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  1. I see... I'd still give it a go then, my site serves a pretty closed small community at this point so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll keep monitoring my cpanel though just in case. Thanks for the help, Rob!
  2. Same here. I wasn't aware that Mambo could be a resource hog and was in fact planning to start using it on my account here. Could anyone comment?
  3. Rob is right, for earlier version you can already set forum password and usergroups. What is new in the permission system v2.0 is the addition of permission masks and secondary user groups. Let's say we have 4 forums: Biology Physics Law Marketing We can set permission masks to correspond to access to the forums (i.e. Biology mask to give access to Biology forum, as so on.) So now we have 6 permission masks: Biology Mask Physics Mask Law Mask Marketing Mask I can then create some usergroups: Biology Usergroup (uses ONLY Biology Mask, access to Biology Forum) Physics Usergroup (uses ONLY Physics Mask, access to Physics Forum) Business Usergroup (uses BOTH Law Mask and Marketing Mask, giving access to both forums) I can also have multiple usergroups for a member, for example, John might be a Business (both law and marketing) student, but also takes Biology. So I'd set his Primary usergroup to Business and Secondary usergroup to Biology. If he takes Physics as well, I can add that as an additional Secondary usergroup too. Alternatively, I can just set his Primary usergroup, and apply the Biology and Physics permission mask to him as well. Having permission masks within usergroups allow you to finetune the form access better. Having multiple applicable permission masks or usergroups allow you to stack the access levels, allowing for greater forum access control. Bad thing is the price though. It's rather expensive IMO. You can own it for as long as you want if you buy the lifetime licence, but it costs $199. I can't be bothered with spending $275 for the copyright removal though. It's just a small text link anyway. Already quite a number of users are annoyed by the change in their policy, but I guess such things do happen sometimes in business. Can't expect everyone to be like TCH
  4. Guys, IPB 2.0 is no longer free, and a downloadable trial is no longer available for non-customers. There is a 15-day hosted trail on their servers though, I believe. 1) IPB 2.0 is already out, there's also an upgrade to v2.0.1 2) You can set it such that guests are not allowed to view your forums (thereby requiring them to register), you can also set the account validation to be "admin only", meaning only people you approve of will get access. 3) Forum access is controlled by means of usergroups and permission masks (you now can have primary and secondary usergroups and combine them as necessary to customize the level of access each user has) as well as forum specific password protection. 4) I chose IPB for the user permission system, ability for unlimited forums/categories and subforums, clean user interface as well as their lifetime license (lifetime support and upgrades)
  5. Thanks... So regarding the subdomain part... Any TCH techs here can answer that? Or is it that you can't create working sub-domains for the parked domain?
  6. Didn't post this under Pre-Sales 'cos I've been an extremely satisfied customer and part of the TCH family for almost 2 yrs now.. Anyway, was thinking of getting a second domain (shorter and easier to remember, but don't want to lose the existing one) to point to the same website. I've been reading the related posts in the forum, and with reference to this post, would like to verify some points: Assuming my existing domain is domain1.com, and the new domain2.com: 1) They would point to the same web site, and visitors will continue to see the domain they typed in, in the location bar in the browser? 2) www.domain1.com/testpage would show the same page as www.domain2.com/testpage? and thus 3) testpage.domain1.com will also work as testpage.domain2.com? and regarding email: 4) I read in the posts linked above, that emails created for the different domains, unlike the website itself, are separate; that is, john@domain1.com and john@domain2.com are 2 separate accounts, and therefore can be used separately? Hope the questions aren't too confusing. Thanks.
  7. From the Republic of Singapore... And today's our National Day! (gotta work nite shift though...) Yuck!
  8. darkwoof


    Hmm... Mine are (in no particular order): Patch Adams Schindler's List The Green Mile The Wedding Singer X-Men Chicken Run
  9. Woohoo! Congratulations! Dance
  10. Thanks! I'll be checking back as soon as I could get my weekends off. Still waiting to find out what "15" was all about...
  11. Going to book into the Singapore Police Academy for my 6-month residential course in two day's time.. Going to miss being able to check into the forum every day to read up on the family.. Been here for more than half a year, love the place. Hope to be back during the weekends soon! TCH Rocks! Rock Sign
  12. Thumbs Up It just keeps getting better! Whoop-dee-doo! Thumbs Up Rock Sign
  13. Nice! Referrals from existing customers only come because you've got the best deal and the best services! Excellent job, TCH! Rock Sign
  14. Hmm.. I'd save it. Maybe you could find a bigger hard drive next time... It's fun to play one of those old games that only runs on Win98 every now and then... Many of them wouldn't run on my new "XP-only" machine...
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