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  1. Thanks, fellers! ) xx I made it! LOL Now on to the next!
  2. Happy Birthday in pink! Love it! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. I've had a wonderful day. I'm proud to say I'm 30. Ok ok, 31.
  3. 25 years..... I used to be hooked on Tetris. Now I have new passions.
  4. Hi Josh! Nice to see you back.
  5. I'm with fantasticdayup. I just turned "double nickels" and I love it. Each birthday is a milestone, a reason for celebration as I move through this life. Each day is an achievement marked by achievements and lessons learned and to be learned. I welcome the challenge of each new day and each new year. Bring on the next birthday!
  6. Way to go, Tina. You're the best!
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