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    Dogs, particularly great danes and other extra-large breeds! Frustrating the heck out of my ultra-liberal coworkers because I'm a die hard conservative and have successfully thwarted all of their attempts to convert me to the "dark side." ;-) And last, but certainly not least, I love my husband most in all the world with all my heart!!
  1. Thanks, Dick. I went ahead and deleted them on my own without issuing a help desk ticket.
  2. Thanks, Bruce! I was tempted to submit a help desk ticket at first, but I know they appreciate it if you search out other avenues for your questions and use the help desk only when you can't find an answer elsewhere.
  3. Heya heya! First, to the moderators -- I'm not completely sure if this forum is the proper place to post my question, so will you please move it for me if need be? Thanks! Now, on to the question. Yesterday, the raid array for the server my account is hosted from crashed, requiring a complete restoration of all accounts on that server. After all was said and done, I find that two new and strange folders have taken up residence in my home directory (one level above public_html). They are named "cpmove.psql" and "cpmove.psql.1214578510." Is it OK for me to delete these folders? W
  4. Oops ... I got a little busy there and haven't checked in for the last few days. Thank you both for the insight into the two different versions of Joomla. I think I'll just leave my installation at 1.0.15 for now and take your suggestion to wait and see if more of the 1.5.x stuff becomes compatible... And if you're not concerned that it will be a bear to migrate from 1.0.x to 1.5.x, then I won't be, either!
  5. I just installed Joomla yesterday using Fantastico DeLuxe from within cPanel. The version of Joomla it installed is 1.0.15, however, I see from a lot of Joomla documentation that v1.5 Stable has been the "standard" since sometime in March. Does TCH recommend migrating from the default installation of 1.0.15 from Fantastico to the new 1.5 Stable? If so, is there a preferred method for handling the migration? If not, has anyone done a Joomla migration before and, just as importantly, would you be willing to assist me in migrating my installation to 1.5? Many thanks!
  6. Hi Bruce!! Good to "see" you, too! As a matter of fact, I do have another question, but it's unrelated to the question I posted here, so I'll start a new thread. Feels good to be back. Feels good to be working on web sites again, though I must say, I feel very rusty and like there are a lot of cobwebs in my head to be cleaned out! My mind is racing in about a hundred different directions. It kind of feels overwhelming which is a strange feeling... I think I'm going to have to approach this from a very organized perspective and write down things to research as they pop in my head r
  7. Hi Thomas! Yes, it has been a long time. But it's great to see some of the "old-timers" still here! Thanks so much for the suggestion. I'm definitely going to check it out. From what I can tell, like you said, the learning curve is steep, but once I'm over the hump, it will be a nice system to work with. Kasey
  8. Hey folks, Can anyone recommend a good resource for learning how to manage a Joomla blog? I just installed Joomla to a subdomain (http://fetchastuddog.pudgypuppy.com/) but am confused by it's administrative panel. Consequently, I'm not having an easy time understanding how to do even the simple things like adding the web site's title to the site -- right now, if you visit this new subdomain, you'll see the generic Joomla sample data, but there's not even a title on the page! I've developed a number of web sites over the years, but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to Joomla. I tried
  9. Alrightee ... I just set up a new subdomain called "wordpress" and installed WordPress to it using Fantastico. However, when I try to navigate to the subdomain's main index page, I receive an error that says "Firefox can't find the server at wordpress.pudgypuppy.com." Anyone know why I'm getting this error? I can see all kinds of files in public_html/wordpress/, which I presume means the software was installed properly. But darn if I can't access it using a browser. I can't get to the admin page (blogger's main login page) nor the main index page ...
  10. That should be easy enough to do! I thought I was going to have to use the "Subdomain Manager" from cPanel. When I didn't see any logical command to do that, I got a wee bit confused. Thanks!
  11. Another question ... I'm getting ready to set up a temporary subdomain where I'll install WP. I notice, however, that the only options are "Add," "Setup Redirection," "Remove Redirection," and "Delete." How would I go about renaming the WP subdomain to "doggydiaries" when I'm ready to do so?
  12. Hey folks! I'm finally going to take the plunge and migrate from an old installation of Movable Type to Word Press. I'd like advice on the best way to approach the migration. I installed MT so my blog would be in it's own subdomain called "doggydiaries". Obviously, I can't have WP use the same sub-domain until I uninstall MT. My guess is that I'll install WP to another subdomain, or maybe just another directory and get it all set up with stylesheets, plugins and custom features before moving it to the "doggydiaries" subdomain. How do I then transfer the WP installation to the "doggydia
  13. Hey everyone. I have a very old installation of Movable Type 2.661. I haven't tried to post to my blog in several days (and have not made any changes anywhere in my webspace at all), but now when I try to post, I get the following error after submitting a new post. I'm at a loss as to what this means or how I can fix it. Although I'm comfortable programming, I never really hacked my MT installation, so I don't even know where to begin. Also, I notice that my blog admin section no longer shows the five most recent posts like it used to. I wanted to edit one of my posts from the
  14. TCH-Don, I've used SquirrelMail in the past, but didn't care for the way it handled certain things, such as line breaks and overall email format. So my preference now is Horde. Also, the code for creating an html login form for Horde was easily available on the TCH help site. Maybe I'll go back and review the SquirrelMail documentation and see if I can't create a login form for SquirrelMail that my husband can use. After all, he's the only one who uses IE! I can easily access Horde from Firefox. TCH-Bruce, Looks like those registry hacks are very straightforward. I always get a
  15. I don't recall reading anything about a registry hack. But I did read the Micro$oft article rather quickly, so I'm sure I gleaned right over that section. I skipped directly to the section where it discussed using "URLs that are opened by a script that uses credentials for state management". I don't have time to read the actual articles they've posted, but it seems to me that I'd need to learn a bit of session management, ala cookies. Unfortunately, I just don't have time to play around with my website like I used to. (Damn this stupid full-time job! I really need to get rid of this thing!)
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