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  1. Happy Birthday Bunni

    Thank you, fellas! I had a nice day!
  2. Happy Birthday Bunni

    Thanks very much, Dick.
  3. Happy Birthday Bunni

    Thanks, fellers! ) xx I made it! LOL Now on to the next!
  4. Happy Birthday Bunni

    Happy Birthday in pink! Love it! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I've had a wonderful day. I'm proud to say I'm 30. Ok ok, 31.
  5. Head To Tail

  6. Happy Anniversary Tetris

    25 years..... I used to be hooked on Tetris. Now I have new passions.
  7. Denial Of Service...

    Hi, Lisa, and welcome!
  8. It's Been Such A Long Time...

    Hi Josh! Nice to see you back.
  9. Webby Award--thanks, Tch!

    Congratulations! Good job!
  10. I Won An Award At The Student Art Show!

    Nicely done! Congratulations!
  11. Account Login: Can This Be Changed?

    Welcome, cowtehc!
  12. Dang We Are Getting Old!

    I'm with fantasticdayup. I just turned "double nickels" and I love it. Each birthday is a milestone, a reason for celebration as I move through this life. Each day is an achievement marked by achievements and lessons learned and to be learned. I welcome the challenge of each new day and each new year. Bring on the next birthday!
  13. Wow

    Way to go, Tina. You're the best!
  14. Change The Color Of The Ball

    Piece o' cake.
  15. Scrabble II