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  1. Isn't the email replaces by special helpdesk ticket? I've mailed 2 times and no reaction. (2/22 and 3/11) I now saw an entry to a helpdesk ticket. Maybe that one will work. Just FYI. grtx, Richard
  2. Hi Fredatuk, Welcome to the forums! A few questions ehhh quite a few eh In generel examine the site http://www.totalchoicehosting.com. You will get to know much! I am just a customer as you and i'll try to answer what I know. The rest will follow shortly by other, more knowledgable users. NOTE. I am not a TCH spokesman, just a fellow user 1 I am interested on starting up with a basic package and upgrading as necassary - is that possible ? Yes, simply by entering a helpdesk ticket and requesting upgrade to a new package. They will take care of the rest including payment adjustings etc. 2) How much do .com domains cost ? TCH doesn't sell domains. They offer domain registration through Wild West Domains. .com are $10,95 a year. 3) How many sub-domains are allowed ? As many as you like No restrictions 4) Are the domains fully registered in my name as owner ie whois will show me I can change the contact info myself. ? Yep, if you choose WWD you have total control in everything 5) My PHP programs create temporary sql databases like this : etc As far as I know... No problems. 6)Another PHP program sends me email when certain things happen using the $mailsend command Not sure abt this one. But one way or another it will be possible. mail() works here.. 7) Can I send SMS messages to mobile phones ? Is there a charge for this ? I don't think so. It's another kind of service I think.. E-commerce. 1) I want to receive payments using Paypal - any problem with this ? I know it's possible but no experiences with. Quite a few other pple will 2) What other options do you offer ? MIRVA ? what cost ? Depends if they have software to install. TCH doesn't offer anything but it's space. On which you can install such services software 3) Some data is confidential and I want to use an SSL directory. I know it's possible but don't know any prices. 4) is my ip address static ? Yep, there no ISP but hosting company 5) Do you offer a shared SSL - to start up with ? Yep, it's possible. More information on the site. PHP and Access 1) Can I use htaccess files to change the config when needed. Short answer. Yes Is PHP safemode enabled or disabled ? Disabled 2) Do I get access to phpmyadmin ? Yes, in C-panel through MySql databases there is a link to start PhpAdmin. You have full control ! 3) Do I use FTP or SCP/SFTP upload files ? You can use FTP, filemanager in C-panel and also SFTP I think. Enough. You can join now
  3. Could it be it's sending out signals all the time to see if remote connection is established? Just wondering. I think my router is on continously or at least flickering all the time.
  4. RobertM, Many congrats on your new job. Probably a great challenge being manager of such an important department! I just hope I never have to contact you in your new function Goodluck and keep up that good TCH work!
  5. Hmm many moderators and few customers in this thread.. C'mmon pple!
  6. Bill, Good news. I can hardly wait and email is already there Keep up that good work!
  7. I agree abt the speciality As David said I think only clss.ufm.php is encoded and should be uploaded in binary. Still all the other files can be uploaded in binary also. That will lead to no problems.. And last but not least. I am very glad I now know WHY php files should be uploaded in ascii or binary. Case closed I guess Thnx Richard (alias ALTB)
  8. David, Another fine explanation. Still there are circumstances where uploading a php in binary is crucial to get it to work. As an example (and I think this is one of the reasons webgyrl asks abt this) Ultimate Form Mail which is partially coded through ioncube doesn't work when uploaded in ascii. In that case the files are broken and an error message will result. I don't know the exact details as to why but thre are circumstanced that require a binary upload also for php files Grtx
  9. DAvid, Congrats Since you perfect answer on a question abt remotly connecting to mysql I know for sure that you are a right man on the right place! Good luck and have fun!
  10. David, You're the best! Access host was just the clue i was looking for! The rest i was quite familiar with but I think you made an excellent tutorial. It works just fine and I think more people can benefit from it. I gives you much more possibilities to process the data entered thorugh the web! Imagine recalculating the data, export them and reenter in the MySql database! (I know, you can also process online with e.g. PHP) Great stuff and I am much obliged! Many many thanks, Richard
  11. Steve, Thnx for the reply. I don't think it's the same as connecting from a webpage. In that case you are ON the server already and can connect though localhost. Remotely that's not possible This makes it questionnable if it's even possible. I will need the server adress or IP with the correct port to do so. Speaking abt it makes me doubt if it is possible. But, we'll see if there more experienced users in this perticular field. It indeed would be interesting because it opens much more oppurtunities to use mysql data on your home client. I wanted to use this in combination with the UFM Pro version (form processor which is truly great!). Pple can submit there data on the webpage and I can process the data locally... Well, lets now together patiently wait
  12. Hiya all, This is what I want to do. I want to make een Db query from within excel on my client at home. I want to connect through MySQL odbc to a mysql database of mine on the TCH server. With that connection I can pull the data from my Db on my site directly into excel on my home PC. BUT is it possible to remotely login to a MySql Db on my account and if so what do I enter for IP, port etc? I can imagine that it is not possible due to security reasons but never ask, never know! Thnx in advance! Richard
  13. I've been transferred within two hours and more one hour then two Very smooth transition and all seems to be working fine Great job Bill and all other employess (especially Kris for transferring me ) And does it make a difference. Yes: ping totalchoice site : avg 112 ms ping woesap on UK server: avg 27 ms Is this significant... well there both low ! Another satified customer!
  14. Bill, Great news and awesome achievement. I will be transferring soon also. Let's see if we can promote TCH a little bit more in Europe Thnx all
  15. Hi mommy, hi daddy. I was here too
  16. Congrats and welcome from the Netherlands also Steve!
  17. Congrats and welcome from the Netherlands also RobertM.
  18. For those who want to take it a step further.... http://www.ebaumsworld.com/minigolf2.shtml No score yet!
  19. My new record is 4 under
  20. One under par. With hole in one on 9 en 10 whoeaaa
  21. Congratulations to the both of you. May TCH keep growing whilst maintaining the same level of support and professionalism Keep up that good work TCH!
  22. Great news Bill. Although I have nothing to complain abt speed and such I think it would be good to be hosted on a europeen server. I am also hosting a site for a tennisclub and i'll probably will transfer it to an Europeen server. Are there any ideas yet abt the possibility for existing ueropeen users to be transferred to the new server If they want? Keep up the gooed work you all!
  23. Maybe it's this? >http://blog.the-napkin.org: <div id="right"> <div id="sidebar"> >redesign.the-napkin.org <div id="right"> <div class="sidebar"> Ergo one is declared as a DIV css and one as a class css. It could make a difference. Good luck
  24. woesap

    Html Help

    Glad I was right. Most off the time I feel like a beginner too. At one time had a similar kind of problem It can be very frustrating but very rewording when you find the cause Good luck!
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