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  1. Jon FrontPage was always horrible when it was active but, as Bala says, it is no longer being supported by anyone. What exactly is it your site needs it for as it's possible someone could help ease the transition.
  2. Yes but given this exploit has been around fora couple of years and leaves no traces you have no real way of knowing if somebody has used and and got a copy of the key.
  3. But have new certificates and keys been issued in case the servers had already been exploited?
  4. Not overly impressed from that video. Opera Mail is clean but takes some getting used to.
  5. I had a similar issue with my forum not working. I checked the error log via cpanel and it turns out that they have changed something on the server so access to my forum was being blocked because it's permissions were set to 777.
  6. God I'm always getting core files from SMF. They are usually created whenever something causes PHP or MySQL to crash.
  7. Well Matra may be up and running but it's got issues. http://carbonize.co.uk/ you get a 404 and if you try to FTP in you get 421 Home directory not available. Can login to cpanel but File Manager says there are no files in my home directory.
  8. Any danger of seeing Matra back up and working anytime soon?
  9. That particular forum looks like punBB. You can find a lot of forums for you to play with at http:/opensourcecms.com
  10. It's already been stated that Matra is being inspected. Pain in the rear since I was hoping to push out a new version of Lazarus :|
  11. I had already added a filter to stop them going in to the spam folder but I thought it was best to inform you in case the spam was still ongoing.
  12. It's OK Disk it's been resolved. Apparently you did have a spammer abusing Matra a few days ago but it had already been dealt with and your techs have now contacted Google to inform them
  13. Well I submitted a ticket and have just spent an hour or two with some tech who got it in to their head that there was no issue because the emails are being received by the Gmail server with no errors :| I probably shouldn't of used the term blocked but pretty sure I didn't say that in my ticket. Just checked and my ticket clearly states that Gmail is now classing all email from matra as spam.
  14. The subject says it all. Gmail is now classing all email sent from matra server as spam. So not sure if this is Gmail being overly touchy with their spam filtering of if someone on matra has been compromised.
  15. That's good to know. Hopefully it will help prevent peoples sites being exploited because of seriously out of date scripts installed through Fantastico.
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