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  1. Thanks Rob. I looked in that forum, but didn't see my title. I actually didn't want to put it in there initially because I primarily wanted opinions from people on different servers. Plus, it seems very few people go to the server-specific forums. Chad
  2. Since my other thread was apparently deleted, which is oh so nice, I had another reply to make... No Bellringr, I am not concerned that my site was down three times in a year. I am concerned with the fact that it wasn't down at all for 10 months and now I have had three outages in less than 45 days. It is the sudden frequency that has me concerned. Your second paragraph implies assertions that I simply didn't make and I don't appreciate you putting words in my mouth. As for your last paragraph, I will ask you to reread my earlier postings. They clearly state that I did not come here to get technical support. I am a technology guy and after I did all the troubleshooting on my side I narrowed it down to the MySql service and submitted a help desk ticket just like I am supposed to do (that is also how I was able dismiss the idea of it being my ISP). I came here, just as I stated earlier, so see if others were having the same or similar numbers of incidents recently. If these problems were isolated to my server, I would ask if it would be possible for me to switch servers. Period. Bellringr, please don't automatically assume the worst in people and that everyone has evil intentions. Chad
  3. There are two things I would like to say: 1. Raul actually give me some useful information: TCH is growing insanely fast. That is a concrete example. Growing pains are regular artifacts of success and are rarely anything more than just temporary issues. This is great to hear and the kind of information I was originally looking for. Thank you Raul. 2. Madman comment said "...looks like censorship." That is an statement of opinion, not a statement of fact. Madman is entitled to his opinion and it is preposterous to tell someone that an opinion is wrong. TCH may not agree with our individual opinions but it is unfair to say those beliefs are wrong just because they don't coincide. I must admit I was truly taken aback by Bill's response to Madman. To me, the comments seemed so unnecessarily angry, so over the top. It felt similar to some of the responses my original post garnered. Perhaps we inadvertently touched on subjects that the staff are sensitive to. Anyway, as always, these are just my perceptions. Chad
  4. TCH folks, Please accept my sincerest apologies for a mistake I made in the title of my thread. It should have read "Growing Concern Regarding tch: Reliability Dropping?" I didn't take the time I should have for proofreading. When I read the followups to my post, I couldn't understand what the references to "my assessment" meant. Then I realized the typo in the title description. I would never make such a proclamation with only two data points. Not only would that be unfair, it would be ridiculous as well. I did not want my posting to sound like an attack or complaining. Rather, I was hoping for an open discussion about my recent experiences. I was interested in finding out if I was the only one or if more of these types of problems have been happening. If I was truly unhappy I certainly would not voice it here. I would write directly to Bill and would work it out. This is not such a situation. This is just an instance of a person trying to understand a situation. Thanks for understanding, Chad Burkey
  5. I have been with TCH for a little under a year and have been extremely happy. As a matter of fact, far happier than I've been with any other hosting company. I have referred them everyone who I ever talk to about web hosting and even have a nice referral on my site about them. HOWEVER, I am growing very concerned. Less than a month ago I had my SSL capabilities disappear from my site and just today my entire site disappeared. It is back now, but was apparently completely gone for around 12 hours. This site is my business and the only source of income I have. 12 hours is a big deal for me. The service, once a problem is reported is still very very good. What I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with is the seemingly sloppy operations. Both of these problems were human error and not the result of any piece of hardware failing. In the former someone apparently pointed my cert at another site, and in the latter someone routed my ip address to the wrong server. Now, I have no insight to what is going on and that is the reason I am here asking. All I can do is report what I feel and perceive as a customer. Perception is, after all, reality to the uninformed. As I stated before, I have a sinking feeling that things might be slipping for one reason or another. Please help me to understand. Chad Burkey
  6. Thanks everyone for the very kind words Chad
  7. Hi Jim, Thanks very much for the kind words and for taking a look through my site That was the nicest thing anyone said to me all day Chad
  8. Hello, I would very much appreciate having my site added to the family member pages. Below is the requested information. 1. Chad Burkey Photography 2. Chad Burkey Photography 3. Unique stock and fine art photography to match your individuality 4. I have the Total Choice Hosting link at the bottom of the home page, as required. Thanks! Chad
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