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  1. Thanks for your good wishes gentlemen. Gail
  2. Hi OJB, I listened to about 4 of your tracks and rather enjoyed them - well done. Good luck with your project. Gail
  3. Gail


    Hi MM, I just had a look at your mrsmuddled.com site. The animations seem to be working for me okay - at least the ones (3) that I came across. There is a character taking a golf swing, police car with lights going, and the Canadian flag flying. Gail
  4. WOW! I visited my main blog and saw that I had one plugin that was just updated by the author 2 days ago so I used the automatic method to update this plugin. It seemed like the process was done in under 5 seconds - what a difference! Before, it seemed like it took forever to even update a plugin and then often the process failed. Thank you TCH.
  5. I updated my blogs using the manual method a few days ago - now I can't wait for another WordPress update so I can try the automatic update again. Thank you for making this change and thanks for all your hard work.
  6. Hi Bruce, Yes, I do use my cPanel username and password and I have always done that. I remember contacting the Help Desk about this problem quite some time ago now - I would have to look at the history but I don't think it was ever really resolved. I have 2 blogs - one is a test blog - they do reside on 2 different servers. I thought you always updated your blogs using the manual method? Gail
  7. I have had the same problem as Carbonize since WordPress started offering automatic updates. I have had success perhaps twice. I do delete the upgrade folder but this doesn't always seem to matter. This time I got the following error message and I know another TCH customer has had the same message: I have pretty much opted for updating manually from now on as this method gives me far less headaches. This time - I was able to update a theme and one plugin automatically but I had to update one plugin manually. It really is 'hit and miss'. Gail
  8. Hi, I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but if I do a new 'Page' - the title of the page will be added to the tabs across the top of the home page. For example, if you add a new page titled 'Links' - a 'Links' tab will show at the top (along with the Home and About tabs). I believe you can also change the order of the tabs if you wish. Hope this helps. Gail
  9. Hi MM, WordPress installation is available in Fantastico Deluxe in your cPanel - I know you have never used an FTP program and the thought of this is upsetting to you. Use the Fantastico to install and I believe you can also do WordPress upgrades via Fantastico. The upgrades are not always timely I don't think but they are eventually available. Once you have WordPress installed - then you can import your blogger posts via WordPress tools found in WordPress administration. I hope I am reading the import guidelines correctly. It would be worth a try. If you can't use the Import tool - there has to be a way to get your posts from blogger to WordPress - I did it a few years ago as you know. The first step is to get WordPress installed and then worry about the second step - importing posts and you will find lots of help here. Gail
  10. Hi MM, I was just reading your Email again and then came here to see if you had started a post re this subject. I was reading a little about the Custom Domains - I gather you can still use Blogger but use your own URL. I must admit I don't have a clear understanding of how this works but I guess that is one possibility. They are supposed to have a migration tool ready for the week of Feb. 22. Like Bruce, I like WordPress. I believe there are several TCH customers that use WordPress so there is good support available at this forum. Of course there is all kinds of documentation and support available at the WordPress web site. Gail
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