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  1. Thank you both. This sounds above my paygrade... I'll have to find someone local to walk me through all this.
  2. Hi all. It's been a while since I've posted on the forum, but I've been checking in and keeping up with you all! I've built an entirely new website using i-web and I now wish to take down my old site and replace it with this one, but I'm not sure what to do. I also want to keep the old site on my own computer just in case I have problems. I assume (shouldn't really do that!) I should ftp all the pages of the old site to a new folder on my computer. Then what? I-web has a button to upload the entire site. Do I use that? Will it name each page for me? Can I add tags and descriptions? I really wa
  3. I'll try making some changes to the filter... thanks. VI
  4. In previous versions of cPanel, spam assassin would mark spams as *****SPAM***** and I could create a rule (in Outlook Express) to delete messages that had *****SPAM***** in the subject. Yesterday spam assassin began labelling spam with four asterisks instead of five so I created a new rule for that... no problem there. But this morning there were no labels on the spam messages at all (with any amount of asterisks) and they all (and I mean ALL!!!) ended up in my inbox. I went to cPanel and my spam assasin is enabled (setting = 5). Spam box is set to disabled. Should I enable it? I'd rather
  5. Hi all. It's been a long time... there used to be a 'special' place to post questions like this, but I can'ts seem to find it. Mod, feel free to move if necessary. Anyway, people sending me email are reporting that they receive 'delay notices' concerning the delivery of mail to my email address. It is taking days for some mail to be delivered and in some cases I am not receiving it at all. Is this a problem on my end or theirs? Is there anything I can do to fix this? (please answer in SIMPLE english... fooling around in cPanel is something I try to avoid!)
  6. Well that's a relief (not the part about not being able to stop it, but about my real address being unlikely to be blocked)! I've set my catchall to :fail: and will stop worrying now. Thank-you!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I know spam blockers or setting my catchall to :fail will keep these failure notices out of my inbox and that is good, but it begs the question of how to stop the spoofing of my account or what to do about it so that my real email account (me @ ****) doesn't get blocked by major ISP's. Any ideas?
  8. Hello all... it's been a long time. Every day I receive about 50 emails from various "post offices" telling me that emails which I never sent failed to arrive. Obviously someone is sending emails from my account. These failure notices come to various initials @ mydomian.com like ergyz@**** or xbeype@****. And they come in all different languages. I also receive several autoreplies per day from people these emails get sent to who are out of their offices.... people I never heard of and never sent anything to. I know that last time I checked into this (a couple of years ago) I was told
  9. The French Jazz Club is called Jules. It's on St Mark's Place (which is East 8th Street), between 1st and 2nd Avenues. The Spanish place is called Sevilla and is on West 4th Street, I think it's between Charles and 11th). Rectangles, the Israeli place, has not reopened in a new location yet as far as I know. And don't forget the Carnegie Deli... it's an experience!
  10. There's one place I know you'll love... it's a little jazz club on St. Mark's Place (14th Street) between First and Scond Avenues (or maybe 2nd and 3rd) and they serve very authentic Provencal French. I can't think of the name right now... I'll ask my daughter who lives nearby. It's on the north side of the street... very cute. Also an Israeli place called Rectangles (great middle eastern fare) was on 2nd Ave around 10th St (across from the 2nd Avenue Deli which is another good one), but I think they've moved. You can get great sushi at Gelato (or something like that, it's on 4th Street, also
  11. HA! Now I can blame my weight on being too smart! Bruce is right, just create a new account and on the 2nd or third screen you will see a drop-down that defaults to POP3, just change that to IMAP. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> OK... I did it and totally screwed it up... had to delete account. I'll try again when my brain clears.
  12. Hoorah!! I LOVE COOOKIIIEES! LOL <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If you keep giving me correct answers and getting cookies, you're going to be very large!!!!! LOL Yeah... I've been incommunicado for a while... just dealing with business. Or trying to. I missed you guys too! Thanks Ellen... problem is, I can't find where or how to change it to IMAP...it's not giving me that choice. I have OE6 if that matters. Can you, or anyone, walk me through it.
  13. Until now, I've always downloaded my incoming emails off the server (to save space) and kept my inbox and sent mail just on my computer at home. Now I need to make sure I have a backup of those emails. I've changed my Outlook Express settings to leave a copy of incoming emails on the server. The server also has all sent mails that I've sent using webmail (Horde) which I only use when I'm away from home. But what about emails I send from home (not webmail) using Outlook Express? Is there any way (short of a bcc to myself) to have these emails stay on the server that I'm sending them through, i.
  14. Speaking as a woman... Yes.
  15. Gidday I havren't checked that yet because it is something new and I haven't even worked out how to. I think tat's the only thing I haven't checked, must be it. Cheers Jack <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm not sure of the best way to do it, but I do it by logging into horde. At the top right of the screen there is a place to open other folders from a drop down menu. There you can open (and clean out) all of your folders.
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