and at the section 'instalation overview' it shows a php parse_inifile error: I was wondering if I could manually delete the specific files and database, or if theres another way to properly get rid of the pmachine installation. Thanks in advance. Regards, Eelco
  5. many thanks for your response, no need for desperate measures like that. (I was just asking to see if that might be the problem).
  6. I wasnt exactly sure on where to ask this, so feel free to move to the appropriate forum, but here goes: I am trying to run a 'Live Game Server List' php-script from my site to check up on some halflife2-gameservers. The script gives an error, and according to the script's creator, it might be due to the following: So I would like to ask if this indeed might be the case that it's not working, because of this port issue... many thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the info Tomowa, I've completly over-thought about the path into the 2095 port that there was a pl file for it. Getting my 'script' to work is another thing, but this is a start, thank you once again.. And on the subject of Neomail, for my seperate mailaddresses, I mainly use Neo, because of the simplicity, Horde is ok for my own webmail, but I don't want my fellow users to 'screw' things up because of the many settings etc.
  8. hello, I was looking for a way to log straight into one of the webmail programs At the FAQ on the TCH homepage there is an article on how to log into Horde with a script, at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id35.htm (the article as mentioned above), there is a link to the code snippet, however, that lnk doesn't work... I managed to extract the Javascript from the example page.. I wanted to let you know that that link doesn't work, but still However, is it possible to log straight into Neomail instead of Horde (as in the example page)? Many thanks in advance, Eelco
  9. Hiya, I rarely look into the ftp section of Cpanel, now I needed to make a new ftp account, and found the following: my2ndftp@**** (subfolder) 0@**** (/home/mememe/public_ftp) 0@**** (/home/mememe/public_ftp) 0@**** (/home/mememe/public_ftp) 0@**** (/home/mememe/public_ftp) And then the MAIN ACCOUNTS..... I never set those '0' accounts, how on earth did they appear all of a sudden, and why 4 times? Sorry but I dont like posting my personal info in public areas.. (****) I hope anyone can clear this up for me, and I just hope I'm not being hacked or something... Thanks in advance, YMe369
  10. Thats kinda what I thought too. But I was just wondering. Thanks anyway though
  11. Hi, I was wondering, I have a website with subdomains, Does Awstats include the subdomain visitors count in the main stats? Or do I need to add the subdomain's Visitors up with the 'normal' awstats Visitors, for the total amount of visitors? Sorry if this is somewhat misleading, I do hope howeveer that someone can clear this up for me. As always many thanks in advance.
  12. Dank je wel richard. Leuke signature overigens. (Thank you Richard, I like your signature) --It ain't much if it aint dutch--
  13. Hi, I din't want to be a pain in the backside, or anything like that, nor do I want to make a big deal out of this. But I find this a tiddy-bit stupid: Today i received a email form you guys 'IP migration'. It says the following: 1. I appreciate the fact that you guys letting us customers know about this, even when we probably don't have anything to this with this. I always appreciated the service you guys bring. BUT: Notice what it says: .I received this email today: August 8th (9th at local time here) I just wanted to let you know, that either the email got to me really late, or you need to correct your dates... (just a notice, no harm meant...)
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