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  1. ummm.. best to use FTP or Fp2K to upload my site? And hows' 'bout my shoping cart ?
  2. Yeah, Ok, many tanks guys/gals! I am on and in cpanel!! Now (rubbing hands maniacally), I just need to figger out how to upload my old web site and get back on line!!! here goes that 24/7 thing (rubs sore butt in anticipation...)
  3. 24/7 !! I Worry! IT could well take me that long to train my poor brain on how to not screw up my web site any more than I just did! Thank you all for your guidance!
  4. My fear is that somehow I have created two web sites trather than one web site with my second domain parked on top. I have been thwarted in geting access either through FP2000, or cPanel (though I have just suceeded on getting Cpanel mail to open for me!!!!
  5. Thank you, yes we did exchange emails. I did not intend to open new tickets, but once i lost my online I/M with the tech group, when it asked if I wanted to leave a message it opened a new ticket, which got me to a new tech, who did not have teh history,a nd on and on... your help is welcomed, and I hope to resolve my problems and learn rapidly what I need to do to do things right!
  6. Well, the first ticket was a few days ago, the last set are now four hours old...as a new and low-tech webbie I am sure the problem is with my end of this whole system, but i was worried that the east coast office would close tonight befor I got the ability to log in...
  7. OK, so I am still unable to get access to my site and email. have a service ticket, have been on I/M with tech (great staff!), and am unsure how long before someone can tell me my user name and password (both have changed since my welcome email,, and web transfers) I sent in request, and my validation, but not sure how long to wait before bugging someone again!
  8. Ah, perhaps I mis spake (i am, sadley well over my pay grade when chating web stuff)... yes, I launch frontpage, and in ie explorer I will get the "edit in front page" under File (when I am, er, was able to see my website, I could click on "edit with Front Page" and launch FP with my web site pages in edit mode). But -- and this is where I am sure it is my newbie fault-- last I was able to do that was two days ago, I was able to modify and upload one page, but now my password won't work, my website won't come up, and my email is in limbo (including any orders).
  9. Well updates to questions after updates from most hepful staff... I can not get my site up, the help tickets and online staff were looking into it, but I can not get email from my account either, so no info flow. I can not open cpanel (even the demo page). I use ybrowser through SBC/Yahoo DSL, and find that I can not use FP2000 in that browser. (if I load ie from iexplorer.exe, front page editing works). Am I configured wrong?
  10. Much Thanks, I shall learn (in a rather slow, tedious, and stumbling way)~ but I am most thrilled to feel like I found a place to lear through/in!
  11. Hello all. I am a new transferee both web site and domain names. I lost my IT gal, and I am a newbie fer sure... Here are my questions: 1) We use Outlook express and outlook for email retrival, including our web site sales (We use Quick Store encripted emails for the order page.) -we are not geting our emails for our orders, and I am unsure how to check the web site to be sure the proper email address is set for sending. 2) I have two domain names, but would like both names to point to one main web site -- right now with the transfer, I seem to have two web sites such that when I posted a new page to my main web site (use FP2000), it did not reflect on my second domain name. 3) these domain names: fasturnjunction.com and crowning-touch.com; I wish to have the main web site under crowning-touch.com (our company name), but fasturnjunction.com was originally set up as our web site (fasturn is one of our unique products). -- can I set this up such that all email flows to crowning-touch.com; that my web site editing can take place at crowning-touch.com, and how do I do that? Many thanks, seems like a great place to have our business! David.
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