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  1. Thank you for your replies. Irfan View is indeed an excellent application, but it cannot handle Freehand files. Seems like I'll have to find someone with Freehand who will do the conversion for me...
  2. I need to convert a large amount of Freehand files into graphics I can use in a website, probably jpeg. As this is a one-time project, I don't want to invest in expensive applications just for this task. Do you know of low-cost or freeware applications that can convert Freehand files into other, more popular, formats? Thanks
  3. Following This post I would like to know whether it would be possible to move my account to a different datacenter. I keep getting complaints from visitors about the slow connection. Like many of your customers I am pleased with your service, but given these complaints, if the bad connection problem cannot be solved I'll probably have to move to anohter hosting company with a more reliable connection to this part of the world. Thanks
  4. What does that mean? Can anything be done about it?
  5. To ssl.totalchoicehosting.com (always very slow) (hop, ip, name, loss): 1,, 22ms, pns01.inter.net.il, 0% 2,, 11ms, vlan10.msfc.jean.inter.net.il, 0% 3,, 13ms, None, 0% 4,, 12ms, po.left.inter.net.il, 0% 5,, 12ms, ge-5-0.may-gsr.inter.net.il, 0% 6,, 12ms, pos-1-3.eden.inter.net.il, 0% 7,, 92ms, pos3-2.mr02.ldn01.pccwbtn.net, 0% 8,, 195ms, pos5-0.cr01.ash01.pccwbtn.net, 0% 9,, 174ms, washdc5lcx1-pos4-3-peer.wcg.net, 0% 10,, 185ms, hrndva1wcx2-pos0-0.wcg.net, 0% 11,, 177ms, hrndva1wcx1-pos11-0-oc12.wcg.net, 0% 12,, 177ms, hrndva1wcx1-rackspace-gige.wcg.net, 100% 13,, 173ms, vlan901.core1.iad1.rackspace.com, 100% 14,, 176ms, aggr2a.iad1.rackspace.com, 100% 15,, 177ms, server1.totalchoicehosting.com, 20% To my site (sometimes slow, sometimes ok): 1,, 25ms, pns01.inter.net.il, 0% 2,, 13ms, vlan10.msfc.jean.inter.net.il, 0% 3,, 12ms, None, 0% 4,, 220ms, po.left.inter.net.il, 0% 5,, 11ms, ge-5-0.may-gsr.inter.net.il, 0% 6,, 12ms, pos-1-3.eden.inter.net.il, 0% 7,, 106ms, pos3-2.mr02.ldn01.pccwbtn.net, 0% 8,, 193ms, pos5-1.cr02.ash01.pccwbtn.net, 0% 9,, 176ms, ge6-0-1.core1.iad1.hopone.net, 100% 10,, 173ms, pos1-0.core1.dca2.hopone.net, 100% 11,, 177ms, vl2.msfc1.distb2.dca2.hopone.net, 100% 12,, 177ms, server69.totalchoicehosting.com, 30%
  6. This is my second month with TCH and I am generally very pleased with everything. However, during some parts of the day the connection to your site is terribly slow from where I am, in Israel. I have a broadband connection with one of the major ISPs here, and was told it is the same with another major ISP. Fortunately, with my website (server 69) the problem is the least serious. Sometimes it just loads slowly, and most of the time the speed is reasonable. Loading these forums, however, can sometimes take more than a minute, and I usually have to wait several minutes before pages of your ModernBill system load fully.
  7. Is it possible to prevent downloading of specific file types? I am using an application that stores files users should not be accessing in the smae directory to which uses go to access it. The hard way would be to move these files outside outside the public_html dir and change all the references to them in the application. If I could just prevent downloading files of specific types that would solve my problem.
  8. If there was a reseller plan with 300mb/2gb for not much more than the cost of TCH's "starter plan" I would glady take it... These sites are non-commercial, non-profit information sites with very few visits a day. Most contain only a few pages of text. Some are just a favour I am doing for someone. There is no reason, and no one, to pay so much for so little.
  9. I like totalchoice very much. But even the $4 plan is too big for a some websites. I adminiser a few very small, very low-traffic websites which could all fit together into TCH's "Starter Plan" and still use only a fraction of the allocated diskspace and bandwidth. Ordering a $4 for each would be crazy. So I am looking for an honest and reliable host that allows hosting multiple domains on a single small plan. So far, I didn't find the ideal host. The ones that have the features and the plans I need are relatively new and I cannot find any reviews about them. Others are very expensive. And two hosts about which I did find good reviews never replied to my e-mails, and this isn't a good sign. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  10. Thanks. According to the PHP documentation, the default mode for mkdir is 777. Is this wrong, or is PHP on your server configued differently? So do I need to change the line in the code to >mkdir("path", 0777); ? Thanks also for the security tips. My script indeed allows only specific file types defined in a special list. And only registered users can upload files. Users who want to upload files of different types must ask me to add the type they want to upload to the list.
  11. I have a PHP script that occasionally creates a new directory where files uploaded by users are stored. The new directories are created using mkdir. Each time a such directory is created, there is a problem with its permissions: new files can be saved in it, but I cannod chmod, rename or delete them. So far, each time a new directory was created I had to turn to your support and request them to fix the problem. Why is this happening? Is it something in my script that I need to do differently? Thanks
  12. I am maintaining a website for someone who might wish to see the awstats of their website, but that should better not access cpanel themselves. Is there by any chance a way to grant them access to the stats without having to access cpanel? Thanks
  13. Thanks. Do I need to create a .htaccess file for each subdomain if I want to disable register_globals for it?
  14. Is it possible by any chance to turn reigster_globals for a specific account off? Thanks
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