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  1. I wouldn't say that...you got me to looking for the right things! Just took a bit of guessing on my part since I felt like I was trying to read some foreign language!!!
  2. Would have made me giggle too... ...sorry about that. I didn't even realize!!!
  3. I would transfer the domain. Information on the link Jikrantz provided!
  4. DOH... ...I had changed the email for my admin user settings...but not the board email! It's almost always the silly things...the hard things are often much easier to figure out! Thank you!
  5. OK...I know that you can set IPB to send the administrator an email when a new user has registered, and I have done so. However, I am not getting the email when I register a test user. Anyone have any suggestions here?
  6. Anyone out there know whether or not a flat-bed trailer has to be registered and have license plates in Texas?? We're not talking about a big trailer...just a 5x14 flat-bed.
  7. I fixed the little oddity I mentioned. Works like a charm now!!!!!
  8. YA-YA!!!!! ...now where's my crown???? woooot
  9. WOW...I got it to work. Now, there's this strange little thing happening during the re-direct time, you know, when you have the little box in the middle of the screen telling you that you are being logged in or re-directed, or whatever. Up in the top, left corner the word calendar> is appearing. To check it out, you can login to THIS BOARD using: username=testing password=testing Thanks for checking it out. Here is how I made the code work. In the skins_global.php file, I changed the http refresh on line 149 to ><meta http-equiv='refresh' content='2; url={$ibforums->base_url}&act=calendar'>{$ibforums->lang['tb_calendar']}>
  10. well...I'm not directly finding either of your suggestions. I have played with some things, but haven't gotten anywhere. The last thing I found was ><meta http-equiv='refresh' content='2; url={$ibforums->vars['board_url']}/index.{$ibforums->vars['php_ext']}$Url'> which I tried changing to no avail. When I put the calendar.php into that syntax, or try to access the calendar.php page directly, I get this error: Maybe some of this info. will help someone know what I should be looking for. I'm somewhat comfortable working with php, but trying to read the php in this program is a bit over my head. Thanks for the help...I'll keep working on it!
  11. Maybe not the best forum...it's too late here for me to make that decision very well!! Anyway, I'm wondering if it is possible to change which invision power board page loads after login or registration. I have a client who wants to start out just using the calendar feature. I'm sure later they will move into using the forums, but right now, it's just the calendar they want. Now, these aren't all the most computer literate people I've ever run across. So, in my effort to make it as easy as possible, I'd like to have the calendar page come up instead of the main IPB forums page. Anyone know how to go about doing this???
  12. I see. Part of me agrees with you about the back button, however, I've gotten so used to closing windows that I almost always automatically go to hit the close box. Guess it doesn't matter since it won't work for you anyway!!
  13. That first suggestion was just what the doctor ordered...or in this case...the designer! Thanks, Jim! It is up and running. Now I just have to get the rest of the site finished!
  14. Thanks Jim...I'll definitely check it out. Between all the computer/internet problems!
  15. OK...I'm familiar with some of the image gallery scripts and slide show scripts, but I can't seem to find something that will do exactly what I want. I don't actually want a gallery! Let me try to explain. I have a photos.php page. This would be an introduction to the photos section of the site. Then, using a database or whatever method is out there, I'd like to have users view all the images (no thumbnails), one by one, using next and back buttons. The site will probably maintain no more than 20-30 images, to be changed out as new photos become available. It really doesn't need to be very complicated. I'm sure it would be pretty easy to do using php and mysql...but I'm not very well versed in such things yet! If someone could get me started, I'd be willing to learn though! Any ideas/recommendations will be appreciated!!!
  16. Nesdon...if I remember correctly, your site has definitely improved. It looks much better. Here are a few thoughts for you to keep working on: 1. You have quite a few typos in the content of your sub-pages. Also, some of your sentences don't flow too well. Don't get me wrong...I'm certainly not a grammar expert. I just know that it makes a BIG difference in someone's first impression of your site! Maybe English is not your first language...or maybe you just hated spelling and grammar like most kids. Either way, it's worth finding someone who can help you with those little things if you want users to feel that your site is credible and important. 2. I like the links at the top. The ones to the left are a bit hard to read, though. Consider making the font just a TAD larger. Like...if it is currently 10, go to 11. Also you might consider playing with the "width" attribute of the empty cells between your link images in order to line up the right edge of your links with the banner photo. It looks like you did this in Fireworks? You can either do it in FW, or you may be able to just change the code in your html page. One example would be: change to You'd have to play with the numbers more...but it would probably work somewhere between 12 and 15. 3. Center the webring box at the bottom. Or put something off to the right to balance it. 4. For the sake of consistency, time-spans.htm should probably be made to look like the rest of your sub-pages. That's about all I see right now. As a photographer, I love your idea of long duration photos! Very intriguing. And I understand it much better than in your first site. So good job on improving that! Keep up the hard work. I change some of my sites all the time because I'm not 100% happy with them. That's just how the world turns!
  17. Or if you don't want to make the images background images, you can also remove the "align: center" from your "style" attribute and use <p align="center"> for the respective <p> tags. Also...you might want to consider changing the validation links to open in a new browser window so that your site stays open. Nice looking site!
  18. Hmmm...not a clue. I got the blank page after registering and after posting. Did you make any changes to the board settings page in the admin cp? If you did...you might want to double check those and make sure that's not causing a problem. If that's not the case...you may have to re-install. I would wait and see if anyone has further suggestions, though. I'm not an expert!
  19. I think that it should work using SMTP...although you can try using mail instead! Check out this topic on Jacks support forum. I've never worked with the drop-down menus in his code, so it's all kinda running together in my head. Really...I just haven't had coffee yet, therefore, all that code is just slugging around in my head! Good luck...you might want to post on his forum if you have further problems. I think he's out of town a lot lately, but he will eventually answer you!
  20. Nesdon...I don't know php. But I can still use php includes! It's very easy, and there's lots of us to help out if you decide to give it a try. You will have to do some work in the code, though!!!
  21. Don't know if this is an option or not, but have you considered using php includes for your nav bar that'll be on every page? I messed with DW templates at first and thought it was a nightmare. I'm sure they work for some people...but I use php now for headers, nav bars and footers. I find it much easier. Makes for some tricky WYWIWYG editing, but I've gotten used to that!
  22. natimage


    I would not recommend using ZoneAlarm for antivirus. A recent update of theirs, although I'm not sure it's the latest, was absolutely horrible! First problems I've had with it in over a year. I think it was the first update that included the anti-virus. I had to turn that part off and still have strange little issues now and again. I use the free version of AVG for virus protections and have no complaints there at all. In fact, I recommend it to all my family and friends. Good luck in your search. If you still want more info. on ZA...visit their user forums first and do some research!!! Hopefully the program will get better again...but who knows!
  23. Thanks for the help. Will get on that as soon as this storm passes. For now, I better shut down. Just got the puter working properly this week after the last big storm!
  24. natimage


    Anyone else out there having trouble getting connected to Yahoo IM? I can login to my account with yahoo.com, however, Trillian will not connect to my yahoo account. Says the password is invalid. But it's the same password I used to login to my account on yahoo.com.
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