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  1. Just a couple things I would advise...based OMHO... I would not mess with DW templates...php includes can do the same thing for you but better. There are a couple of drawbacks to doing it the php way...but I think the advantages outway the drawbacks by far. Definitely have a grasp on some html...no WSYIWYG program out there is going to right the cleanest html. And many times, the program just doesn't understand what you are trying to do. I taught myself html and wouldn't trade that small skill for anything. CSS vs TABLES...I'm still up in the air on this one. I really wanted to learn how to do it the css way, but have had many troubles along the way. I built the first page of one site using a 3-column css layout and was successful. I tried to do the first page of another site using the same base code and couldn't get it to work for the life of me. SO...I guess I would say to definitely learn the css as you go along, because it's a great asset. However, tables have their place in the scheme of things. Just make sure you understand how to use nested tables in a grand way. It'll make your life a lot easier once you are working on a pretty sophisticated layout idea! Just my 2 cents. Hope you have fun with Macromedia!!!!
  2. I believe that www.w3schools.com would be a good stop to get you off on the right foot. That's the only question I can answer, but hopefully that site will answer your other questions. Good luck!
  3. Not a problem, Rob...I certainly don't mean to rush you!!! I'm just happy that you're doing it at all, because I'm sure it will make it easier on me in the end!!!
  4. You are so correct...I forgot all about those monthly fees!!! I'll just have to play with the osCommerce. Since you were "somewhat" impressed...would you be willing to share the things that you weren't impressed with?
  5. One of these days we're going to wake up and every politician/government official is going to have their own holiday!!!!!
  6. Can you elaborate more on the CSS and template pages method of doing something like this? You don't have to give me all the details...just a summary of what's involved and maybe a place to learn more would be great. Thanks!!
  7. Rob...I'm assuming you were at least somewhat impressed with the site to go ahead and get your own account??? Are you using your own SSL? Is that going to keep the url from changing in the address bar? I know the user doesn't have to leave the site, but they weren't real clear to me on the url. I'm thinking that even thought I'm looking into to this for the client, that I should go ahead and apply myself...so that I can mess with it on a sample site and be able to help him use the service. There's no reason why I shouldn't get my own, is there? I don't have any products to sell right now... You're my new friend, Rob...
  8. I'm sure I'd be in as well. How would it work for resellers? For example, would it cost $1 additional for each domain monitored? I think it sounds awesome and would notch TCH just that much further ahead of most other hosts!!!
  9. SOOOO...if you get your working, and my client decides to go with this company...will you be willing to help a total newbie through the process???????
  10. Just curious...if you allow a client to do this, and then the client forgets the password...is there a way to retrieve it or reset it in Cpanel?
  11. I think the TCH site is loaded with information and it's professional. I would much rather see a simple but informative site. Tell's me that company knows where to spend it's money. For example, I hate going into a fancy medical/dental office and seeing all this fancy crap and then paying an arm and a leg for their services. Really ticks me off. Makes it seem like they could charge a whole lot less and do without the fancy stuff. With continued, simple additions here and there, you'll be able to maintain the "feeling" of TCH. You've got a fountain of knowledge right here in the forums with the staff and members. Why not have small projects here and there to improve some things? Have "brainstorming" topics for everyone to take part in for "simple" improvements. Just my .02 cents...
  12. If you have the original confirmation you received after starting your account with TCH, you should be able to tell who your payment processer was. For instance, my domain names were payed for through SecureServer.net., I believe. If I need to update my account, I would go to secureserver and log into my account to change details. If you need to update info. for your TCH account itself, and you do not have a recent receipt for transaction from TCH, then you should submit a help desk ticket and ask how you should go about the update. Or, you could probably just try contacting both of the payment vendors to see which one has your account listed.
  13. Glenn...that part would lead me to believe that according to the AUP, Kasey would need to go with the reseller account. Also, if the family members put content other than "family purpose" content on the subdomains you suggested, they would be walking a fine line. Just my thoughts, though...
  14. I use it on my photography site. Haven't had any problems since the beginning when there was some sort of glitch. Help desk solved it right away! The only disadvantage...let's say you WANT to link to an image from a site, you wouldn't be able to do it without allowing the entire site access. For example, if I want to use the little img button available here in the forums to link to an image on my site, I would have to go in to Cpanel/Hotlink Protection and allow access to www.totalchoicehosting.com. Not that I consider it a problem to do that on THIS forum...but there have been other times/places where I wished I could link to the image without allowing the entire site access. Some people like Hotlinking protection for their images...some people don't. I haven't had any problems using it on my photography site. I will probably be implementing it on another site today!!
  15. Glad I got in when I did...!!! As a matter of fact...I think I should upgrade a level! Going to drop a ticket now.......
  16. Lianna...if it was actually finished, I would take you up on that. I hadn't finished it, though. The idea was started, but I was stuck. I won't toss it though! Maybe I'll have a chance to keep working on it in the future. Right now, with 4 websites that need updating and a house that needs packing, and a trip to Vegas next week... ...need I say more??? Thanks for caring, though!
  17. It's been about -15 in the mornings for a couple of days now. And my friends in Texas are complaining that it's 56 down there!!! Let me tell ya'...15 below is COLD!! I hope it warms up a little by the time I visit next week!! Won't be any fun taking pictures of the Bellagio fountains if it's freezing cold!!!
  18. Adam, I'm going to be using Invision Power Board for a client pretty soon. Basically I plan to change out the images to match his site and change the colors to match his color scheme. Another fairly simple thing you should be able to do (although I admit, I don't know how yet)...is change the table size and alignment to match what you already have. You wouldn't have to do much to make it flow well with your site. Here is a link for IPB to help you see what you would have to do to change some things: http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums/i...?showtopic=4599 This is not an exhaustive list of modifications by any means. If you start with a few small things that are spelled out for you, you'll be moving onto bigger and greater changes in no time!!! I would guess that phpbb offers the same type of customization procedures...don't know, though!
  19. Thanks for the info, Mike. I just spent about a day and a half beginning work on something for that... Guess I can move on, now!!
  20. Did I simply dream that HG announced a contest of sorts to design a whole new TCH website? I can't find it anywhere!!!
  21. Yeah, then they'll never have any extra time on their hands as they look through our tons and tons of posts and start helping people. ditto that...
  22. Alan...I believe the big difference is that you are on a server with no more than 4 users. Whereas with the deluxe reseller...I can't do the math, but there should be a lot more than 4 users on a server running all deluxe reseller accounts. And even more users if there are basic resellers and such mixed into the equation.
  23. I was beginning to wonder if maybe it finally snowed out on her end of the world and she ran off with Frosty the Snowman or something!!!
  24. Krieser is right on. Make sure when you select the image, that the properties inspector shows "0" for the Border property...or that it is blank. As Krieser said...if the image is surrounded by <a> tags, then you've linked it to something. If you want your background image to indeed be a link (I have done this when using background images)...then you may need to set style sheet definitions for all hyperlink tags. Let us know if that is the case and we can help you do that if you're unfamiliar. It might also help if you can provide the code for us to look at. not sure if this is what you mean, but...if the clear gif image is in a table cell, you can select the table cell behind the image by holding down the ctrl key while you click.
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