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  1. thanks Bruce, just have to sit down and have another look at the CMS programs again
  2. I am looking for a program/software to do a community based website. I tried CMS but just cant get my head around it. In this site I want a directory for businesses, sport etc where they can update themselves, a login page, classified etc. What am I looking at, price to get this done.
  3. I tried that but it did not work, anything else
  4. any ideas on what to do about it, i have an earlier version on the main site and I have no problem with that in IE. I might revert back to that one.
  5. I have installed plans 7.6 I get an error when clicking on the Calendar Settings tab, it will not open the page. I get a popup error message reading "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://www.clonmel.info/library/calendar/p...gi?active_tab=2 Operation Aborted The link is http://www.clonmel.info/library/calendar/plans.cgi any help would be great
  6. I dont think that would work I want something where people can register, a login name and password are sent to them automatically. Then they can use it everytime to login. I bascially am looking for information about the people who are using the site, then use the info to make the site better.
  7. where exactly is the Web Protect option on the cPanel
  8. I have a website of helpful information but i want people to register first to access it and thereafter to login everytime they use it. What script or program do I need.
  9. Tim Thanks is was the only one I did'nt go over with the mouse. Thanks again
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