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  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Bruce, my problem was stemming from having email for 69 different people within a hospital getting routed to the wrong mailserver. So all that email, over 300 emails, is all sitting in the Horde Inbox...jumbled together. When we switched the site over, they wanted to keep using a local company for their email, and I didn't know enough about it to get the mailserver info. correct in the beginning. So, it's all my fault, really! Live and learn! At least they understood and weren't upset with me!! Plus, for whatever reason that is beyond me...the hospital can't seem to access their .com domain. Everyone else in the world can, but not them! Anyway...I think we will actually be able to do it without doing what I had asked about. We got the mailserver issue fixed, so now 2 of us should be able to log in to Horde and just forward the emails to their correct accounts. It'll take a while...but at least it should work.
  2. I know this is going to sound like I'm trying to do something the hardest way possible, but there is a reason. If I download files (FTP) from my "mail" folder on TCH to my computer, is there a way I can open those files with Outlook, Outlook Express or Mozilla Mail?? Setting those mail programs to talk to TCH is not possible right now...that's why I'm trying to go the long way around!! Thanks!
  3. Geez...also, after reading a 3 page forum topic regarding this, it seems that one could get into some trouble with Google if they weren't careful!! I think the way Total-Impact uses it is pretty safe and within the guidelines...but I don't think I know enough to get very involved. Thanks for the help and information!!! I appreciate it!
  4. I was visiting this forum, www.total-impact.com and noticed something interesting on their forums! When you open a topic, the initial post that was made is accompanied by Google Adsense ads. Is this something that would be very difficult to do for someone using InvisionPB?
  5. natimage


    I don't like AT&T........ woooot
  6. Well...it's been over 72 hours and the .net and .org domains are still pulling the site from the old host's servers. Any suggestions on this?
  7. Well...ordinarily I would have contacted their previous hosting company to get the info. myself, but I did not know what conversations had transpired between them. Curtis (the IT guy) is great, but often they have him so busy that he can't see straight. I didn't want to take the chance that he hadn't talked to the previous host as they are still getting other services from them!! It is a pain, though to have a problem and have to wait on someone else to get the information so you can fix it!!! I still haven't heard from him with the info...
  8. No, you are not wrong. I submitted a help ticket and they told me what they needed. Unfortunately, I won't be able to get the information until I can get hold of the hospital's IT guy. He's out for the day!! Thanks for the response!!
  9. I was thinking that, Lisa...I just didn't have all the 'techno' words for it!! Now I have another problem. The nameservers were changed for this domain on 5/11. The .com is pulling up the site hosted with me, however, the .net and .org domains are still pulling from the old host. All three domains were updated with the new nameservers, and I parked the .net and .org domains on the .com. Is this just a propogation issue...more time needed?? Thanks to all those who checked the site. I will follow up with their IT guy!!
  10. Thanks for checking...is there any reason why the individuals in the hospital itself would be getting a 403 Forbidden error? I've had two people in different departments try it and they get the same thing.
  11. I'm having a problem with this new client on my reseller account. The homepage comes up for me...but other's are getting a 403 error. www.pioneershospital.com Anyone who has a minute to check and let me know...I appreciate it!
  12. Are you trying to change the password in Cpanel? On the link where it say "Update your contact information here"?
  13. OK...maybe I'm missing something very basic here...but I'm missing it none-the-less!! Last year I built a site for the hospital I worked for. They hosted with a local hosting provider up in Colorado. Within the past month I talked them in to letting me take over the hosting on my reseller account. Got that all set up and DNS propogated yesterday I believe. The hospital wanted to continue to use that local provider for email accounts. Now...this morning I discovered the default mail that was set up for their account contains over 400 emails...25MB of space it's taking up! Am I confused about how things work or is there just some glitch that needs to be fixed?
  14. MMMMM...Lavender!! Really...you can hold on to the $1...but you can send ALL the Lavender you want! It's my favorite!! I really could never take money from anyone...except my Mother...and BRUCE. I'm sure I would feel ok about that!!! woooot Naughty
  15. AWW...Weezy...how kind. Much kinder than BRUCE, anyway!!! Some of them are quite expensive...at least in terms of my current financial status!! I did sign up for something with Blue Gecko today, though. $40 for a month. Hope I don't regret it. I wanted to sign up with Guru.com...that was over $70 for a quarter...didn't have a monthly to just try it out! If Gecko doesn't pan out, I may try Guru.com once I have a little more spare $$$$!
  16. Does that mean you are loaning me the money??????? LOL woooot
  17. Anyone out there wanna loan me the money to try one?????????? Naughty woooot
  18. I agree...this seems to be the problem. I saved the file, then tried to convert the file type using ACDSee and got an internal error! Where did the images come from? What program do you use to manage the images? When you named the files, did you type in the .jpg yourself? I've had problems with this before!
  19. Hi, All. I'm just curious if anyone out there has ever tried using a web designers job database to bid on contract projects. Blue Gecko network and Guru.com are a couple that I've looked at. I just don't want to blow the money if it is not worth it. Any opinions?
  20. I think it was answered within the first few posts...it has to be within the confines of the law to be acceptable by TCH. Other than that, I would guess that if one walks a fine line between legal and illegal...one probably walks a fine line between being hosted or terminated!!
  21. Definitely a better way to put it than I did. I agree. And I think the distinction between judging "actions" and judging "a person(s)" is a very important one. No desire to debate here...not today anyway. Just wanted to contribute my "opinion", I suppose!
  22. Just my 2 cents... The way I see it is that what is morally wrong to me might not be morally wrong to someone else. And vice versa. Who am I to morally judge someone? Jesus didn't judge anyone. Have you seen Passion of the Christ? No matter your religion or lack there of...Jesus was a man that walked the face of this earth. He was tortured and crucified...never once judging any of those behind it. That's a little off the topic...but the point is...I can only judge my life, no one elses. I expect that as long as someone abides by the rules set up by the hosting company of their choice (which should definately be TCH), they should be free to create any kind of website they want. Kind of like living in your parents house...as long as you're under their roof...
  23. Yes that's the correct IP...maybe I should have mentioned that it is a reseller account?? The incorrect part, however, was the username. I was thinking of the username for Invision...not the cpanel username. I changed that out and it works like a charm!! Thank you for all the help...time for me to get to work.
  24. Well...I got home and tried editting the conf_global file as instructed, but it is not working. I'm getting 404 errors now. Here is a sample...maybe I'm missing something that I just can't see... >$INFO['board_url'] = ''; I changed all the board_url instances.
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