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  1. I am running a number of Mailman Mailing lists here which are refusing to deliver email to any of our users who use *@AOL.COM email addresses. Their Mailman accounts are being flagged to block sending them email due to claimed Excessive Bounces (from AOL) caused by AOL's incorrectly implemented DMARC feature. I have read that there are newer versions of MAILMAN (than offered here) which can handle the situation and which will send the messages to AOL formatted to make AOL happy and allow delivery to the user. Is there any way to upgrade to these versions or is there any parameter changes I can make to allow delivery to my AOL users. I know that the suggested "solution" is to tell them to use some other ISP's email address. Has anyone here also run into this and found a solution which allows AOL email addresses to continue to be used? Thank You.
  2. I know that when I define a sub-domain, I define what directory I am directed to. IOW: Going X.domain is the same as going to www.domain/directory. My question is if I can define it so that in lieu of it being www.domain/directory, it will map to something like "www.domain/directory/script.php?a=x&b=y"? When I try it screams about not liking the ? (and maybe some of the other characters). Can I get the result I want by using %xx in lieu of the banned symbols? Thank you.
  3. Thank you. Given the original thread in the Post-Sales section saying it was being rolled out, I can accept that it was subsequently withdrawn as the explanation why it is not supported. Now I know and understand the confusion about the availability status.
  4. Thank you for the fast reply. I am now totally confused about if it is supported or not since after I had posted my question here (due to my log-in not having taken and thus suppressing the Post Sales topic) I DID log in and looked in the Post Sales topic and found a thread (What's The Word On Ruby/rails?) that said the RoR support was announced and implemented back in 2006. Was the support withdrawn after that announcement and thread? Or is it the case that only non-shared servers got the support and the planned shared server roll never occurred? Thank you.
  5. After Posting I noticed that even though I was signed in it was posted as Guest. I am adding the extra message so I get the notify email when it is responded to.
  6. There is a full set of HOW-TO FAQs there. I reviewed them and have found some good hints there that have made some of the things I want to do much easier.
  7. I went to the source (The Mailman support site) and found this FAQ (http://wiki.list.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=4030685) that told me how to do what I wanted since TCH has the requisite 2.1.6+ level of the package. I have used this info and fixed my problem. Hopefully this will help others who have this same issue (assuming that they see this article)
  8. Thank you. I will need to look at PHPList to see if it fits my needs. OTOH: I might just use the "Add Text" option to just say to ignore the info. As it is, any attempt to post is being trapped and triggering a "You can not Post" response message so it is more an issue of supplying inaccurate info than allowing posting.
  9. I am setting up an Announcement Only Mailing List using Mailman (as supported via the cPanel). There is text in the Welcome Message and other Message Text Templates that I want to delete since the text is not applicable to this type of list. For example, the text explains how to post to the list. This should not be there since posting by subscribers is not allowed. Can this Template Text be edited? If so, how do I do it? I see that there are menus to add text but this seems to be to add ADDITIONAL text to the supplied template not to replace it. What I can place text to say to ignore the instructions, this would confuse the subscribers and is not the optimum solution. Thank you.
  10. This is now a dead link. I also need a tutorial or at least "How To" configuration info. My needs are setting up a "Broadcast-Only" list where only designated addresses can submit and all others will get rejected (even if subscribed). Looking at the configure menu, I do not see a way to configure this type of filtering unless I am not thinking out of the box. The second list is a more normal one with rejection of non-subscriber messages. That later I see how to do. Note: I would have posted this into a more appropriate forum but I can not find one to handle Mailing List questions.
  11. I just checked out the delete process and as I suspected it is broken. I created a Forward with one address and it stayed there OK for 3 days. I then added a 2nd address (this time an AOL) yesterday afternoon and when I just checked, the forward was gone (not only the AoL but also the good address that was acceptable for 3 days). I will open that Trouble Ticket as you suggested.
  12. Thank you for your reply. I will define a few of the good forwards and leave them there for 2 days (so they are there for at least 1 delete cycle). I will then report back and if needed file a problem report. In the interim it looks like I will need to go the Mailing List route due to needing to echo to AOL addresses.
  13. Thank you. There are 19 addresses and many (but not all) are AoL and Yahoo. All 19 have been deleted not just those with AoL or Yahoo domains. As a suggestion, if you ban Forward-To addresses with these domains, it might be useful (if possible) to do a sanity check when the request is made and pop up an error message (like you do for bad format). I do not know if this is possible since that capability might be in cPanel canned code that is out of your hands (like the inability to supply a list of addresses as opposed to the current one entry per address). Is the reason for the other deletions due to the lack of an email account definition for the address being forwarded? I have a feeling that the only solution to my problem is to make the 19 addresses a Mailing List (with no automatic subscribe ability and the need to be subscribed to have the incoming message echoed). Does the no-forwarding ban ALSO apply to Mailing List sent messages? Thank you.
  14. I have twice defined a set of email forwarders to a email address of the form user@my-domain. They get defined and when I send mail to that address they get echo'ed to the defined forward-to addresses. My problem is that a day later, the forwards have vanished and thus the address is now undefined again. If it helps, there is no actual account defined for the address - Only Forwards defined for it. Is the deletion due to the lack of an underlying account definition? If so, how do I define the account so that the messages do not accumulate but only get forwarded (the purpose of the address is to echo the incoming messages and there is thus no need to actually read the original message). Due to the need to define the forwards one at a time (instead being allowed to supply a list), it is a pain to redefine them each time the system trashes the definitions. Thank you.
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