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  1. You're welcome Jaci. Get back with the blog software you are using and the folks here can definitely help. I'm not used so much to blogging software but there are plenty here who are. Best wishes.
  2. Does anyone have a good link to the differences between 4 and 5 that may cause a problem for us? I'm hoping that there is something simple and not a bunch of mumbo jumbo stuff - a bullet list or summary would be great. After all the delays in upgrading to 5 for compatibility reasons I would think there's more than a couple of things changed.
  3. It was on YouTube. I doubt Gizmodo found it here before the YouTube version hit their radar.
  4. Thanks for the explanation, Madman. BTW, it's not my server, just something I noticed... the 100% seemed a bit high based on forum discussions.
  5. I'm just wondering how good the uptime statistics are and if they are correct. I looked at the stats for 9-10 and they say: From: Sep 10 2007 12:00 AM (US/Eastern) To: Sep 11 2007 12:00 AM (US/Eastern) ... 43. server101.totalchoicehosting.com (server101.totalchoicehosting.com) HTTP Test (Port 80) - uptime: 99.142% - downtime: 10min - outage: 1 However in this thread it seems that server101 was reported down at 3:14 AM and at 6:25 AM Vivek said they were still working on that server. Am I reading it wrong?
  6. There has been some talk lately about FrontPage and the end of Front Page Extensions. For those who are of medium skill level who want to try it, there is an interesting article I found about how to take what FP creates and turning it into HTML and CSS. It's not terribly difficult and has very good step by step instructions if you are game.
  7. If this is a silly question just say so and move on. Wouldn't it be easier on the servers to just accept the emails than to send a call-back, check the reply, validate or invalidate the email, (bounce a message?) ? It seems that you are placing a great strain on the servers to eliminate a few emails. Does this method work if they spam from a legit email address? I suspect that's why they are using all our email domains as the froms and why we get the "You spammed me" messages... but again, I could be totally off on this. As for how to solve this, I'd recommend using a hosted email service, like Gmail, which will accept emails to your domain name and send out emails from your domain name but instead of being on the server here at TCH it is Gmail's server and their rules. Many companies are starting to use it. For something like 25 emails you can get a free account... but they also have a pay version for more serious uses.
  8. Lots of people say what Peter did in the last post - "Frontpage was a dog and still is with all it's belated coding" - (I assume he means bloated coding). Anyway, I recreated the front page of a site I have using FrontPage 2003 at www.jimscomputing.com/test.htm and I fail to see where all the gosh-aweful bloating is everyone gripes about. Yes, there is a <p> </p> in there and some "align=left"'s which are the default and could be omitted... but it's really not all that bad. By the way, I did no code-tweaking - everything was done in the wysiwyg editor. If someone doesn't like FP then that is certainly their perogative. I hold no ill will, or malice towards them... just don't blame things that have been mostly fixed and would be 100% fixed were it not for the WYSIWYG element. For example, one that was added by FP was to make me a place to click in my table. Were it not for that I would have 2 lines together (empty column) and no way to insert between them. For something that is designed for a non-coder to create web pages I think it did a pretty good job. How many extra pixels does Gimp put in a photo we touch up that a pixel-twister would eliminate? Do we realize how much extra wire there is in our cars because we want to have buttons for the radio on the stering wheel or remote control mirrors? A real driver doesn't use that stuff.
  9. You would need some kind of database on the server, so if "alone" means just FrontPage and no database then no it can't. You also will not find, IMO, a FP template that will do what you want. PriceLine spent probably tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to create the programming they have. I also suspect you'll not find it for free. FrontPage creates webpages, and if you know what you're doing it will do a good job of it. It does not create entire database-driven, feature rich, search and find, price comparison programming -- unless you are an expert at it. In that case you could use any tool to create the pages - even notepad.
  10. Here's a topic you may find of interest. Also there's a whole set of promotion tutorials you can read through.
  11. Hey Dan, I've always said that the degree gets your foot in the door, your experience and personality do the rest. Personally, I don't think certs hold much weight in most cases, but specifics may vary. Also, I'm not sure about now, but when I was in college (mid 80's) the commonly accepted fact was that employers were looking for managers that can program rather than programmers that can manage. The thinking I was given was that when you burn out on programming you can be moved into management which is more valuable to an employer... code monkeys are a dime a dozen. (no offense to any code monkeys out there - I was one and would like to still be one if I could.)
  12. Hi. I just wanted to throw out my $0.02 on this. Yes, a lot of answers say "this assumes you know how to do __" but have you ever seen someone ask how to do it and not get answers back if it's necessary? Also, when I bought my car they assumed I knew how to drive and didn't tell me that the brake was to stop. Not to slight the ones who do this, but how many questions are here that say basically "I got my host thing - now what - how do I make a web page?" I'm surprised they take the time to answer half they do but they are just helpful like that. Contrary to popular belief, running a non-trivial website is NOT something my granny can do (although she can do lots of other great things) or someone who has no interest in hardcore computer programming... without a lot of effort. As such, TCH shouldn't be expected to train everyone how to do every little thing. Be glad the information is scattered in the labyrinth ... many budget hosting places just say "Here you go, see ya. Send the check on the 5th!" As for a customer support system for novices, it's called the local community college -- they teach what ping and traceroute and ftp and how to design web pages. There are places you can rent a recording studio but they won't give you free voice lessons with every 2 hour rental. A lot of folks really don't get how involved this all is because they can use a WYSIWYG editor and make a web page. Someone once said, just because I can shoot some hoops at the rim over my garage door it doesn't give me the right to call myself a basketball player and Shaq certainly wouldn't call me one. The Comcast thing was announced in the forums. I'd hate to try to send thousands of emails to every customer about every little thing, and as a reseller I'd hate for my clients to get emails that scare them when it doesn't affect them. By the way, there are stickys everywhere telling you to subscribe to this or look at that for announcements and such. Finally, remember that the mods are volunteers. They aren't even part of the TCH support system, technically. They do what they do not as employees, but as folks willing to help.
  13. It's not a flaw in my statement. My statement that you can get around any quirks with a little effort is not based on whether folks will do that. FrontPage has a reputation of being for the "newbies who don't know or care about learning the quiks", which I find prejudiced (from pre-judge) and unfair. My neighbors thought I had no money because I didn't deck out under my stilt-house and even said something to the effect, but when the hurricanes come he is asking me to park under my house because he can't get into his. Just because someone uses FP doesn't mean they are a noob and can't/haven't learned HTML. Although it is often true, to assume so is unfair. Many sophisticated users choose to use FrontPage just like a NASCAR driver chooses to drive a pickup truck home after the race. Maybe he needs to haul dirt on his property and he would look pretty stupid shoveling dirt into a big muscle car. Any WYSIWYG (or text for that matter) editor can create absolute garbage in the hands of a completely unexperienced user. In fact, you'd be surprised how many spreadsheets where I work have @SUM(B3/A2) which is due to a spreadsheet novice using the summation button to get the little boxes they can move around... WYSIWYG spreadsheet formulas if you will. In my opinion, for whatever it's worth, it's fine to express opinions about FP and it's fine to offer alternatives, but to look down one's nose at a person who chooses to use one tool over another, regardless of how the end product turns out, is just plain not nice and discourages some folks from using the only tool they may ever desire to use. It's great for those of us who like that kind of thing or who have forced ourselves to learn HTML, but to tell the person that just wants to put up pictures of the grandkids for their parents to see they should learn HTML is like saying you should learn fluent Spanish to order a Nachos Bellgrande at Taco Bell.
  14. Jayson, (and others) FP has changed about as much as your computer has over the years. It used to be the worst piece of junk in the world for putting garbage in your pages... not so much today. There is still a little bloat but it's a respectable product that, like any, if you take the time to learn its quirks you can get around them with little effort. You can tell FP to upload via FTP, which is what I do, and it works just fine for what I do - and I do make money at this so it's not like my sites are trivial. Truly, to each his own.
  15. Did you also remove and reinstall Firefox itself? It's a stumper for sure.
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