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  1. Yes, you're right. Thanks for all the help. I don't know if my mom cares anything about having Office or not. I will let her worry about that, I suppose!
  2. ok...I found a disk that had a product key sticker on it, and the number worked. But the disk is a trial for Office Student & Teacher edition, Works 7.0 w/Money and Encarta. I'm assuming that she did not get a standard edition of Office with the purchase of this computer. You know...my mother has worked with computers for I don't know how many years now. She can take a PC apart and fix it...set 'em up...she could probably build one and she's never had any kind of education with it. Just on the job experience. But when it comes to the little things that go along with buying one...she's got a lot left yet to learn!!!!!
  3. Well...it's highly possible that it's the wrong one. The only product key information we've been able to find is on a the certificate of authenticity that is on the back of the computer. It says, "Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition". From what you say, it seems that might be the wrong one. However, we've filtered through all the papers and disks that came with the system, and cannot find any other product key numbers. The error message when trying to setup says to look at the certificate of authenticity OR the sticker on the CD case. There were no cd cases...only the little white sleeves. And none of them have that type of number on them. Would it do any good to contact the store where she bought it? Or is there another way to get this fixed through Microsoft?
  4. Yes...I checked and double checked. There are no "o"s or "0"s ... only one B and one 8...but they are clear. Any other suggestions?
  5. My mom just bought this new laptop, and we cannot get Microsoft Office XP to accept the product key. The certificate of authenticity is on the back of the computer and we've entered the product key VERY carefully, several times with no success. I searched Microsoft Knowledge Base with no luck, as well. The computer was sealed in the box upon purchase...never been opened. She brought it home, turned it on, got connected to the internet and that's it. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Thanks!!
  6. Thanks, Don. That will make things go nice and smooth when I get home this evening! Annie...thanks for the comment. I actually have already done this, and while I can access the website perfectly, Invision had a problem logging in!
  7. Thanks for the advice! I will work on that when I get back home tomorrow from the "Family Weekend". Thumbs Up
  8. I just installed invisionPB for a new site that I just set up in my reseller's account. Since nameservers have not been changed with registrar yet, I had to find an alternative way to access and work on the site. SO...I edited my systems file "hosts" as described in another post, in order to make my machine find the site on my reseller account. That works fine. I can access the site with no problems. When I try to access invision, the default invision "welcome" or "login" page (whatever you want to call it) comes up fine. However, when I try to click any link from that page, I get the error I uninstalled and reinstalled invision, but that didn't work. Any suggestions out there? Will I just have to wait to work on this until I can get the nameservers changed?
  9. This is what I use...haven't had any major complaints. Although I don't think their Centrino technology is all it's cracked up to be. Not in my laptop, anyway! I run Photoshop 6.0, all the Macromedia Studio programs, AVG virus, ZoneAlarm firewall and PestPatrol and it's still pretty snappy! I also have a LOT of images on this machine...I've worked with 12MB images with no problems!! Good luck in your search! Compaq x1000 Review
  10. Thanks for all the help. I will post the specs from my built-in laptop card later for opinions. I glanced at it the other day and it doesn't fit any of the descriptions mentioned here so far.
  11. In your site settings, make sure you have the "testing" server set correctly. That gave me a lot of grief when trying to make a remote connection. For the local connection, I don't remember having many problems...but I'm using phpDev for the local testing server. All the Apache stuff was already done! I don't have access to my own local testing server settings this morning. If you are still fighting with this later, I will be able to get those settings so you have something to compare to!
  12. Thanks for clarifying...I just wanted to make sure I understood clearly in case I ever have the opportunity to answer a question such as this for someone else.
  13. Bruce...forgive my lack of knowledge...but I didn't think this would fall under the quote you took from the AUP. Basic packages come with unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited sub-domains. If fitz wasn't collecting money for those ftp accounts, would that make a difference? Again...I just wanted to understand...not trying to argue with you or anything!
  14. Just wanted to say thanks to Jim and Jim! I couldn't get the Box Hack to work for my purposes, but I did set the following stylesheet code that worked perfectly: >body {margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;} .mystyleclass (position: absolute; top: 600px; left: 15px;} Setting the margins to 0 is what you triggered in my mind with your mention of IE borders, Jim S. Thanks for all the help.
  15. Thanks, Jim!! I'll look into that...sounds vaguely familiar from an article I ignored.
  16. I'm sure there is some info. on this somewhere, but I just can't find it right now. Anyway...I'm trying to position a graphic with absolute positioning on a page that is built with tables. Problem is...when I get the positioning set correctly for Mozilla, it's out of position for IE6, and vice versa. Is there something I can put in the stylesheet code to make IE see and use one class, and Mozilla another?? OR...is it possible to use two stylesheets that will be called by one browser or the other?? Or...is there some other solution to this problem????? Relative positioning seems to cause problems because of the way the tables are layed out...that's why I want to use absolute.
  17. Ok...how do I look at the specs for the card and know whether it will work for my desktop PC? I don't see a reference to PCMCIA in the details for my link, so I guess I'm a little lost on that. Sorry. Just to clarify what my goal is... 1. I'd like to use the built-in wireless card that came with my laptop if at all possible. I will look up specs on it to see what it's compatible with. 2. Definately need a wireless card for the desktop PC. Thanks again for all the help!! Thanks, Bruce, for the recommendation. I will keep that in mind!
  18. I am always forgetting to post the link...same with email attachments!! Anyway...here's the MWAVE link to the package I was looking at!! Thanks!
  19. Here's a link to a package deal that I've looked at. If anyone has a minute to look it over and give me their opinion, that'd be great! I want to be happy with what I get. I'm not paying $50 some dollars a month for cable internet only to mess up my great connection because I don't know anything about routers and such!! So...anyone who has time...lay it on me!
  20. Thanks for the info! I had wondered about this, but I believe I have reached my limit of USB devices on this computer. So, I'm probably more comfortable installing the card than purchasing something to expand my USB capabilities. I'll keep it in mind though!!! Someone else had mentioned Netgear...I believe it was the sales associate at Frye's Electronics. If I buy the card and router there, it will cost me right at $200. I'm pretty sure I can get the same stuff at MWAVE.com for quite a bit less...I just have to be sure I know enough about the equipment to buy the right thing. That's the only thing I hate about online shopping...no sales associate to ask questions to!!
  21. OK...I'm once again embarking on something that I know next to nothing about!! I am now the proud owner of high-speed cable internet service! And I must say I've been quite pleased so far! Only one problem... I did not have a cable outlet where I wanted to set-up my computer, so the cable-guy left the cable line running across the living room (at my request) until I can go wireless. Which brings me to my questions: 1. First and foremost - if I set up to have a wireless cable connection here in my home, is it going to slow down my internet speed? 2. Can someone recommend hardware to be used?? My laptop is already set to use wireless connections, but my PC is not. PC is less than a year old, but was custom built and neither of us thought of putting in a wireless card. 3. How hard is it going to be for me to ensure security of this wireless, home network for my PC and laptop?? Thanks for any help!!
  22. Hi Jd. I can give you a little info. until someone more informed comes along!! There are "package" deals out there that include the shopping cart and everything else you need for an e-commerce site. You can find such places simply by doing a google search for "ecommerce" or other terms such as "shopping cart, payment gateway, merchant accounts". Most shopping carts alone do not come with everything that is needed to get your e-commerce site up and going. Check out the Running Your Online Business Forum here at TCH. I gained lots of info. from there! If you are speaking of PDG E-Commerce software specifically, it looks like you can use Paypal with that cart. I believe that most carts would allow you to use Paypal if that is your choice. Good luck on your site!!
  23. In my cpanel you have to look under the cgi script category and then click "addon scripts" to see the link for Invision Power Board.
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