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  1. I got two out of 10 and had to close browser before addiction began!
  2. I'm no expert, but it sounds like you would be needing a reseller account. In which case, you could do what you are talking about using the Web Host Manager. Doing it without being a reseller sounds like you would have to purchase/transfer the domain, buy the TCH account for client, and then you would have access to a cpanel for that account. But...I could be wrong. I'm sure someone more enlightened will verify. Thumbs Up
  3. natimage

    Css Issue

    Problem solved!!! The style sheet I had used for guidance was a little missleading. I got it figured out though. I needed to specify a width for the main #container and then position other main div elements relative!!!
  4. natimage

    Css Issue

    I test using IE6 and the latest stable Mozilla...breaks up with both of them!!
  5. natimage

    Css Issue

    Yes...I'm beginning to think I misunderstood the capabilities of positioning with only margins, padding and floats. I think I need to work in some relative positioning of these elements!
  6. natimage

    Css Issue

    I'm sure I'm missing something really simple, but I have no idea what it is. THIS PAGE does funky things when the browser window is resized to less than 800x600! Instead of staying in place, the div boxes across the center wrap downwards!!!! The whole page is built with CSS...I just can't figure out this little bug. I've looked at the style sheet this was based on and can't find any differences! If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. I will be happy to provide specific CSS code if that will help. All three boxes across the center use margins, padding and float codes for positioning.
  7. OK...I'm dumb when it comes to PHP...but I thought you could turn this on or off for a particular script within the PHP code??? I'm probably just getting it confused with something else, though...
  8. Mine has definately never remained active for 15 minutes using WS-FTP. Seems like I do get a longer connection most times using Dreamweaver.
  9. yea...that's what I was looking at. Guess that's not the ticket, huh?? Sorry 'bout that!
  10. I use a free version of Ipswitch WS-FTP, and it looks like I could change the time up to 120 seconds... ...so I would think your FTP program might have a setting you could change. Not sure. I haven't worked with much besides WS-FTP. Probably ought to, though...
  11. yea...thanks, Mike...just what I needed after pulling my hair out working with CSS all day....
  12. You're welcome, Mr. Rob!! ...good thing your name isn't Ed!!!!!
  13. You get to the same place but it will show a or b in the address bar depending on what you type (if I remember correctly). You are correct!
  14. Nevermind...you got it figured out faster than I could type!!! yes...I get a login from the above link also. But...try this as an alternative: http://xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:2082/
  15. Thomas...I'm getting a page not found error when I click the 'TCH Customers Webring" Link.
  16. Dick...I think Rob's comment was a statement. I'm sure glad you mentioned the combined posts...thought I was losing it there for a second. Annie...Total Choice is most definitely VERY well indexed by Google...better than sites that show up before them in the search listings. But if I'm really searching for some information and I look deep enough...I almost always come across some links to discussion forums...none of which have ever been TCH. So my comment just came from my own experience. Maybe my searches are biased towards those that would be found in forums...???
  17. When did you submit last ticket?
  18. I admit that I don't know much, but I believe forum posts show up in Google because Google indexes these pages just like any other. I don't think you can avoid having the posts show up... There are LOTS of discussion forum posts that show up on Google searches!!
  19. New problem (albeit smaller...) related to this original issue! The client is now receiving email with their previous web host server! I know it is working. However, over a period of 3 days, the mail account on the TCH server received 7 emails to different individuals in the hospital (my client). If the MX entry was changed, and they are successfully getting email on their side, why would just a few emails not abide by the MX entry???
  20. Looks like you fixed the problems...??? I went to the site and it worked fine.
  21. Don...I got it in Photoshop. Thanks!! I had looked in the Freehand help file and tried to import in Freehand. I'm just not that handy in Freehand yet! I usually get ticked off when I try to do something in Freehand, so I just don't mess with it much. Anyway...thanks, Don!!
  22. I'm sure this is simple, but could someone tell me how to work on a .eps file in Macromedia Freehand? It's a Freehand file, downloaded from istockphoto.com...just can't get the blasted thing to open. All I get is an x'd box when I import or open the file! Thanks!
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