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  1. >>>For my business, actually, non-profit, it's professionally embarrassing that Yahoo accounts are bounced as SPAM when they are trying to contact us about legitimate concerns.<<<< What she said. It is terrible to have to make these decisions since I hate SPAM as much as anyone. On the other hand, I've had three people on Yahoo complain over the past 30 days. I'm glad I finally found this post. Anyone that wants to reject the yahoo domain can do that at their local level, right? Then we can whitelist from there?
  2. I found a solution within cPanel. It uses .htaccess / user/pw at the root or in subdirectories. cPanel / Security / Password Protect Directories
  3. I should have said "multiple clients" which are in their own subdirectories. This is used only for email newsletters, very simple site, etc. They are built here and then moved.
  4. My client has purchased a Starter Plan for web developement purposes. I am the developer. We will host multiple accounts on the server during development and then move to the live server. Each account must have a unique URL login and not be available to the public. I'm aware of the subdomains and unique FTP accounts, but not sure of the easiest way to handle the URL login. Does the cPanel offer an option to force a login for a subdirectory and/or subdomain? Another option is a PHP login which requires code on each secure page, but if the functionality is available, I would rather not mess with it.
  5. Somehow I just noticed this. Don was a very friendly and helpful guy. I'm sorry to see him go. My best to the family.
  6. Just an FYI that might be helpful: TCH updated my server from php 5.0 to 5.2 and Zen Cart version 1.3.1 showed an error and wouldn't allow login. There is a simple fix for Zen Cart versions prior to 1.3.7. I used option B successfully. http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showpost.php...7587#post287587
  7. I have had a reseller account with TCH for about 5 years and also a handful of individual accounts with SSL, etc. for a total of 25 clients or so. It was a very positive experience for about 3 years with a few expected bumps in the road. About 18 months ago my reseller accounts were transfered to a new server. This had happened before with little incident. During this transfer, however, I lost one customer and almost lost two more. It was two months of hell for me trying to get db apps up and running correctly again, etc. For the first time with TCH the support was weak and slow. I think you must have been going through some major transitions with the company. After things settled in and got back to normal I was weary about hosting critical clients at TCH, but everything smoothed out. Service stable, quick tech responses, etc. In fact, Over the past 10 months I have rarely had need to post in these forum/work ticket . . . that is a GOOD sign. Two months ago my primary reseller account was relocated. I was notified in advance and then again just before the transfer. I was needlessly anxious as the transfer went very well. The few expected glitches were quickly resolved with TCH Andy on the spot. In short, I was very pleased and continue to be happy with TCH server performance, support, the ergonomics of the reseller interface, cPanel, etc. With the noted exception, I have found the Family Forum and Work Tickets to be very effective with quick responses. Even on a Sunday I can expect a response within a couple of hours. I have also started using the IM support system which often results in immediate resolution to the problem. I am very content with everything over the past year and plan to retain TCH as my primary hosting company. It hasn't been a problem over the past year, but the accounting / payment system has always been a little awkward. It seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. Fortunately this has only been a nuisance and not a major issue. So, I can confidently recommend TCH to anyone considering them as a hosting company. I recently set up a new reseller account for one of my clients and moved all 10 of his sites to TCH. Keep up the good work.
  8. Found it: /home/cPanelName/public_html/gallery
  9. Two accounts with the same pw should not have any impact-I have done it many times on these servers. Maybe you inserted a typo, blank space inadvertantly in the 1st pw. I know you are up and running, but this is a graphical representation I made for clients on setting up Outlook: http://manskerconsulting.com/smf/index.php...2&topic=2.0 Also, there were some POP issues on server 59 today if that is where your account is.
  10. I installed Gallery2 with db. Now need to use the built in import function to import my older Gallery. I did this once, but now I cannot figure out the path! both are in the root: original: /gallery new: /gal I thought it was something like usr/cpanelname/public_html/gallery Any help is appreciated.
  11. I just found a directory on a TCH server site: /.x in the root. It contains files: cgi.a.php cgi.d.php cgi.php cgi.s.php Google/Yahoo searches only turned up one reference which was someone trying ot figure out where they came from with no answer. Can anyone shed light on this? They are dated 6 weeks ago and I don't think I have installed new apps on that server during that time.
  12. I setup SPAM Assassin to label headers and Outlook to file those in a separate folder and monitor for a week or so to convince myself SA will not delete good emails. Adjust the # accordingly in SA - 5 always works for me. Then go back to cpanel and add a filter to delete the SPAM (just as outlined above) Now SA is set to where I'm convinced I'm not losing anything so some SPAM still makes it to Outlook. Turn on the Junk mail filter in Outlook and update the filters. Outlook files SPAM in the junkmail box so you can review for potentially good mail. In other words, SA is set to dump what is absolutely certain to be SPAM and Outlook is the second, more stringent filter that files emails for review. BTW - Outlook can file all SPAM and be configured to delete the SPAM folder content at in a number of ways such as "everything older than 7 days."
  13. Are you suggesting that I read the instructions??!!! Yes, that is it. Unfortunately, I was not focused very well and probably read that line 5X without really "reading" it - or more accurately "quickly scanning". I did a previous install 5 months ago - the correct way - and only remembered just how fast & easy it was. In fact, looking at that install is how I found my mistake. Thanks again.
  14. Problem Solved I installed the files under public_html/ and the mail.cgi file at cgi-bin/. As it turns out, the entire file structure belongs in cgi-bin/. I still don't see that anywhere in the instructions. I just made an assumption that was not true. Thanks for the help.
  15. Yes on ASCII, No time to look at log yet - I'm getting pulled in a different direction. Will get back to this ASAP. Thanks for the quick response.
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