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  1. OK. Here is my "reading between the forum lines". Checking out this post, my guess is that the major announcement is: 1. Bill had his tonsils out or 2. Bill will be too sick to make the major announcement! Hmmm. Do they have browsers at every bed in the hospitals in the US these days? How is Bill making the announcements about making announcements?
  2. Well, it is already 3/15 here in Japan and no sign of the announcement. So, the rumor that Bill is Santa Claus must be bogus because Santa Claus always follows the time zones and gets his work done on time. We will just have to settle for Bill being a nice person who lives in a time zone all his own.
  3. Gotcha. So far my total is not over my quota, but I'll have to see if I can get the script issue worked out or have to manually check the disk usage each time. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Tom, Thanks for the response, but I guess my question was not clear. Here it is rephrased: Does this mean I am "cheating" TCH by having directories with an owner name other than the one TCH gave me? Put another way, if I am on the 450 MB plan, and I have 350 MB worth of stuff owned by the name TCH gave me, it is possible for me to have another 300 MB worth of stuff owned by "nobody" so that TCH would not be aware that I had exceeded my limit by 200 MB? I don't want to be dishonest here, but I know asking the helpdesk to chown all my nobody directories to my TCH name is going to break my script.
  5. Sorry to bump this old thread, but I have a follow-up question. I have exactly the same issue running Gallery with the user set to "nobody". While I don't mind checking "real" disk usage with the control panel for doing so, I worry that my actual usage is not getting counted in my available quota. I am close to half of my available space, and if I do a full backup I could easily blow over the top. I don't want to cheat, nor do I want to get shut down or cause the rest of the people on my server any issues. Any info on whether the "nobody" ownerships are getting counted in the quota?
  6. Thank you for the links. They were a bit easier to understand than the ones I had been following up till now. I will delve into it and see how it goes!
  7. I am running a script (Menalto Gallery) that uses gettext files for providing different languages. For the particular language I am using, I needed to re-encode the language files to UTF-8 in order to be compatible with the Dragonfly CMS I am using. I did that for the .po files that I need. Now, I understand I need to run the .po files through "gettext" in order to get the .mo files that I believe the script is using. I have looked up gettext on several sites, but still don't quite understand how I would "run" it on my TCH hosted site. I suspect I need to upload the .po files and then write a small php script to kick gettext into action, but am not sure what this should look like. If anyone has a snippet they have used, I would appreciate it.
  8. Gotcha. Thanks so much for the insight -- now to shine up those FTP software settings.
  9. In a tech support reply to me, TCH-Andy mentioned that some of the files on my site which would normally be ascii seemed to have uploaded in binary mode. I immediately set out to change settings in my ftp software, but then worried that this might cause me other problems. My site has both English and Japanese content. Therefore files that are typically ascii for English-only sites (html, php, etc.) are actually UTF8 encoded on purpose to maintain the 2-byte Japanese characters. So, my question is, in general, with UTF8 encoded files, is the correct transfer protocol still ascii, or will that break the UTF8 encoding?
  10. Thanks much. That is exactly the info I needed. Ed
  11. There were some great posts on backing up a site using cpanel which gave me alot of useful information. Thanks to all. One question I couldn't seem to find an answer to is as follows: If I download a "home backup", all mysql db backups, and all alias and filters, is this basically the same (content-wise) as the "full backup" (except for email)? Where I am going with this is I would like to be able to do some major experimentation on my site, and don't want to bug the very helpful tech support people to do a full backup restore everytime I need to "start over" again. I know I can do the restores for home backup, mysql db, and alias/filters myself--but will that really get me back to where I started? Ed
  12. Many of the Hosting entities don't make it obvious where servers are geographically located, and I suspect many who sign up don't care either. I also believe as others have stated that customer support is the main thing, and TCH has the right formula there. When I tell people around me in Japan about the deal and service I am getting with TCH, they are envious, but I haven't found one that wants to switchover yet. Why? They need at minimum cPanel (or similar entity) in Japanese, and a support ticket system in Japanese is going to be a need for most. Although many people the world over speak English to a point, I suspect all would like "native language" support, and this is probably especially true in Japan, China, and Korea, which is a HUGE market. Now if TCH would like me to be president of their Asia Pacific branch.... I would LOVE it! Did I hear a call for resumes?
  13. Thanks for all the information Bruce! I think the cPanel approach will work great for my kids, who really just need one "real" address and a couple of "spam catcher" addresses. I can set up their email clients as you suggest. I appreciated your information on setting up SpamAssassin that you posted elsewhere as well.
  14. Thanks for the reply Bruce, and I apologize for taking so long with a thank you. I appreciate the info on the forwarding system. I agree that you can get a similar effect, though at somewhat more effort. For many people, I think that will work fine. For me, some of the advantages of the Sneakemail method are as follows: 1. I can create an email address to give to someone on-the-fly, without internet access. (Example: If I were to give out an email address to you, I would probably give you "fromTCHBruce-mykeyword@sneakemail.com", where "mykeyword" is something I set up in advance to tell sneakemail where to forward mail. I could change the "fromTCHBruce" part to anything, and a unique email address is created. ) Using the cPanel forwarding method, one would have to set up many addresses in advance and then use them as needed. With the Sneakemail method, I can put something meaningful as the address so it is easier to track. 2. I can reply (with my real email address automatically cloaked) to the email forwarded by Sneakemail from any email software package. Sneakemail automatically links an email response to the original alias, and any "real" email info can be set to be replaced with "***". I am pretty sure if one were to use the cPanel forwarding method, the "real" email address would be pretty evident in a reply. 3. I can set Sneakemail to forward to multiple destination addresses. For me, this means that for something that I think might be "time critical", I can have the email forwarded to work, home, AND my cell phone. (As far as I can tell, cPanel only allows 1 forward per email alias.) These are just my reasons. I am sure others may just want to have two or three "throwaway" addresses, for which the cPanel forward method would work just great. Thank you again for the reply and info. Hmmmm. I wonder if there is a script similar to Sneakemail out there somewhere so that my email addresses could all have my own domain on them...
  15. I apologize for being late with the thank-you to your response. (An unexpected business trip combined with a planned vacation left me no time to check the boards.) I do appreciate your response. I had hoped I could do this myself, but will get the friendly folks who handle the support tickets to do it for me. Thanks.
  16. I have seen on several posts where people have issues with SPAM (who doesn't). Just as a general FYI, I have used "Sneakemail" for years and have been very pleased. They have both "free" and "pay" varieties of their service. In a nutshell, you give them your "real" email address, and they let you create any number of alias addresses that forward to your real address. So, when I have to register an email address with a shopping site, etc., I create a new alias and use that. Mail comes through fine (to my normal account since it is forwarded), and you can tell which alias it came from. So, if any SPAM starts coming through you can tell who gave away your email address and best of all you can just delete the alias if you want so that the flood of SPAM from that source will stop. Their pay service allows you to register keywords so that you can make up alias addresses yourself without having internet access to their site. It's fantastic!
  17. I am working on integrating some software into my php-Nuke site, and the instructions call for creating a "symbolic link" (ln -s modules/mymodules/myfile.php). I have not found a way to do this within Cpanel. Does anyone know how I can create symbolic links for files and folders on my TCH hosted site? I am pretty sure public_html and www are symbolically linked, so assume it must be doable somehow--hopefully by the end user. Thanks.
  18. The Land of the Rising Sun (and wide-screen plasma TVs) -- Japan.
  19. Hey I was browsing the TCH site today and see things have been updated all the way to server 79. Perfection!
  20. I noticed that the various links to checking server status on the TCH website all seem to be outdated. Some of the pulldowns only go up to server numbers in the 60s, and the page full of buttons only goes up to 72. Since I am on what I think is the newest server (79: maybe all by myself...heh, heh), there must be some updating that needs to be done. This probably means TCH is growing faster than a speeding bullet due to excellent service! Rock Sign Anyway, when someone gets around to it, an update would be nice.
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