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  1. Here are few websites from my bookmarks http://css.maxdesign.com.au/ http://www.w3schools.com/css/ http://thenoodleincident.com/tutorials/box_lesson/boxes.html http://www.456bereastreet.com/ http://www.alistapart.com/ http://www.digital-web.com/ http://www.stylegala.com/ http://www.cssbeauty.com/ http://www.unmatchedstyle.com/ http://www.cssdrive.com/ http://cssvault.com/ http://www.w3csites.com/
  2. Thanks but I don't see how do you update 2.8.15 to 2.9, there's nothing about that in documentation
  3. I'm using Advanced Guestbook on my website and I have to delete spam messeges almost every day. I already banned few IPs ( most of them are from .ru ) of the people that were posting but they're allways back with new ones Is there any easier way to fight against spammers ?
  4. Download it here Here's what's new : # Login and feed fixes for IIS # Faster gettext i18n # Improved i18n string coverage # Extended ping support # Paging on the Manage->Posts page # URI-safe accent stripping for all UTF-8 characters in the Latin Extended-A Unicode block # Query string style argument list support for wp_get_links() and wp_get_linksbyname() # Improved hierarchy listing in wp_list_pages() # Support for a Status: theme header field that allows themes to be marked as private, publish, or draft # Improved caching and database query reduction # Active plugin and th
  5. my website (html/css coding), music (collecting CDs & DVDs - so far I have around 1200 - including all U2 and Madonna releases), photography etc.
  6. I submited my link almost a year ago and this is what they said few days ago : "Still awaiting review by an editor. All you can really do is to wait for that review, which could be anytime - 2 minutes to 2 years, there is no way of predicting. In the meantime check the category from time to time to see if it is listed. Thanks."
  7. How do I reverse this ? I tried adding : >DirectoryIndex /index.php ... but it still takes me to temp.php
  8. How do I set redirection so that when someone visits allaboutmadonna.com it takes him to allaboutmadonna.com/temp.php ? The problem is that I need index.php so I could test some new features ...
  9. I just installed Movable Type and it has all the options I need I tried WordPress in the past and I remember it was really hard to build a nice template ...
  10. I'm not happy with CuteNews becouse it's using a text file (I would prefer MySQL DB) which is not a good solution and I had to restore news.txt few times. When it archives old articles it's not possible to link to and display all artcles from certain month etc. There's also no ATOM Feed option I was thinking about WordPress but I don't really need a CMS but a simple mySQL/PHP based news publishing script that has these ...
  11. I'm still using CuteNews but I'm not happy with the way it archives old news and I need new news publishing script... So far I know about PHP News, Textpattern and Movable Type, what's better ?
  12. It's working now, thanks to Don OK just one more question : how many messages per hour can I send ?
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