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  1. I do use LinkedIn once in a while, but found OpenBC (http://www.openbc.com/) much easier to use and more effective. The only problem of OpenBC is that most of its members are German, though that is changing rapidly.
  2. I already came to the same conclusion and submitted a helpdesk ticket to have this issue solved.
  3. I get the following output: Is that because the myspam and myham folders are still empty? When adding the -D to the script as suggested by the error message, I get the following output:
  4. The best way to increase your ranking is to have many relevant sites linking to your site. At this moment Google mentiones only 15 incoming links. Try to aproach other sites about reiki, and ask if they want to link to your site.
  5. At home I use Thunderbird, in the office I use Outlook (I love the way I can group my mails by country-company-person) and on the road I use webmail (which is missing in the poll).
  6. My work is to take care about the international clients of a POS software company. To prepare myself for this job, I studied chemistry
  7. Why not? The file format as proposed by Google is nothing more than an XML-like file with the permalink and the modification date of each page of your site: ><url> <loc> http://braintags.com/linkdump/2005/06/less_cursing_better_pictures/ </loc> <lastmod>2005-06-13T16:06:04Z</lastmod> </url> This information is already present in the Atom specification, but Google decided not to use existing formats and create their own.
  8. It is a pity that they had to invent their own format, and decided not to use Atom or RSS.
  9. Hey, nobody mentioned my favourite: eZ Publish. I like it because its flexibility, has low-level control, multi-language support and versioning. For small and simple sites I sometimes use Mambo, but usually I run into problems if I need more templates and want to control the output of the modules.
  10. Note that if you are using 'Basic' authentication, your username and password are passed from the client to the server in plain text across the network. Anyone listening with any variety of packet sniffer will be able to read the username and password in the clear as it goes across. Using the 'Digest' authentication type solves this problem, but is more difficult to implement and is not supported by all browsers. Read more about it in the Apache documentation: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/howto/auth.html.
  11. Another method to run an occasional shell command is through the crontab. Do not forget to remove the command from the crontab after it has been executed!
  12. Almost correct. Better is: >ErrorDocument 404 yourerrorpage.html If you specify a domain name for the error document, the web server will always redirect you to the error page, and thus effectively return error 301 instead of 404.
  13. I am a Dutchman living in sunny Spain.
  14. You might want to read Where To Find Great Free Photographs And Visuals For Your Own Online Articles.
  15. If you're really stuck behind a firewall, you might want to try out the cPanel proxy script (http://cpanelproxy.net/). This is a small script which you place on your server, and which will give you access to cPanel over the normal HTTP port. Note that this script won't let you make secure https connections!
  16. A new exploit for AWStats has been announced. Anything less than 6.4 is vulnerable: "Successful exploitation of an input validation vulnerability in AWStats scripts allows attackers to execute limited perl directives under the privileges of the web server, get sensitive information. Some actions of the attacker can lead to denial of service." More information: AWStats - Multiple Vulnerabilities
  17. My AWStats page still tells me that it is version 6.2. I have my site on server85.
  18. AWStats 6.3 is stable since Jan. 28. I understand that it will take some time before cPanel updates AWStats again. Furthermore, the default behaviour of cPanel is to overwrite the AWStats configuration every day with the default configuration, which is safe from being exploited, so there is no big issue for most clients.
  19. From the AWStats page: The cPanel version used by TCH is using version 6.2, and can therefore be exploited. By default the option AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser is not active, but people having this option activated might consider disabling it.
  20. When I saw this forum topic, I immediately thought "Great! I want to be on that list!". So I went to the TCH homepage to see how the list looks like. But until now I haven't found the Family Pages list. I see a nice button on the homepage saying "Hosting over 30,000 websites" but this button is not linked. What is the use of a Family Pages list when I can't find them??? Can you tell where this page is, and make it easier to find it?!
  21. I am with kaseytraeger, I can't get rid of the command-line ftp. I work a lot on computers that are not mine, so usually it is much faster to fire up ftp.exe than to learn how to deal with yet another obscure FTP application. If you know how ftp.exe works, you can work on any computer! On my own PC I use HTML-Kit or WS_FTP to work my sites.
  22. I asked the same question to my old provider where I also had a cPanel account, and they told me that I could not add my own tests.
  23. Each CMS has its pros and cons. In theory it is possible to use MT as a CMS, though it is a bit of a hack, since MT has been created for blogging. I know that Adaptive Path use MT as their CMS, but they had some very clever people helping them to implement it. The benefit of MT being easy to set up might get lost when you want to bend it to a page-based CMS. Though not me favourite, I have used Mambo Open Source to set up a site very quickly. Another tool I like is eZ Publish, though it might take some more time to set up and get to know it.
  24. At home I use Thunderbird to access my IMAP mail. I alsways leave the last three months of mail on the server for webmail (horde) access; the rest is stored on my PC. All messages are conveniently grouped by conversation. In the office I use Outlook 2000, mainly because of its flexible views and drag-and-drop task creation. My contacts are grouped by country and company, my mail by country and conversation.
  25. If you want the 'Update now' button, you'll have to edit your AWStats configuration file (usually /home/example/tmp/awstats/awstats.example.com.conf). Look for a parameter called AllowToUpdateStatsFromBrowser. After saving your changes you'll have to change the permissions on the file to 444, or else it will be overwritten by the next update.
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