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  1. When i last used the html editor, it put in some capital "A"'s with a "^" over it. I tried to delete them and save and they came back. Any way to get rid of them
  2. Hello everyone! Thanks for all your comments. I am using Outlook Express now. Originally I was just using WebMail/Horde and having the problem. I set up account according to TCH Help Site and changed port to 26 and still get error message when sending mail from .com address to ISP address. I've been a TCH account since May 18th. I do believe I can send mail to other addresses but I think I will double check. I suppose I don't really have a need to send email from .com to ISP since I'm using Outlook Express for both now. As long as I can send to others I'm good to go, I think. I appreciate all your help, because of your expertise I can use Outlook which is what I really like and wanted! Happy Trails To All NTS
  3. Thanks for responding! I've tried to locate what my smtp settings are but still can't find where this info is. I've been going thru Web Mail but that has got me nowhere! Also looked thru Cpanel with no luck. Do you know where? Thanks again, NTS PS--beautiful eagle!!!!
  4. need help with email. When sending email to myself at internet connection email address it fails and I don't know how to fix. This is the message: Error Message 553 mail server rejected Reverse DNS queries for your mail server IP fail. Mail servers without reverse dns (ie the sending IP address does not resolve to a host name) will be blocked. Solution: Contact your ISP, mail or DNS administrator. Do I need to change something? What can I do to fix? I am a newbie! Please help! Thanks, NTS
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