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  1. I got the 90, 60, 30, 15, and a 7 day notice. I paid it today. I liked having all those reminders!
  2. Hi Gang, I bought a new iMac on December 19th. I freed myself from the Windows world entirely-save for the XP I have on a VMWare Fusion that I rarely launch now. I have only had to reboot this machine three times--all for software updates. Three times and we are getting close to a full year. When I had my WinBox-three times a month was a rare record. The Win laptop (A Toshiba) still plugs along-after the fourth reinstall of Windows in four years. Are there things I don't like? Sure-nothing is perfect. But man-I just had to brag a little about this. Cheers, Troy
  3. I was a younger kid when it came out and I was fascinated, although the political message missed me by a mile. Cheers!
  4. I like both Firefox and Thunderbird on the PC--use them religiously and exclusively with the exception of that damnable Windows Update site since Firefox was Firebird and since the .7 release of Thunderbird. However, they both are incredibly sluggish on the Mac (G4 1.2 Ghz, 2 GB RAM running 10.3.5). So alas, Safari and Mail will be the primaries there, regulating Firefox as one of the browsers for testing the web site with Thunderbird gone the way of the Trash. Troy
  5. Well I did give it a spin--and it never really spun for me. It found 4,906 files worth scanning, on a computer with over 5000 MP3s alone. Tried to get it to rescan, but it constantly came up with the same amount. Now, I have 5,102 MP3 files (all legal I will note with pride) 893 Office docs, 5 years of archived email, and God only knows how many other files. So, thinking mayhaps this is a Windows thing , I tried using it on my Mac as well--with similar issues. It just does not (at least not for me) do what I was expecting. Just my 2 cents worth! Troy
  6. Tis a good time to be Canadian. I maried an American, so I live in both places, (Winter in Oregon, Summer in Quebéc.) I just could not bear to sell the house. . . . . .
  7. I searched the forums and FAQs and could not find the answer to my questions, so here I go: Just installed a new boot drive in my G4 and reinstalled everything--the old IBM drive finally died. Unfortunatly, I did not write down the settings needed for Mail to access email accounts I have set up. So, while I am not stupid and can get all the needed settings from looking at the walkthroughs for Outlook, Eudora, and Netcape-there is one setting I could not get the info for. I need to enable authenticate (based on what I read) , but Mail gives me three choices by which to authenticate: Password Kebros 4 Kebros 5 MD5 Challenge-Response. So, which one do I enable? I am running 10.3.5 using Mail version 1.3.9 (v619). Thanks!
  8. I myself use an Olympus D300 3 megapixel camera I got a couple of years ago from Costco. It is a great (and tough-it has been dropped a couple of times) camera that does everything I have ever wanted a camera to do, including some functions I did not know I needed until I went on vacation (Quicktime movies, Midnight setting to take photos in near dark environments, Portrait mode).
  9. I use Photoshop CS for any *heavy* raster graphic work, but use Fireworks MX for the light stuff like banners and buttons. I use either Freehand or Illustrator for vector work-depending on the artwork in question and the filers I want to use.
  10. Funny thing--it is called a cell phone. I just want mine to give me excellent call quality, no longer drop my calls, and be able to be reached inside every town of more than 20,000 people. Basically--give me land line quality. Once the phone aspect of the cell phone gets resolved to my satisfaction, then spend the time, effort, and money on expanding what it can do. I think the reason the manufacturers and providers of cellular service add those toys is to distract you from what your service cannot do well.
  11. They are insidious things, so nicely killed by the Google toolbar.
  12. Okay, I recently got into my hot hands a slot loading iMac with a 700mHz G3 processor. I am quite pleased as it only cost me $150. Coming with it was the full version of Macromedia MX (even the SN and CD). Having been a FrontPage person for so long on the PC, I wanted to play. One of the questions it is asking during the Setup Assistant for Dreamweaver is "Do you want to work with a server technology such as Cold Fusion, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP. or PHP?" Having parused the Dreamweaver help section of TCH, I am still left puzzled. The Help file says to ask the server administrator what the server supports--so here I am. As my site stands now, I just have some client-side javascript running, but I would hate to say No if later on I want to begin. Thanks, Troy Rock Sign
  13. I use FrontPage 2002 on the Windows box to update the site. It came with my free copy of Office XP (I won in a contest), so what the heck-. I use it on occasion, stripping out the extra code and adding a couple of Java pieces. However, most of the time I am on the Mac, so when I am wanting to create new parts or do a full redesign, I use my free copy of GoLive 6. It is much easier, and should you already use any other Adobe product, it is a little less imtimitating.
  14. Okay, no brownies in the house, but I have the Bakers Semi-Sweet chocolate, some eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla (real), both walnuts and pecans, some Nestle chocolate chips. . . . Hmmm--in the freezer I have Bryers Strawberry, Bryers Mint Chocolate Chip, Bryers Vanilla, and Bryers French Bean Vanilla. In the cookie jar, I just put the last dozen of my fresh-baked from scratch macadamea nut sugar cookies in. . . I just finished reading my bi-monthly "Taste of Home" magazine. . . .so many desserts! I think it is fair to say that I have a very dangerous Anti-Atkins house!
  15. Boy, I just wish it was that easy. The other half is an assistant manager for another Safeway. . . .and you know that old saying "spend your money where you make it so you can make still more." But, what I have done is given more money to Costco (who get's the bulk of the dollars as it is) and the rest goes to either the local Select store or I tell Brian to get whatever it is at his store. But for this particular store-hell no. They lost this guy. Cheers! Troy
  16. torvan

    Photoshop Fonts

    As a former Adobe tech support person, here you go: If fonts do not appear after putting them in the Windows Fonts folder, close Photoshop. Do a search for Photoshop 7.0 Prefs.psp. Once found, trash (or rename) the prefs file. Restart Photoshop. Note that your colour profiles will be reset to defaults, so ensure you record that info first. If that does not work, Go to C:\program files\common files\adobe\fonts and add your fonts there. Then, delete all Adobefnt*.lst (i.e. Adobefnt.lst, Adobefnt06.lst, etc) files you can find on your computer. Restart Photoshop--the load time will take a little longer as it recreates the Font Lists you just trashed. Failing that, if you are using Adobe Type Manager, ensure the fonts have been activated.(Close Photoshop, launch ATM, go to Settings-Advanced and select Enable Type One fonts.) Lastly, remove all but the Windows installed fonts to a new folder on your desktop. Delete those FNT files again. Install your new font. Launch Photoshop. If they appear, you had a broken font. Move a few fonts at a time back into the Fonts folder until you recreate the issue, then pull out the problem font and install the remaining. If they still do not appear, make sure those new fonts aren't broken by getting another copy of the font and install it. Cheers! Troy
  17. It is funny you mention the ideas about customer service. Check out this letter I sent to the local Safeway: Mr. Lyle Waterman Safeway Stores Inc. 16300 SE Evelyn St. Clackamas, OR 97015 Mr. Pete Ambler Safeway Stores Inc. #4404 138 West Ellendale Ave. Dallas, OR 97338 Dear Sirs, It is very rare event when I comment in writing about an experience in any store, positive or negative. Usually, I dismiss the good service as expected and the bad service as “par for the course” in today’s society. Being a 35 year old man, my generation (to generalize) is more apt to just internalize what we see and experience and change our behavior to avoid those negative experiences rather than complain or compliment. I myself fall under that generalization. I have a certain level of expectation when it comes to service at any store I patronize. I expect the employees to put on some sort of front that says to me “Welcome to my store” whether that is a smile when the see me, a “hello” if we are standing near each other, or even a “How can I help you?” if I look confused. If I ask for where something is, I expect a store employee to either tell me exactly where to find it or to take me to the item or items. I expect a thank you at the end of the transaction. A store that meets those expectations will always get my business regardless of any sales that a competing store is having that does not meet those expectations. My experiences with the Tanasbourne Safeway store in Hillsboro, the Jantzen Beach Safeway in Portland, and the Downtown store in Corvallis set a service expectation in me that is higher than my own expectations. I expect, due to their service, that if I am on an aisle an employee will always say hello and ask if I need any help. I expect that checkers will smile, strike up some sort of small talk-even if it is to ask me if I found what I was looking for, and thank me by my last name (which I usually hate myself, preferring them to use my first name if they use my name at all). I expect that if a courtesy clerk is at the end of the check stand, they will bag my groceries, offer to carry them out, and also thank me by name. Today however, I feel the need to explain what happened at the Dallas Safeway. For six months now, I have experienced a level of service I expect at the local Wal-Mart as opposed to Safeway, and am unwilling to tolerate it anymore. For your reference, I have included my receipt in case you wanted to review the transaction with me as I describe what happened today. I came in to the Dallas store needing just four items—unbleached white flour, canned pie filling, graham pie crust mix, and canned black beans—but I was also in a “shopping mood”—which means I am much more likely to get more than just the four items that drove me to the store. I got my shopping cart and headed to the Bread area to see what good buys I could get on breads-usually I make my own, but bagels sounded good today. As I reviewed the stock of bagels, I stood next to a female employee for a couple of minutes. She was straightening the shelves—I saw no name tag on her apron, and said nothing to me at all, never even an acknowledgement I was standing there. I sighed to myself, finding nothing on ad that I wanted to purchase, and walked away. I didn’t think much of this-she was busy after all—but a “hello” would have been nice. I walked further toward the Bakery, and checked out the fresh breads. I was looking for an Asiago cheese loaf, but did not find any. A Bakery employee was checking dated stock in the front of the case, clearing out the bay. At no point during my look (which I did not find any of the bread I was looking for) did she acknowledge my presence or even ask if I was looking for something. If she had, she would have found I was looking for six loaves—five to freeze, and one to have for dinner tonight. Instead, I walked away with nothing. I went over to the meat department, having decided to cook cube steaks for dinner tonight instead of the chicken I had in the freezer at home. There were three Meat department employees in the immediate area, talking loudly about cars and car repairs or something to that effect. One was even stocking the meat counter. At no point were any customers, including myself, ever addressed in any way. I walked the length of the counter looking for my steaks, and even passed right in front of the person stocking the case. I picked up my steak, and then gathered the flour and the beans, but could not find the pie filling or the graham. I searched for over 10 minutes for these items, walking up and down every aisle of the store, gathering a few more items along the way. I passed two people I recognized as checkers (people who have been rude in the past and I avoid like the plague when I am in this store) who just walked past me without saying a word. One walked past me at the exact moment another customer told me where to find the pie filling, but he never stopped on his way to the front to address either one of us. I just took it as single mindedness—he must have been called to check--although to be honest I did not hear any page. Having gotten my remaining two items, I headed over to Produce and got the broccoli to have with dinner, and headed to the check stands. Two checkers were out front of the check stands, and one (Erica) was in her check stand—all three had no customers in line. They were all conversing about something or another. I pointed my cart into Erica’s check stand, oblivious to the fact she was in a conversation with another employee. The scowl on her face betrayed the fact she was irate at being interrupted. As I emptied my cart onto the belt of the check stand, I asked for paper bags before she started bagging. She rather abruptly shoved the plastic bag dispenser back and opened a paper bag in such a manner as to tell me “This is not how I normally do things” I just ignored it, because asking for paper bags in this store is usually met with some sort of frown. Preferring the sturdiness of paper bags is a preference of mine, although I realize it is a more expensive item for the store, thus reducing your profit margin from my purchase. I had left a coupon on an air freshener refill, loose; it was from one of those red dispensers that are on the shelf offering me 55 cents off the price of the refill. She picked the coupon up off the air freshener refill, and slammed it down on the lottery dispenser in an obvious “It goes there stupid” gesture. In bagging, she put my steaks in the same bag as the air fresheners (I had picked up one Airwick refill and two Glade fan driven models) with no separation between them. While I trust the packaging of the air products, my past experiences have told me that checkers will place the meat in a plastic sack if mixing the bag with household chemicals. It may not be a Safeway required thing, separating the two, but it is a thoughtful gesture. She said nothing to me at all as she was ringing up the order, and the scowl remained on her face during this time. I even tried to joke with her, saying “I hope the phone number I entered was correct” for my club card (It was not, instead it brought up a Travis Jacobs instead of me—I recently moved and did not remember if I had changed my phone number with the Club Card online—but I must have.) No reaction from her at all. Once the order was completed, no total was announced, but I did see the total ($50.23 after Club Card and coupon discounts) and used my debit card for the purchase. Only when my receipt came up did Erica finally turn pleasant, thanking me by my last name, asking if I wanted help out with my bags, and to have a nice day. I wish I could say that this shopping experience was unusual for the Dallas Safeway, but unfortunately it is all too common at that store. With the exception of two shopping trips to the Dallas store, I have walked away from each shopping expedition with a negative experience. I have, in the past, been treated rudely or just ignored by three checkers, a front end manager, a head clerk, two Bakery employees, three Meat employees, one Produce employee, and two courtesy clerks. Once I got home, I called the store at 5:35 p.m. and asked if Mr. Ambler was in-he was not. I asked if the assistant manager was in-he was not. I then asked for the Head Clerk, and informed him briefly of my negative experience. I got no apology for the experience, just a lot of “uh-huh” and “mmm-hmm” sounds; I was also not asked to elucidate nor was I asked any clarifying questions which I expected in order to ensure that I was heard correctly. Mr. Watterman and Mr. Ambler, my shopping needs are not great. I have only spent $1,157.66 at Safeway after coupons and Club Card savings since moving to Dallas in July of this year; and so I realize that I am not much of a profit generator for Safeway. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, I still expect some level of respect and politeness from any store I go into to spend my hard earned dollars. It is just unfortunate that the store that is less than a block from my house (I can see it across the empty field that separates my house from the store) will never get that business from me again; instead I will give the local Dallas Select market those dollars I used to spend at the Dallas Safeway. They have proven to me in the past to be able to meet the minimum standards I mentioned above. Sincerely, Troy Ridenour This was the response from Waterman, who is the Portland Division President: Dear Mr. Ridenour, Oregon store and how disappointed you were with the entire experience. As you may be aware, several years ago Safeway embarked on a program to ensure that all of our customers receive a high level of service when in our stores. I am certainly sorry to hear that we may have fallen short on a number of service related issues. We will look into the details provided in your letter and be in further contact with you to get additional details which will help our District Manager for the Dallas area review all the issues with store employees and follow up as necessary. Sincerely, Lyle Waterman My letter was dated January 12, his response on January 16. I have not heard from them since. What gets me is that I gave him a detailed letter indicating the problems, so there is no "may have fallen short" and that they will "be in further contact with" me--and no one has. Canned letters--makes writing a detailed letter not worth the time. I never did hear from the store manager (Mr. Ambler) either.
  18. The chances of getting the Mad Cow infection are few--you REALLY have to work at it to get it. In the UK, there were only 144 cases for the entire decade of the 1990's. Living just a few hundred miles away from the sources, and less than 70 from the packing plants, it is still a non-issue for my two person family. We have beef as a part of the carniverous diet we have--we eat turkey, chicken, and pork with equal drive--and that will not change.
  19. I am an iTunes on the Mac and a Easy CD-DA person on the PC.
  20. Well, if we are talking about Flintstone characters for sexy, I am going with Bam Bam myself (once he got older of course-not the child).
  21. Thanks-I thought it might be but thought it couldn't hurt to ask. Thanks!
  22. Question: I don't know if this is the right place for this, so if it isn't please move it or let me know and I will post it in the appropriate forum. I am looking at helping a local non-profit radio station with writing their web site and possibly having it run though my account with you, since I have more space and bandwidth than I use in a month available. My questions are: 1. Is this allowed? 2. How do I set that up in CPanel if my site is in the public_html folder? Create another? 3. Their domain is www.kpie.org. Do I just let you know like I did when I set up my own account (www.troyandbrian.com)? 4. Do I need a different account type since it is two domain names? I have never done this before--so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Troy
  23. Innocent? Jessica Rabbit? I mean c'mon, she was caught playing Patty Cake with Marvin Acme remember? Eddie Valient took the pictures and showed them to Roger---and Roger certainly didn't feel it was innocent.
  24. I have to say that without a doubt, my favourite software program is Stardock's Object Desktop. No question about it at all. The reason for that is I am able to twist and turn XP into a real graphical interface that reflects how I operate on a regular basis, and then change it to suit my mood. For example, if I have just spent hours on the Mac and come to the Windows box to work on my web site (www.troyandbrian.com), I can have the Windows environment work, look, and feel just like the Mac's OSX. I have a total of 4 built skins, each configured differently depending on how I am going to use the Windows box. Now, if we are talking web related, I am a FrontPage junkie going back to version 1.1 (before Microsoft bought it) up to FP 2003. I also own GoLive 6.01 as well, but find it to be confusing.
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