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  1. That's perfect Carl! (a little naughty comment was going to be here, but it's a family forum) I think we should start an Official Carl Noonan Fan Club!
  2. Hey gang! I haven't been on the forums much lately but I had to get on and let everyone know that TCH techs Alex and especially Carl Noonan ROCK!! I had some issues with a new SSL certificate and Carl has been wonderful to work with! I am so thankful for his help! The support desk is fantastic, but, having access to tech support's IM is awesome. Sometimes it's hard to back and forth or hash things out in a support ticket, so IM'ing with Carl was perfect! A big thank you to Bill too because he certainly knows how to hire the right people. PS. Anyone know where I can buy a I Carl Noonan t-shirt?
  3. Thanks Bruce and Thomas! I'll let you all know how it goes! Wish me luck! (I'm not doing it for a couple of days, so keep me in your thoughts LOL)
  4. Hey gang, I've got a question and I hope you can help me think through this. I have an SMF forum set up on a subdomain (on a domain that is on a reseller account) I've decided to buy the forum it's own domain (will still be on the reseller account) and I want to move the SMF forum to it. I'm trying to think of the best steps to keep everything set up as it is now. I've added some mods and customized some things, so I'd like to move it as is. Any suggestions on the best way to do this without creating a big ol' mess?
  5. Lemme ask my husband LOL Do you think you would like Texas?
  6. I want to give major kudos to Andy for helping out with my site this morning. I had submitted a ticket, but had a question about the new help desk software, so, I'm'd Andy and he answered it right away and then went on to ask about my ticket and worked on getting it fixed very fast!! Andy is my hero. I've asked him to marry me so stay tuned for a date and time!
  7. Aww Thomas, I am so sorry about Piggie.
  8. Wow! That list is awesome! Thanks Bill and staff!
  9. Dexterity Test Ok, so my best shot so far was only 11 seconds. I am blaming it on my wireless mouse
  10. If you still get an error, try comparing all the information against what is in this post: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...st&p=152297
  11. In the MySQL Connection setting: Try changing the MySQL server to: localhost
  12. Paul, I am so sorry about your father. Expected or unexpected, it is still extremely difficult to lose someone so close. You are in my thoughts. Ellen
  13. Pepsi all the way! Well, unless there is alcohol involved, then it must be coke!
  14. No problems in Texas, it came up quickly!
  15. Hi Bradkl, welcome to the forums! I haven't used OSC for a while, but there should be two configure.php files. One in the includes folder, and one in the admin/includes folder. Make sure both of those configure.php files have the correct information, such as the database login information and the paths to the catalog and admin folders, etc. Hope that helps!
  16. I love poking around this CSS site: h*tp://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/index.html You might find something in his list of menus that will help! On some of the menus he shows the CSS (and HTML/XHTML), on others he doesn't but you can view source. All the ones I just looked at say that there is no copyright attached.
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