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  1. Thanks you Andy . . . . . you know what for my friend.
  2. How strange, it has been missing for the last hour then as soon as i posted a message on here it has come back. No worries.
  3. http://thefansforum.co.uk/forum/index.php?act=idx Where did my forum go ? i'm on server 26. Thanks
  4. Hi I joined TCH June of last year and up till now have only used it for the Invision forum that i downloaded from the cpanel. I bought myself a domain name http://thefansforum.co.uk which points to my forum. I have had on account with Homestead for about 3 years and have the following site with them. http://thefansforum.homestead.com I would like it so that when www.thefansforum.co.uk is typed into the address bar it leads to http://thefansforum.homestead.com, how do i do this ? Thank you.
  5. I shall be glued to my television throughout.
  6. He he he, good one.
  7. It ain't so hot in the North of the UK, but today got up to about 70.
  8. Thank you Don, problem resolved by Rick last night.
  9. If an Admin or mod reads this could they please let me know if my help ticket has been seen yet. Thank you.
  10. Good morning (8am in England) I submitted a help ticket last night which was answered by Jacob Vergis. I sent an email letting him know that i wished for him to go ahead and restore the backup but the email came back for some unknown reason. Copy of email i sent "Hi I don't really want to lose 2 days of posts from my forum but what else can i do ? Yeah, go ahead and do it and restore everything. Thank you very much, i appreciate it. David" I have come onto the TCH site this morning and when i click on Help Desk at the top i get the followin message "ERROR: Invalid License Key (Time Period Expired)"
  11. At the bottom of the forum you have Staff | Moderator | Member in different colours, how do i add that to my forum please ?
  12. Love and peace to to everyone, have a GREAT time. Thumbs Up
  13. Q - Why does Santa have 3 gardens ? A - Because he likes to hoe, hoe, hoe.
  14. Thanks Mike Talk about fast, I typed out my question went downstairs picked up a cup of coffee, came back upstairs and the answer was there 3 minutes later. Rock Sign
  15. Can I ask where you got the mod from please ?
  16. Hi I use an Invision board downloaded from the cpanel then added a few mods to it. Click the little button banner in my sig to go there. Thumbs Up
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