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  1. If someone has the time and inclination, I could use some css/php assistance please. I'm playing with a new WordPress theme that can be found here - http://wordpressthem...detail/832.html I have it installed at www.gryfaliasaerie.com Two things I'm struggling with are: 1. How can I get photos to show up on the main page and in the recent articles at the bottom as it shows in the sample (see first link above)? 2. There is a photo in the bottom left of the sample, whereas mine says No Categories. I can't figure out what this No Categories is or what should be there. I went out to the developer's site as well but it didn't answer these questions. Thank you! I can attach a zip file of the theme, but I wasn't sure if that was allowed or not.
  2. D'oh! I didn't even look at the date on the post. Thanks - I will do that.
  3. I use phplist to send out around 250 newsletter notifications each month. I'm guessing an update was applied sometime in the past month and a half because my messages are now being truncated. I Googled the problem and came up with what seems to be a solution. Problem is, I don't really understand how to apply the fix. Here is a link to the page: http://mantis.phplist.com/view.php?id=2138 Where exactly do I go to change the "varchar(255)" to "text"? And do you know of a better way to fix the problem? Thanks much!
  4. Oh wow - it's that easy? Very cool! Thank you so much! And thanks Thomas for moving this to the right forum.
  5. I'm working on a site redesign with WordPress at http://achr-il.com/testsite/. I've looked through the php files and must just be missing how to add to the buttons at the top (currently Home and About). Can someone point me in the right direction pretty please? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! As for the quotes, yeah, I know. :-p I'm on my 'berry so it wasn't giving me a choice and I was being lazy about removing them.
  7. That's what I was wondering. That would be the static pages?
  8. Because the website is a lot more than just a news source. There is a calendar of events, resources pages, information pages... You can see what is currently there at www.achr-il.com.
  9. Hopefully posting works on my blackberry... With WP, do I create static pages for thw site pages? How exactly does that work when it isn't set up as a blog?
  10. Hi everyone. It has been a while since I dropped in. Almost didn't remember my password. I take care of a non-profit site that is hosted here and they'd like to make changes so that we can post news and events as they come in rather than just once a month in the pdf of the newsletter. Here are some of the features I need: RSS feed for just the latest news portion Archives (hopefully done automatically) with search Something fairly simple as I do not know php or javascript and my CSS skills are ok, but not great. Would WordPress do the trick? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  11. Thank you! Step-by-step helps me immensely. I'll go try right now!
  12. Sorry to take so long to get back about this. I made sure cookies were being accepted and tried what you said, but it is still giving me the session verification failed error. This is happening on both the websites I own with forums. Anything else I can try? I'm not keen on upgrading manually. Thanks!
  13. Question - for the past two upgrades, I haven't been able to do so from the forums package manager. When I try to log in, it says that session verification failed. I know that my username and password are correct, because I signed into control panel with them afterwards. I've always had FTP server as localhost with Port 21. Is that no longer correct? I upgraded through Fantastico last time, but they don't have 1.1.8 available yet. Thanks!
  14. Crock pot chicken makhani (I so love the "A Year of CrockPotting" site!)
  15. Last night - shrimp fajitas Tonight - bbq smoked ribs with grilled veggies and homemade bread
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