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  1. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I had pretty much decided that WP would be the way to go but tell me more about Fantastico, I'm not familure with it.
  2. Hey guys I have returned after being away for quit some time. I only wish that my return were a happier occasion. I have an 8 yr old nephew recenthy diagnosed with cancer and I would like to put together a site the family as well as others can post their prayers, well-wishes, thoughts, their own expierences and comments but I'm not sure which way to go. My question for ya'll is, which would be the best way to go - forum, buliten board or blog? The ability to have multiple authors is a must.
  3. I just upgraded ZoneAlarm Pro to v 6.0.667.000 and while in the process of setting my preferences, ZA asks me if I want to allow YIM to track my mouse movement and key strokes. Obviously my answer was no, never. I WAS using YIM v with module
  4. I use skype a little, but since most everyone I know has gmail I thought I too would try google talk. You can find my google talk user name on my profile page, it's my real name and you will find it under one of the IM's there.
  5. The only reason that I have a landline is for DSL so about six weeks ago I call up the folks at SBC and start cancelling voice services with the intent of reducing my monthly expences. After I have cancelled everything except for dial tone the CSR asks if I would be interested in upgrading my DSL service to 1.5-3.0 for about $5.00 less than what I'm paying for 385-1.5. Being the intelligent young man that I am, I took her up on it. Since this was late on a Friday after noon none of this would take affect until the following Monday. Monday evening I come in from work to find that I had no D
  6. Well, that took every bit of 2 minutes. Thanks.
  7. Back in April I changed my primary domain name here at TCH and parked my original site name. I just checked out awstats and noticed that it stopped tracking about the same time that I made the name change. Is there something that I need to do on my end or do I need to open a ticket?
  8. David, Admittadly I have not made all of the corrections you reccomended here. Could that be causing all of the this? Bruce, Are you suggesting I do this instead of David's reccomendation, or after?
  9. Obviously I've done something wrong and I can't find it. It will be this evening before I can do anything, but is there anyone here willing to help me out?
  10. I haven't been this agrivated in a loooooooooonnnnnnng time. I've tried going back to the defailt WP theme where there are archives and used all of Matt's code examples and nothing works. It's time for me to go play DC and blow something up
  11. Something is still not clicking. In MT I took the Main Index Template and inserted Matt's code at the top of the page after <body> but before <div id="container">. And I have tried them at the bottom of the page after <br clear="all" /> but before <body> <div id="container">. I have even tried removing everything in the template except Matt's code and all links still go to MT entries instead of WP. And yes I have replaced Matt's example path names with mine. Meanwhile over in WP, using cpanel, I deleted the redirect.php that I had ftp'ed there earlier
  12. Ok, this is getting irritating. I have uploaded Alex King's "Template to redirect MT entries to WordPress" to public_html, which is where I'm running MT, and I have tried it in public_html/blog where I've put WP and all of my archive links still go to MT. I have also tried all of the following redirect.php in both places: What may be throwing all of this off is, I don't have a clue how to create a MT template in my WP root directory.
  13. You mean there were instructions for this? There were 2 blank lines following ?> Thank you David.
  14. Leave it to me to screw up something as simple as a WP install. At */install.php, I get this: At step one, I get this: At step two, I get this: At Log-in, I get this: After I log in, I get this: Your help would be greatly appreciated. I have already removed and reuploaded WP twice.
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