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  1. Hi, again. Thanks for the guidance about using cpanel! Here's a more specific question, because for one reason or another I just can't figure it out. I created a database and gained access to the database. Then I created a simple 2 field table. I named the fields...chose "text" as the type, and made one of them the index field. Then when I try to save the table, it gives me an error that I haven't set the length for the index field (that's not verbatim). When I type a number into the length box, it gives me a syntax error. SOOOOOOOOOO...is there some easier way to do this that I haven't figured out? I've looked at quite a bit of the help information and I've learned some things. But I can't find any info. to help me with the table building. AND...once I get this blamed table created and saved...do I use phpadmin to enter all the data? Sorry for all the novice questions...I will get a book soon. But, in the meantime I will take any info/help I can get! When it comes to web design I'm a self-taught creature. I'm doing pretty good so far, but this MySQL, Perl, PHP, phpAdmin, database monster has stumped me. Thanks again. Tracy
  2. Hi, Jim. Thanks for the response. I've checked out that link and now have another question. Is it easier to use the "mySQL" provided by TotalChoice or to download MySQL onto my computer? I did do the download thing last night, but couldn't get past the "connection" dialog. Thanks again. Tracy
  3. I'm brand new at using cpanel's phpadmin...and I'm brand new at mySQL!! I've created a database, and I've created a table. But when I try to save the table, I get errors. Is there some place I can get very detailed instructions on working with my tables in phpadmin?
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