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  1. I used Symantec Norton 360 Antivirus and Firewall last version in my PC´s. I used Spyboyh last version. Good Day and Work for all.
  2. Thank you Bruce, I think of what will be safer Dodos or FormMail the Cpanel ?
  3. Hello, I need a suggestion for Script Mail CGI for use in html or flash. Dodos Mail is still used and indicated ? Thanks
  4. Sorry for "my" the delay. Thank you all.
  5. One other option for you. You can create your site using a CMS (Content Management System). CMS allows you to have multiple levels of access Fore example: Xoops, Joomla and others Uou find them in your Cpanel, Fantastico
  6. Hello, Addition to searching the web search engines, desire to have some indication of software for Ebook Create, is possible with flash effects. Thanks all.
  7. Hello Bruce, Seems that this is looking Thank you for your help as always.
  8. Hello OJB Yes my files: Synchronize My Pc to Webserver <--> My WEbserver to PC
  9. Hello, Is there any software opensource for backup online ?
  10. Hello, You can enable an extension in php.ini for this specific domain ? I do this in Cpanel or WHM ? The extension is to php_dbase Thanks
  11. Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to all. TCH Data Center success in 2009.
  12. In my country for those who work with hosting and has servers in other countries, the biggest problem is the rising exchange U.S. dollars. For this reason many are closing their accounts in USA or changing plans for further economic. On the other hand, companies the hosting here and DC´s based in my country are capturing a slice from public offering plans with values more attractive. Iinteresting this movement. And the talk that " oil prices " ! U$ 150 to U$ 85
  13. Really, situations are incredible. for example: GM the shares fell 31% but the plant them in my city had record sales in my country in September.
  14. Hello, What is your opinion and comments referring to current Financial crisis? For example, how this may affect the market for hosting? Thanks
  15. Bruce really. the upgrading work so pages. My intention is constructive, positive and helpful, attention because it was possible some customers may give up recruiting by cpanel find very old. If you need help on the site can count on me
  16. Hello, I was looking at the site of TCH and realized the following: The release of cpanel Announced : for Dedicated Servers is too old Cpanel v9.9.9 For Resellers is Cpanel v10.8.2 for Virtual hosting is Cpanel v11 Is this the correct ? Because there is this difference ? thanks
  17. That some of them will solve the problem of crisis Financial in USA ?
  18. Tking the matter: Could limit the type of files being uploaded to the server via ftp? For example: Send files type extension equal to .jpg .gif .xls .doc etc and not send files extension .exe .bad and others.
  19. Prel


    I use Jojomla for customers with little knowledge and Xoops portals for more complex. You find them in their Cpanel / Fantastico scripts if you have an account at TCH.
  20. I recommend XOOPS and Joomla. If you have an account in TCH, go to your Cpanel / Fantastico. If does not, contact your Life Help Online and help open an account for hosting in TCH. There you will find Xoops and Joomla.
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