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  1. Okay, Raul...2 things. 1. How in the world did you get that thread link to go somewhere in the middle of the page instead of to the top of the page? It was like an anchor link or something... 2. Now the real question. If my site structure is etc mail public_ftp public_html .....index.php .....include folder ..........header.php .....folder2 ..........page1.php Can I use the same include method in index.php, which is in public_html folder, as I use in page1.php, which is in a subfolder of the public_html folder?? Is it better to have my include folder at the same level as the public_html folder?
  2. If anyone could look at this, it would be great. I'm not familiar with javascript at all. THIS PAGE loads fine, however, the navigation bar has one problem! The very bottom link "Weblinks" is not showing it's rollover state as it should. The entire nav bar was created in Fireworks, and imported into Dreamweaver. The image for that link wouldn't show up at all to begin with. Then I changed to img src link from relative to absolute, and it came up. However, the rollover still isn't showing up. I don't know what the problem is...but it's driving me nuts. With the relative url in place, I commented out the javascript and the image showed up. Remove comments from javascript, image won't show. With the absolute url...javascript is there and the image shows, but the javascript doesn't work. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Rob...you were thinking what I was thinking. Gord didn't actually REGISTER the incorrect domain name...just supplied the incorrect domain name when purchasing hosting. Thanks for making me feel better about my own misunderstading, though!! You must still be suffering from that night on the couch!! Or are you still on the couch? woooot
  4. I think I was misunderstanding slightly. My apologies. As Andy said...they will be able to fix the domain name on your hosting account. I thought you had bought BOTH the correct domain AND incorrect domain. I'm sorry for not understanding better!!!
  5. Progressive, huh...I'll have to think on it. I assume by "topic neutral" you don't want to use things like sports or holidays???
  6. Hmmm...you could probably do it now, but if it were me I'd wait for the confirmation (welcome) email. No real reason...I just usually feel better about letting one thing get finished before requesting changes. Welcome to the Family, by the way. You can ask anything you like here in the forums...we are all happy to help when we can!
  7. Don...that is actually what I use on all my other sites. However, I think I remember having difficulty getting folders and sub-folders to call the include correctly using that format. Maybe it was just my lack of php knowledge causing problems. I'm re-coding most of this site, so I will give it another try. Still...the problems I had yesterday don't make sense to me!!
  8. Welll...you could use nature items for icons. Like... leaf, pinecone, grass, sunset, tree, flower, mountain, water... I don't know...you'd have to decide whether they would all be photos, or you could design vector graphics for each one.
  9. Gord, if you buy the correct domain, you will be able to submit a help desk ticket and have tech support make that the primary domain on your account. I'm not sure that you can 'return' the other one though. I would probably just park it on the domain you want.
  10. Thanks for looking at it, Mike. I would agree with you. However, it sure didn't work this evening. Maybe it only works between certain hours of the day, which would explain why it worked BEFORE I went to the movies!! Seriously, I don't understand it. The only thing I changed in the php code was .org to .com. I didn't rewrite the rest of it or anything... I'm clueless...but at least it's working for now!
  11. If I'm not mistaken, you can't do this either. If it is a totally seperate site from your own, it will have to have it's own account. You cannot host two distinct and seperate sites on the same account, even as a sub-domain. That's my understanding anyway...I'm sure someone will let you know if I'm wrong. In the meantime, you can read the AUP for further clarification.
  12. ok...maybe it's just my php stupidity shining through, but, if the primary domain for your site is .org...wouldn't that be the appropriate thing to use in any absolute url on your site? I changed my php code to read .com instead of .org and now the includes are working. Why in the world would it matter? And why in the world did it work fine a few hours ago?? Please excuse my sounding a bit put out...I'm just tired and have had multiple problems with this particular site of the past couple of days!
  13. well...that's odd. I'm cleaning my cache right now...maybe I was only seeing it by fluke. Nope...cache cleaned and it is still coming up for me, just not with header and footer files.
  14. I hope this is the appropriate forum. I'm really tired this evening and not thinking very straight. Earlier in the day, THIS SITE resolved fine. It had suffered from a DNS problem, but was working as of about 6 hours ago. I left home, went to the movies, came back home, installed a new fan on cpu, ate dinner, took nap...and now all of a sudden the header and footer will not pull into this site. I haven't done anything to it all afternoon...so what in the world could be going on??? Help, please...begs a sleepy, groggy little reseller!!! Here's my php code for the header: ><?php //get header file include "http://www.pioneershospital.org/inc/PHhead.php"; ?>
  15. It does involve a bit of work!! Many of the "colors" you see in Invision are actually images. I don't think there is an "easy" way!
  16. Just a guess...but I'm thinking that when you signed up with TCH, you should have done a "domain transfer" as well as sign up for the hosting. Did you do that?
  17. I agree with Rob with one exception... If you are going to leave files on the old host during propogation, in order to avoid downtime, then it is helpful to make a small, unimportant change to the homepage on one host or the other, just so that you know which site you are actually getting when you browse to it. It'll just help you know when it has fully propogated a little bit better. Good luck with the move.
  18. Yes, I think you'll be fine. The only thing I'd try and stay away from is having half of one sub-domain published in FP and the other half in DW. Try to do a whole one at a time. One sub-domain won't affect another. Does that clarify?? Sorry...I'm having a hard time saying what I'm thinking!!
  19. Hi, Joly. I think that if you start building your site from the groundup in Dreamweaver, and publish as you go, your subdomains will be alright. Shouldn't cause any problems. I would take a whole chunk at a time, though. Like...do your entire primary domain, then publish and move to the next one. If you have som pages of a domain or sub-domain in FP and some pages in DW...you could potentially run into problems, depending on how you build. I really think you'll be alright though. As for whether or not your site will look the same across browsers...that's a whole other beast. Unfortunately, no program can guarantee how your site will look. A lot of it is just simply up to you. DW writes better code than FP (imo), but it is not perfect. Test your pages in different browsers before you publish and most importantly, jump in and get your hands dirty with some html coding. I taught myself to be comfortable working with the code. HTML is not hard to figure out, especially using DW's code view! Good luck! There are several of us to help you out with DW as you learn!!
  20. That is precisely what makes it most remarkable: All the greatest works of art in nature seem born of such events. A distant star explodes, and such are the laws governing light and matter that today, hundreds of thousands of years after the event, we can look upon the result and be impressed by its beauty. So, I imagine, will our own galactic center's annihilation look to distant observers thousands of millennia hence. Perhaps the inherent paradox of destruction and renewal, of birth from death, of beauty distilled from unimaginable violence, more than dark matter and exotic particles, forms the defining framework upon which our universe is hung. Nice, Boojum! Very deep...
  21. Some days I get so wrapped up in the importance of my life that I forget how small we really are. Even just a glimpse of the universe we live in humbles me to the point of peace.
  22. This is awesome. It's hard to impress me some days, but this did the trick! Dial-up users BEWARE: Hubble...
  23. I'm jealous...I wanna meet Jim...Jim's my friend....
  24. Hopefully I'm not repeating Jim as I only did a fast read through the posts. Sorry, Jim!! Just don't feel much like reading tonight! A few specific things I've learned recently: 1. Definately use your target phrase in your page title. Will help a little with some engines, a lot with others, and it won't hurt anything at all. 2. <h1> and <h2> tags tend to be given special "relevance" weight in most of the search engines. So, use your primary keyword phrases in those tags. 3. If possible, have some section of content (preferably that <h1> tag with your keyword phrase) toward the top of the page. The idea being that the closer to the top or bottom of a page something is, the more important it is. I don't know how much weight this carries, but I'm pretty sure it carries enough to be worth mentioning! There's lots more to go into getting good placement, as Jim explained. It is a science unto itself...and one that's always changing. But what he and Rob said about placement vs rank...I agree with 100%. If you were trying to sell marketing space on your site, it might be a different story...MIGHT. Get that placement and you'll be sittin' pretty. And don't forget...placement can change VERY frequently. Track it and the changes you make to your site and you'll get a good grip on it. HMMM...sounds like I should take my own advice.....
  25. Everything looks good here in Texas. Are you running ZoneAlarm by chance? Mine has caused some similar strange behaviors of late!
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