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  1. I see Dick...it was that link that had Alexa on it. I didn't even know that...copied the link from my favorites. But when I visit the page, I don't pay attention to much else besides my business. Sorry for the confusion! VI...the Google Toolbar will not tell you your placement. However, another tool that will sort of help you with finding your placement is Marketleap's keyword verification tool. Put in your site, then your chosen keyword(s). Run the test and what you'll get is a list of search engines telling you whether or not your site placed in the top 3 pages of that search engine. It runs for 10 different search engines. Unfortunately, it won't tell you if you are on page 6 or 50...only if you are on 1, 2 or 3. This and the keyword tracker in my first post are pretty helpful in tracking how your site is doing.
  2. Seems like I read something a while back in the forums regarding browser incapatibility with the live help. Try using IE6 if you're not already.
  3. Thanks for clarifying that, Rob. I probably made it more muddy than necessary!!
  4. Yes...VI...sites are definitely ranked differently according to search phrase. I assume those sites/webmasters are indicating that for their chosen keywords, they rank a specific spot. They just don't necessarily tell you what those keywords are.
  5. Dick...wasn't that what I said? The post you referred to was regarding Alexa...I didn't mention Alexa? I'm confused now...
  6. One way to find out on google, although I don't know if it is recommended or not...is to download the Google toolbar. It works in IE and will tell you your pagerank. You might also check THIS LINK for some information...although I think it is a bit more general. I'm sure there are other tools out there that I don't know about!
  7. Wait a minute, Rob...I understand now. "girl boy girl"......you just want to be sandwiched don't you" I see how you are!!! Naughty
  8. Only if it is girl boy girl I'm here to tell you right now...I think you're out of luck on this one. I'd guess that there are at least 2 or 3 guys to every girl on this board!!! But from everyone else's comments...I think you got hugged whether you liked it or not!!
  9. I can catch Sunfish........does that count?
  10. Tracy, MX 2004 does a lot more than just that. It has far better support for CSS and a bunch of other things Check it here: http://macromedia.com/software/dreamweaver/productinfo/newfeatures/ By the way, I forgot to mention that I use Bluefish for writing code (http://bluefish.openoffice.nl). Yes, Raul...I agree with your statement about DWMX 2004. I, however, will NOT go look at all the wonderful things it is offering because I canNOT afford to BUY it...which I would really want to do if I saw it. But yes...I'm sure it is much more great and wonderful than the version I'm using. But I must love mine for now!! :hug:
  11. I think it's time for a big group hug!! :hug: :hug: :hug:
  12. Not to get myself involved in a heated discussion or anything, but I have to say this. One of the reasons the TCH forums are such a great place is because the heated discussions are kept to a limit...addressed and then finished. If you go into any respectable business, you will not find the manager or assistant managers out on the floor debating the quality of their service with a customer. These forums are similar to the "sales floor" of a retail establishment where there should be no bickering, bashing, scene causing, solicitation, etc. Major problems/concerns should be taken directly to one of the moderators or Bill himself. I know for a fact that Mike is almost always available and will happily try to resolve/answer any problems!! I recently saw two moderators on a forum carrying on about whether or not one of them hijacked something from the other...it was very unprofessional and it went unaddressed by the admin. Bill would NEVER allow that to happen here, and I for one am glad! All forums should be so lucky... Now...everyone needs to get busy having a really good day!!!!!!!
  13. I believe DWMX does try to write some php in some instances, however, I don't think it does a very good job. The limited php I use, I insert myself. Don't know how the php support is in DWMX 2004, though.
  14. I use Dreamweaver. Started out with Frontpage because it was all I had. I also think that FP writes horrible code. It is very easy to go into Dreamweaver's code view and write ALL your code if you choose, or just clean up what it wrote for you. I use the MX version...wish I had the MX 2004 version if for no other reason than it offers "code hints" when writing CSS, just like it does for HTML. All in all if you are going to spend money and start with something new...I'd go for DWMX 2004!!!
  15. natimage

    Ebay Pwrd

    Mike...the first thing that I would do if this happened to me, is run an up to date virus check on my system, and then I would run something like STINGER, just to be sure the computer is not infected with anything that is trying to get at your stored passwords. When you know you are virus free, and you feel comfortable with the fact that there is no sensitive information on your computer that Outlook could possibly get at, then you can start troubleshooting the problem. Which version of Zonealarm are you running? Are you trying to use different SMTP settings on each of your Outlook accounts?
  16. I wasn't wanting to use it as "my own" clipart. I incorporated an image into a logo I was designing. Most clip-art I don't like...but this happened to work pretty well. Anyway...I'm trying to draw my own now. Just hard to do with a trackball mouse!!! Thanks for all the input!
  17. Thanks, All!! I just wanted to clarify before I infringed on accident!!
  18. If I buy a clipart cd with royalty free images...am I then allowed to use the images on that cd at my will, however I please? Do I have to leave them in their original state to make use of them, or can I change them to suit my needs?
  19. Mike, What browser are you using, and are you using any kind of Firewall? I only asked because I've had some WEIRD issues using ZoneAlarm firewall lately.
  20. I would guess no, Thomas. If you were any type of customer before Feb., then you were already in the billing system. I doubt that they start you all over in billing...they just make adjustments to reflect your account changes.
  21. Don't know if I can help. I've never seen that error. But to get the ball rolling, what are your smtp settings?
  22. OK...so I lied. I know that a while back I was trying to figure out what server I was on and cpanel did not tell me. However, it is there now!!!
  23. Bruce...my cpanel doesn't tell me which server I'm on. I thought it because of the skin I'm using????
  24. Jim...are you saying that something like, ><td class="css"> compared to ><td bunch of junk, bunch of junk, bunch of junk> makes a difference in, for example, in your site's keyword density?
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