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  1. Thanks. Yet another very happy birthday with Totalchoicehosting. Was thinking about TCH and my own site during my holidays nad I do hope TCH was not seriously hit by Irene.
  2. Hello. I have been experiencing a strange problem with my website talonai*com. Yesterday logged into Cpanel and saw message "[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]" in the left frame, below "Monthly bandwith transfer". Relogged - the same. Refreshed several times - the same. Contacted live chat and TCH staff corrected everything, adviced to clear cookies and relog. As always, TCH support corrected everything. Today logged in - the same problem: "[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]". When I click on that "fatal error", I got the following code: The questions: 1) what is happening? 2) is there any way to correct it without calling support each day?
  3. Thanks for the kind words. It is such a joy to host with TCH and feel the warm atmosphere of our forums
  4. Sorry if this topic does not belong to "Cpanel and site maintance", since I did not figure where it belongs to and search produced almost no results. Usually I have no problems with TCH hosting (which is pretty natural, since it is quality TCH hosting). However, I am experiencing some strange problem with my site at Quanton server. I log into Joomla as super-admin, the access MosetsTree component to add some new items. Some time passes - and message appears "Server at talonai[dot]com is taking too long to respond...". But all I did was - add new item, add photo and the time this item should appear. Almost no custom scripts, site is not very busy and (I believe) does not overload server. 10 kB image should not overload it, after all. This should not be my work's PC or internet. PC is not infected with any malware, that's for sure. The question is: what is happening and why?
  5. A bit offtopic, but I am not sure where to put (a bit reluctant to start a new topic). In general: I have banned 2 countries in my htaccess file. Entered their ips with "deny from". Hundreds of IPs, but I made it. Before that I have banned grabber software (see my topic about it). I experienced several downtimes - error 500 - which TCH support was able to solve. Today one of my websites (monetosdotnet) went down. IO contacted support - they were able to restore the site, but not the forum. They asked to open a ticket and forum was restored immediately. As always, superb job by TCH support, you are the best. I am wondering what went wrong? TYhe site uses Typo3 CMS; forum uses SMF. Could it be because of htaccess or there may be another problem?
  6. My fault :cry: Rewritten the last 2 lines. Hope it will work...
  7. Mods, don't be angry -I am quoting what I have inserted into *htaccess file: Replaced real Ip adress with letters. Is there something wrong with the code?
  8. Looks like the code a bit over-worked. Today (7:00 Lithuanian time: just before going to work) checked my site: error 500. Fortunately, TCH support (chatted with Scott Abrams) was there. Fixed immediately. The effects: 1) HTTrack percentage reduced 2) visitors a bit reduced (but since they were grabbers...) some strange code in error logs: "htaccess: RewriteCond: bad flag delimiters"
  9. It's not bad to bear bad news - the worst is to say "it's ok", when it's not ok Thanks,Thomas and Spinland - I put this code in htaccess file. Hope that would help...
  10. I have one problem. Recently, my site was flooded with user(s) using Httracker and making additional gigabytes of bandwith - an event, never recorded in the history of my site. All this happened in January. Awstatus shows >40% hits were made by software "Httracker". I do not like someone making copy of my website and I don't like the thought I may run out of given traffic. According to the same statistic, most users came from some "undefined.datagroup.ua".I may ban its Ip, that's no problem. The problem is: how do I ban the grabber? tried to google, but to (almost) no results. One suggestion how to add some complicated code to my .htaccess file. Please help...
  11. Bumping up old thread. I don't think I need to open a new thread as the question would be -once again - about MosetsTree (MT). I have new version installed - however, I ask myself what should I do after they release new version: 1) buy new MT version for ~80$ and live in paid happiness forever. 2) switch from MT to any free alternative, like Oscommerce - pay for data transfer and live without paying to Mosets, forever. What should I do? Your opinions?
  12. My (return) year with TCH ends. As I have written on Webhostingtalk - it was a honey year. Almost no problems and the very few were resolved very quickly and in a professional way. That's why I do like TCH support, all of them. Of course, I prolonged my contract for another year. As I am absolutely sure I will receive the same high quality service with a rare non-overselling hosting provider. Happy New Year, Totalchoicehosting!
  13. I have experienced a strange problem with my Joomla 1.0. Situation: I have given one freelancer access to my website, since he is going to update and repair my website.This was done 2 days ago. Today I have logged - and saw my freelancer last logged...at 1999. I realise, it is some time zone difference between Lithuania and Australia - maybe 10 hours...but not 10 years. The question: how can I resolve this problem? Attached screenshot - names, emails removed. Any answer would be appreciated.
  14. using Windows XP - and ZoneAlarm free edition firewall. So far, so good with ZA.
  15. There is your support worker, called Ellis. Talked to her (name "Vytautas") today via live chat. Just wanted to say her thanks for restoring my website (monets[dot]net) which went offline due to some Typo3 error. She restored within 1-2 minutes. Great work!
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