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  1. Whoops. Never mind, I found it. Apparently IE doesn't like <script ... /> instead of <script ...></script>
  2. For some insanely strange reason, I cannot get my site to load in IE if I have Javascript files included... robertzone.com Try it in FF and IE... When it loads in IE nothing shows but the background (And IE has image problems too, it seems.. Time to retry some colors). Any ideas why IE won't load it if JS is present?
  3. I'm using the exact script I offered above and it gives me all of the graphics correctly... Not sure where the problem may lie.
  4. Didn't neccessarily have what I was looking for... :-/
  5. So I'm about to venture into the streaming audio and video realm. I've been trying to research it as best I can, but I just haven't been able to find a definitive-enough source out there... At the rate I'm going, I may need to find a published book on the subject from B&N or Borders, but I'm trying to avoid that. Thus, I am turning to my family here at TCH. - So here's the gist of it: I want to offer streaming a/v on my dedicated server. I'm pretty aware I need to have server-side support for this, so I need to know what that entails. - I'm a little bit lacking on the HTML code ne
  6. Whoops, just noticed an error on it. Change the following: $Config = "?config=" . $VARS["Stats_Website"]; to $Config = "?config=$site";
  7. Alright kids! Here's a new improved v2.5 v3.0 script. Want to know what's new? 1) Cleaner & smarter code. 2) Form changed to explicit GET. 3) Removal of for-loop for POST. 4) Script auto-detects name, thus removing the hardcoded "awstats.php" and allows renaming. 5) Better and more robust cURL error reporting. 6) Image handling! It will now use cURL to load the images directly from CPanel, thus removing the requirement of installing the images locally. 7) Switched to explicit usage of $_SERVER. 8) Enjoy! ><? /**********************************************************
  8. And she became known as "Dances With Seals"...
  9. Yeah, I hope I have a bit more free time so I can actually pop in once in awhile.
  10. Good lord! I'm back! Well, at least for a little while. Life seems to have taken all my time. Augh. I began back in June 2003 on $10/month. And that was a lot back them for me, let me tell ya. And for $10/mo, I was mighty happy. Rock solid service, much better than my old host. I gradually upgraded plans as time went on and purchased additional plans for my websites. I combined them all into a reseller at some point, and grew pretty large... Then came the big jump. Dedicated server. I've been here at TCH for a long time now. This summer will mark completing my third year here,
  11. It's been awhile since I was in here... Just wanted to give a big shout-out for Andy. My site was having access problems for about 10 hours, and I couldn't figure out why. Basically, I was shooting in the dark in regards to trying to figure out what the problem was. Andy found that a certain included PHP script was timing out on my site. I went in and found three specific lines that were causing the holdup. It didn't make sense, because they were three eregi_replace() lines consecutively that had worked for the last, oh, three years. Thus, he suggested that the problem may lie in i
  12. Whenever I have a result set in phpMyAdmin to display in the right pane, it just reloads the frame that was there previously... Is the result set is 0 rows, it returns "MySQL returned an empty set" and whatnot... Any ideas? It's some configuration error in the software...
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