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  1. Great advise for spam, thank you for the post Jim, one thing I can tell you (and I'm grateful to all of TCH people) is the way they treat spam. Although I have quite few other email accounts (and especially from greek ISP's,where I live) I got a LOT of spam. From TCH account I recieve very very little amount of spam, and due to the reasons that Jim mentioned ! Thank you for the support guys, Skeptismo,
  2. Hello to everyone, Sorry to bother, but I'm totally newbie to scripts etc. I tried to install a FormMail script which I found on the TCH forums, and I started with Ultimate Form Mail I tried to install the UltimateFormMail script into my site. I've done the following: 1. created a folder named "scripts" under my account 2. created a folder "ultimate_form_mail" under scripts folder 3. modify the mailit.php with my mail address to send the requests. 4. modify the html page with the following : action="/scripts/ultimate_form_mail/mailit.php" but when I tried to test the script, I got the error : The requested URL /~qwertyc/scripts/ultimate_form_mail/mailit.php was not found on this server. (Note that "qwertyc" is my account name) What is wrong with that ? (can I use another easy to configure script ?) I forgot to tell you that in my account I have not set DNS records yet (I use it for test purposes only). Maybe that causes the problem or not ? Thanks to all Panayiotis
  3. Never mind Raul, (thanks for the answer though) propably the issue is that server only accepts ISO8859-1. The "problem" still remains, so I can not see right my encodings, and so I have to change manually from my browser the encoding before adding/reading a forum that is not writter in English ! Anyone else (outside US-England,) has the same problem here ?? Thanks, Panayiotis
  4. Hello Kimberly, be ABSOLUTELY sure that the support is outstanding here, and if you just open a ticket, is always somebody available for help. At least that's whats happening for me. For the databases issues, I think Bruce and Andy have answered your questions.
  5. Hello, I want to start building my site, but I'm totally new to web design. I have a little experience on Frontpage and nothing more. What will be the best program to start studying ? I've heard that Frontpage (because of MS compatibility issues etc) is not so w3c compliant, and although it has many options, you need Frontpage extensions on your site to support these. I've also heard of Flash, and Dreamweaver and HomeSite. What progrmas of those may I choose for start and still be compliant with TCH hosting ? Thanks for your time,
  6. For one more time, BRAVO for support/tech team in TCH. In less than 5 min they've got my old site transfer here, and some minor problems solved immediatelly ! Guys, my sincere congratulations to all of you. Have a nice day (or noon/evening whatever.), I'm going to sleep now Regards, Panayiotis Rock Sign (it's getting too common, but I would say it again and again !!)
  7. Ok, I just entered a ticket in support, to help me tranfer my old site into TCH. I'll wait until someone contact me, and give me any instructions for the transfer, then "share my experience" with all others. So, keep waiting ... Panayiotis
  8. Yes upgraded would be an option, but I didn't want to do it, because my Starter Plan was just for testing purposes, to evaluate the TCH services, etc. There wasn't anything valuable there, so I needed a new plan to host my site anyway. BTW I think this is a really cool way to test something .. buy 1 month of Starter Plan, mess it up somehow (if you are like ne, totally new to web hosting), and learn the correct way to do it on your "live" site. I have been deceived 1-2 times in "cheap" web hosting plans, in which you must pay for a hole year for example 15-20 $, then after 2-3 months they say to you you must prepay for the 2nd year, and then .. dissapeared ! One of the most great things of TCH is that offers the 1 month payment in their Starter Plan, something that other companies don't (you must pay a hole year even if you don't use it ), and you can easily test / evaluate TCH services. Anyway guys thanks for your replies
  9. Hello to everyone, I'm finally a "new" user with a Silver Plan account. I want to transfer my old site to my new site. I use cPanel also on the old site, and mainly I want to transfer the mail accounts and settings. I saw on some forum that this can be done. Anyone knows a way to achieve this? I don't want to bother the Admins all the time, just point me the guidelines and if failed then ... I shall ask for help ! Anyway the site design isn't so complicated, but I need to know if I can backup/restore the mails on each account (this is VERY important to me because some users access webmail only and don't downloaded on an email client on their pc's). If I can achieve this, then I'm done ! Can this be done through FTP ? (I mean to download through FTP the accounts mailboxes, and then upload them into TCH host plan) Also does anyone knows if this can be done without loss of emails ? I want to change the DNS tomorrow evening (Friday local time) so to have DNS servers updated through Monday. If someone sends mail that period does it get lost, or goes to either one of my hosts ?? That's all my problems so far, I'd appreciate any help. Regards Panayiotis Rock Sign
  10. Hey guys, don't worry, I re-entered my detaiils and use another email thanthe one I have in the Starter Plan, and everything went ok. Now I'm waiting for the account to be activated and ... oops I go !
  11. Hi again, sorry for all the pain in those questions, but I got an error while getting to a new Silver Plan. I entered my details, I entered the domain I want to host (which I own of course) and then the system on a 2nd page said to me that I had already an account in TCH and I must enter my password for the transaction. I do have a Starter Plan, but only for a month, just to evaluate your services (now THAT's a 4$ thrown out .. ! I should have known the best quality of support in TCH, but what the heck !!) Anyway, I entered the password I use for my starter plan in cPanel, but didn't worked! How can this be resolved ? Can anyone advise me what to do, because I wanto to transfer my site over this weekend (pleeease ?? ) Thanks anyway guys Panayiotis Thumbs Up
  12. Same as Jikrantz as long as support is 24x7 and downtimes/problems are handled by seriously people, I don't care .
  13. So I suppose if I configure my settings in my account, all times I see in forums are accordingly to my local settings, right ? Thank you guys for your help ! Rock Sign
  14. Hi to all, I installed the CGI Bulletin Board script in my account, and ty to navigate through the forums. When writing in Wnglish, everything is fine. When trying to write in my local language (Greek) lthough I can write, I then cannot view my entries but only if I change my default Encoding page in Mozilla (from default Western-ISO-8859-1 to Greek ISO-8895-7) Although I've changed the default character encoding in Mozilla Preferences, the page still doesn't shows correctly and I have to change the Character Encoding every time I want to vie the forum "correctly" (by "correctly I mean to view Greek characters) The same happens with Firefox, and IE Any idea how to fix this ?? Is this a forum config issue or a Mozilla configuration ?? Thanks , Panayiotis
  15. Thank Jikrantz, another question about times shown in posts. For example the reply that Jikrantz entered, shows : "Posted on Aug 25 2004, 07:59 PM" Is that MY local time, Jikrantz's local time or TCH server local time ? Is this configurable ? Thanks again ,
  16. Hello to all, I'm wondering about the "levels" of some users in TCH Family forums What are those ? (Moderator, Lead Moderator, Staff, Immediate Family etc ?) Also I noticed that there are some "private" forums. How is someone get invited into these ? Thanks in advance, Panayiotis
  17. Generally in home pc's it's good to be applied, because of the new security issues that has (new firewall, etc.) But many users (mostly corporate) who have some "server" applications on their laptops for example, do come to some strange situations. Most problems are caused by the firewall which blocks by default all ports, so if you configure your firewall accordingly to your application, it should work fine. Anyway if someone uses already a good firewall (like ZoneAlarm, Norton etc.) is far more powerfull than MS-XP-SP2 firewall. In that case, just install the SP2 (which update all hotfixes, etc until today) leave the firewall disabled and continue to use your own firewall instead ! Any other suggestions ?
  18. This is correct. Eventhough I'm new to *nix world, I do recall some GREAT exploits on sendmail that had a lot of IT staff did some .... overwork ! Mad!!! But nowdays, open source "seems" more "typical" in security issues than from many private companies, and as far as I'm concerned if localization was good enough I would implement all in my company (I live in Greece, where MS holds about 98% of the software market, due to localization issues mostly ... is a pain to learn new programs to secretaries and to learn them to type ... correctly if no spelchecker is available in OpenOffice ! ) Anyway in some specific regions, Open Software is a really cool alternative, (like browsers, nothing new to learn, Web Hosting/Apache, etc). Even in "paid" services of Open Source, like Linux Advanced Server which my company uses in development of an Oracle application, the advantages are FAR more than MS (instant support from RedHat, 30-40% faster performance of our DB in Linux than MS, and a lot more ... !) Maybe it's time to move to Open Software ! Naughty
  19. Hi to all, a question about blocked email attachments. Do you have any way of disable this option in TCH Starter or Silver Plan ? (or is it by default on, and cannot do anything about it ?) Sure it is good to block some attachments, but in some situations I've found it more convenient to send/receive plain .exe files May seem "dummy" to someone, but there are some people totally irrelevant to simple software such us Winzip or Winrar, and it's much easier for them to install a simple client mail program and "read" mail / open attachments on the fly. Or even simple to open webmail and do their jobs (no pain at all ...) Is there ANY way of overcome the block attachments ? And another question (while I'm here ..) do TCH will host a site about internet security programs and countermeasures ? This site will host some programs for educational use only about hacker/crackers more of them is outdated (for historical use, like SubSeven etc). Thanks anyway, Panayiotis
  20. Well , lost in all those wonderful forums, and didn't see that Review Forum at all !! Needless to say that Support is the best of all ! I didn't have the time to "rank" the other services of TCH, such us availability, cpanel etc. but if they are as good as support techs, well they will rock as well !! Rock Sign Is the proof that good services do come in affordablle price ! Thumbs Up It's also enjoyable the way that "TCH Family" people welcomes you in every (stupid sometimes) question you have, and always be available to your needs Keep up the good work Panayiotis
  21. It's because IE is ALWAYS outdated ! Rock Sign
  22. Hmmm, my english are not so good, so please don't laugh at me ! What "hostee transactions" means in your previous message Rob ? Thanks (again !)
  23. Unfortunately Bruce here in Greece the same thing happen. Most e-banks requires (!!) IE 5.0 + above OR Netscape 4.x (NOT 6 or 7) for compatibility to their sites Even the No1 ebank here uses these settings, eventhough the last year half of new viruses/attacks had to do with IE vulnerabilities ! Answering to my emails (regarding security etc. etc) those banks said me very nicely that they will try to fix the compatibility of their sites to be more IE undependant ! (in meanwhile I use only FireFox & Mozilla to browse the web, and IE only on these sites) My suggestion is to do so everyone (Mozilla + Firefox are much-much faster than IE, are very low in memory consumption, and are very small downloading newer versions ! FireFox is only 4.8MB !!) After all it's time to contribute to Open Source a little bit Thumbs Up Greetings, Panayiotis
  24. Thanks Gilles I'll check it out (I hope I don't have to read the hole manual, all I want to do is simply create a .. list of email addresses that act as group members for example like Active Directory groups, and when sending email to that group, every member can read it) I tried to do so, but when I send an email to the newly created list, I got messages saying that : ******************************* ******************************* Your mail to 'List' with the subject test mailing lists Is being held until the list moderator can review it for approval. The reason it is being held: Post by non-member to a members-only list Either the message will get posted to the list, or you will receive notification of the moderator's decision. If you would like to cancel this posting, please visit the following URL: ******************************* ******************************* Anyway thank again for your help, :Nerd:
  25. Hi to all, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I this is how I'm thinking to overcome this situation (2 domains in 1 account) Of course as mentioned, all the domains must have the same home page, ok ? So what if you create a "General" home page, with 2 links redirect each domain to another path from your account ? Is this acceptable ? (I guess so, but need verification) Of course this will not be too professional, but is a good way to overcome this situation if you have for example 2 family domains and don't want to buy another hosting account. Waiting for TCH tech Rock Sign to verify this, but I think will be acceptable. Hope I helped, Panayiotis
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