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  1. How do you suggest I submit my site manually?
  2. Does cpanel not have a search engine submission feature anymore?
  3. So I have finally created my database. I went to the link to launch and install the script. But now no matter what I place in the following fields I get an error message: DB server : DB name : DB login : DB password : Admin login : Admin password : Please help
  4. How do I create a database in my cpanel?
  5. Is it possible to upload an entire folder to my root directory, or is it better to upload all the files within that folder individually?
  6. So now would I have to upload every file individually or can I upload the entire folder named easyformit at once? If so how? Thanks in advance...
  7. I just bought a php form building program online. After completing the download I did the unzip feature. Now here's what the install text document says: Upload EasyFormIt script to the root directory of your web-server. Change file access rigths of application.php to 666 Change directory right of admin/data to 777 Create a database (using your web hosting control panel). Go to http://domain.com/admin/install.php Fill out the form and click "Install". My question is, what the heck does the script look like? All I have in the folders are a bunch of files that are in Macromedia format. Does anyone here have a clue where I should start?
  8. Does anyone here know of any store from which I would be able to purchase a software to build php forms for my website?
  9. Hi would you be kind enough to recommend the form builder you have in mind. I would like to create a form with the following fields: First Name: Last Name: Valid Email: Phone Number: Message: etc. Look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask, is it possible to open a browser window within a table? For example, can I create a link on my home page so that when I click on that link it open as a new browser window within a table on my home page? If so, how do I code this?
  11. Can anyone tell me why I get this prompt whenever I try to upload my files to the server? *An ftp error occurred – cannot make connection to host. *The remote host cannot be found. It has been over 72 hours since I have visited my registrar and set both dns pointers exactly as they appear in my welcome email. However, I noticed that my registrar has fields for at least 4 sets of dns pointers. Name Server 1: Name Server 2: Name Server 3: Name Server 4: Does it make a difference on what server I place these dns.
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