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  1. Replying to my own post.... got a little bit of info through the helpdesk...thnaks Tina.... but I'd still be interested to know why phpBB has been removed from Fantastico on the Shared Servers. Isn't it one of the most popular forum/BB products out there? Do I have to install updates manually from here on out?
  2. phpBB has disappeared from Fantastico...It appears that the Fantastico site still lists it as an available install. I just upgraded to phpBB3 and now I don't see it anymore, although an Installations Overview does show it as installed. Will there be no future support or upgrades for phpBB? If not will there be any mechanism for porting forum DBs over to the lone offering (SMF) still showing on the Shared server Fantastico pages. Why was it removed?
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    Just for anyone that is searching the forums for the same info... As of this post the answer is: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A TotalChoice Staff Member has replied to your Help Desk Ticket with the following: Hi, I am sorry no, we do not provide ffmpeg on our shared servers. Regards, Tom Duncan, Technical Support, TotalChoice Hosting, Inc.
  4. Me too, and of course I just upgraded before I saw your post, so we'll see.... Any specific problems??
  5. Uzbekistan Next = k I'm Baackkk!!!!
  6. Someone here at work just discovered this..... Got the usual scam email (this was supposedly from SunTrust Bank) which entices you to click on a link to update your online account info. It the usual scam EXCEPT that the link actually goes to a site that uses PHP to generate a real looking web page, complete with an address bar which, although built out of graphics, still has a working text entry field. The code checks to see which email you clicked through from, and if it is the Suntrust one, it builds a Suntrust page, if it is the PayPal one, it builds a PayPal page. Once the page is built, all the links and buttons on the page (except fot the login button) will work and go to the real site. The Login button takes your login info and saves it to the scammers server. The page also checks which browser you are using, and re-directs you away if you are not using IE (they oly designed the pages they build to look like IE). This is one slick piece of work....Watch out for it. Even experienced web users could easily be fooled.
  7. Here's a little bit of info... http://www.getinprint.com/tech.html http://www.craftmarketer.com/heat_press_t-...t_transfers.htm
  8. Big (using the first word)
  9. Jack Albertson & Robert Englund (Dead and Buried) Whew...had to look that one up..IMDb rocks!!..
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