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  1. Ramone...I don't understand why you want to place an image inside your <h1> tags??? I thought I understood what you were trying to do...maybe I had it all wrong? <h1> tags are best used for text. The search engines see the information inside the <h1> tags as "special" and more relevant. The search engines can't read the text that's inside you image...all they see is the <img> tag and the name of the image. Anyway...that's why I don't understand why you put the image inside <h1> tags.
  2. I believe this is a known bug in ZoneAlarm. Other people have had it happen using Outlook Express as well. I would check the ZoneAlarm user forums and see what you can find.
  3. Dick...if I'm understanding correctly, Ramone is trying to use CSS to do an image replacement. The theory being, the 'designer' gets to use the pretty graphics he/she prefers, while still maintaining the advantage of having text-based <h1> tag on the page. I use it on my site. HTML looks like this: ><td height="30" colspan="2" id="pageheader"> <h1><span>Affordable, Professional Custom Web Design</span></h1></td> CSS looks like this: >#pageheader h1 { background: url(images/pageHeader1.gif) no-repeat top left; margin: 0px 0
  4. Right now all I can find in your html is: ><div id="blogtitle"><h1></h2></div> I assume you are in the middle of working on it...
  5. Try adding the dimensions of the graphic to your css: >#blogtitle h1 { font: bold 40px arial, helvetica, lucida grande, verdana, sans-serif; margin: 10; padding: 10px; background: transparent url(http://www.biom.net/images/uploads/teahouse_logo.gif); width: 500px; height: 77px; } ...maybe...
  6. My bad...it was a 403...the 404 was an additional comment.
  7. Well...the images look exactly the same to me. I can't see any jaggedness...maybe that's because I'm using Mozilla. But...try using the EXACT setting for gif and see what you get.
  8. I apologize if this is a stupid question...but do you actually have hotlinking protection enabled through cpanel on your site? The title of your post suggests that you do...but just wanted to ask anyway.
  9. I got a 404 Forbidden...not a 403.
  10. Honestly...I didn't study your code. But there are different ways of accomplishing what you want. Try THIS LINK for some info. None of the image replacement methods are great for accessibility. I still like 'em though. Feel free to look at the html code on MY SITE. I use one form of image replacement throughout my site...the main header being one example. For the header in particular, the css code looks like this: >#pageheader h1 { background: url(images/pageHeader1.gif) no-repeat top left; margin: 0px 0px 0px 230px; width: 467px; height: 17px; } #pageheader h1 span { displa
  11. Got a 404 Forbidden error page.
  12. Deny me and I'll let you know. Ip=
  13. Hey...if you are handing it out... woooot
  14. Ok...could that outlet possibly be in a PM?
  15. HC...I agree with you that REAL people and REAL families fight. I don't think anyone said that there couldn't be disagreements or that everyone had to be PC! The issue was the tone in which some disagreements have been handled lately. No matter how much many people see this forum as a "family"...bottom line is that it is a business. We are all customers. If I owned a business and customerA called customerB an unreasonable jerk because customerB was possibly having issues with some of my merchandise, I wouldn't like it too much. Yes, the people here are great and I love the "family" at
  16. Rob...I couldn't agree more with everything you said. And I couldn't have said it better myself!!
  17. I believe that if he really had been an unreasonable jerk, you would have had a right to say so. I just don't think he had been...I didn't take it that way, anyway. Everyone gets frustrated! Even in a family...the best way to handle someone who is upset is not by telling them they are being an unreasonable jerk. Patience will often go a long way to helping someone who is frustrated. And no one attacked you, bellringr...just simply stated that there was no reason to attack burkey
  18. I truly hate to say this, and hopefully it's not your case, but I had similar problems a while back and ended up replacing the mother board. Mine was completely shutting down, though! Not just freezing. Hopefully it's something as simple as the fan!!
  19. If for some reason you have troubles after parking a domain, you'll need to submit a ticket. Cpanel occasionally has a bug when doing this...I recently experienced it. Hopefully you won't though...Rick said he hadn't seen it happen in a while.
  20. Gee...thanks, man!!! I never even payed attention to that posted link...much less clicked it! Very handy!
  21. Well...I guess I should say, "nevermind". I played with it a bit and it does work using the same path for files in the public_html directory and files in sub-directories. Maybe what I am remembering having problems with was getting the includes to work locally using phpdev. I had to use a different path because the root folder system was not setup the same. Thanks for the information, Raul!!!
  22. I have fixed it, but I have no idea what was wrong in the first place. I copied and pasted the table row from our post above, and it is working now. But I went through and compared your code with the original code and couldn't find any significant differences. Two things were different, but when I made them match your code, it still didn't work. I swear they were exactly the same! Anyway...the copy and paste works...I can live with that. I just hope I don't have the same problem when I go to update the navigation in a couple of weeks. Thanks, Scott, for your help!!!!
  23. It works for me too...however, I did add the img name to my original code and it still didn't work. You didn't change anything else??
  24. I hate being a bubble burster... ...but I don't think that's it. The img name was there yesterday. I had taken it out to see if it was somehow causing the problem. I did put it back in just now, but it still won't rollover. I appreciate the reminder to put it back in, though!!
  25. In response to your first comment...you commented again too quickly for me!! I took that out...I had mistakenly added that...don't ask me why!! I also changed the img src back to a relative link (I hope I'm using these relative and absolute terms appropriately). The Weblinks.gif image is now showing up...but is still not rolling over. All the images are there and have been uploaded numerous times using both FileZilla, Dreamweaver, Binary and ASCII mode. I know none of those things should have made any kind of difference, but I tried anyway. So I'm still not sure what in the world is
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