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  1. A friend is moving a mySql database from a server with WebOS to a server with cPanel. I have been trying to help research the problem with her and having no luck. Both servers have PHP admin, and export of the database has been transfered to the new server. But the mySql USER NAME conventions for the servers are totally different. The file fails to import because the new username does not have permissions to use this database. The user naming at old server is abcde12345 The user naming at the new server is azqtlp_12345 where the azqtlp is always the user name of the hosted account fol
  2. Thanks Thomas! I'll let him know about it. He has been in business since 1988 yet never had a website for the business. A few times he had a temporary page on another website but this is his first time with a website that matches his business.
  3. 1. http://www.andysaircare.com 2. Andy's Aircare 3. Andy's Aircare Central Florida complete air conditioning & heating services 4. commercial 5. backlink opens new window, located on about page under links: http://www.andysaircare.com/about.htm I referred this person to TCH today when he was working on my air conditioning. He bought his domain and hosting today and I thought it would be nice to get him his first incoming link. He had one question that I could not answer: He prepaid for a year of hosting/2yrs domain. Can he prepay for the other year of hosting right away to
  4. "budget" hosting company sounds diminishing, less than full performance should be expected. "budget" usually means that features are limited or missing to give you a "basic" cheap experience. Personally I find that patently false when used with TotalChoiceHosting.com. Everything is included! No addtional fees to have full hosting experience. TCH is a top hosting company with outstanding features, uptime and service. Nothing lacking here, nothing held back. In fact, compared to many other hosts I have worked with, TCH far exceeds them with features, communication and service.
  5. Yes. I tried setting everything to one click. rebooted Set all to two clicks rebooted. same result for the last couple months. Just one of those wacky things I was just living with...but last Window/Office update seems to have changed behavior to normal. Tried to record screen behavior and it works properly now. fingers crossed
  6. I have my computer set to require double click to open folders, files. Works for everything except for EXCEL files. If I click an Excel file to select (for copy/paste/rename, anything) it opens. If I click on more than one excel file, they all open. ONLY happens with Excel and I can not find any setting that needs to be changed to stop this behavior. Drives me nutso! Constantly closing files I did not intend to open. Any suggestions are welcome. win 7/64 bit, Office 2010/Excel 2010
  7. yep. I agree! I mentioned in the post that was the first thing I will do this weekend. Anything else you would suggest?
  8. Worked on my mother's machine this weekend and I am thoroughly confounded. She opens IE8 and the toolbars are missing. There is an area that shows whatever was behind the active window and it never fills with Menu Bar, Navigation Bar, can't print, search, go forward, backward, see favorites, links bar, nothing! (Window looks like a screen shot of the background image in that header area of IE.) Click to open IE 2nd time, same thing. Eventually, one time out of 5 or 6 you do get the toolbars she has defined and she can actually be on the web. I have researched till my eyes we
  9. Samrc

    Win 7

    Ok. That was my first thought too. It's just that I have read such conflicting info re win 7 admin account...should/should not enable. Separate Admin account does not have the same abilities as the win 7 admin default account, blah blah... Why make it such a headache? Finally found a piece of the puzzle that makes sense as to why using a standard user w/admin rights instead of the built-in (default hidden) admin account: XP was simple. Use Admin for maintenance, Use User account for main use. Done. A must on a networked environment. We had a couple minor infections on desktop
  10. Samrc

    Win 7

    Thanks Bruce. Will do. Only one user on the unit, but want to have it as protected as possible from day 1. Follow-question: I have been reading about the "hidden" default administrator account in Win 7 and seem to get conflicting info about it. By default it is disabled. Should I enable that default "administrator" and use it for my admin needs, or create a separate account with admin privileges to handle the maintenance activities? Would there be a real difference? Probably not as long as it is password protected.
  11. Samrc

    Win 7

    I have read many times that with Win XP, to limit control that a bug/infection, users should not run as administrator for general computing. Create a user account with lesser abilities for everyday, use admin for maintenance (install/etc). MS statement about it: h**tp://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/windows_security_whynot_admin.mspx?mfr=true Should the same thing be done with Win 7? Recommendations?
  12. I honestly appreciate the service, the consistency, the people and the options that TCH offers. This place IS unique. You guys make me look like a hero time and time again. Besides the site being consistently avaiable, having the options that I now take for granted (and shouldn't), TCH is easy to justify from a business perspective. Every three months or so, we get solicitations from phone services that want to wrap our website hosting into the package, promising to save us lots of money. Each time, t has been quite easy to defend my choice of TotalChoiceHosting.com to the owner and sa
  13. This week I have my personal 7 year anniversary with TCH. During that time we have had quite a journey together. I wanted to let you know that I am still in love. No 7-year itch here. Our commitment stands as strong today has it did the day were were joined. Thank you for a wonderful 7 years! - Samantha Oh...by the way, a couple days ago,on my own forum (hosted here on TCH server) I was asked for a host recommendation. This is what I said: Yes. I have dealt with many hosts. So far, in my 10 years experience with my own sites, my employer's sites, friends an
  14. I am also a CSB user. Thomas is probably correct server side issue might be the cause. Best to have that checked and adjusted if necessary. The TCH servers are very stable and usually there's something to tweak on the user side. >> Have you set your firewall to trust CSB? >> Is this the first time you are publishing on this new machine? If so, please keep in mind that CSB must publish the entire file ONCE from that machine, replacing all files stored in your tlx design file. After that, you can just publish the updated/changed/added pages. Even with no "issues", tha
  15. I use PC Anywhere from home to work, home to mother's PC for most of the connections. Have done so for about 9 years now. Used to set it from work to home but not any more. PCA allowed me to work from home all of last week when I was sneezing and coughing my head off. But that sofware is not designed to have the whiteboard, or transfer presenter from one to the other. You are either the host or the remote. Granted, usually all you need is a one way communication with you fixing something on the other end and that's fine. BUT with Mikogo, I could start by working on the other pe
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