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  1. hello everybody i was looking at videos on youtube and i came across this video talking about big business taking over the net and i have to say i do not approve one bit here is the url to the video
  2. so in my case i look for pc2-4200 memory with 240-pin and it will work is that all or is there more i can look at to make a better decision in choosing my memory
  3. my system can support 4 GB 4 slots highest Module acepted 1GB curently have 1GB "512 x 2"
  4. I was thinking about upgrading my memory and I wanted to see if I am doing things right I have a gateway system which has PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Gateway Memory - 184 pin DIMM DDR2 RAM CATEGORY: System Specific DDR MEMORY SPEED: DDR2-533 (PC2-4200) STORAGE CAPACITY: 512MB FORM FACTOR: 184 pin DIMM TECHNOLOGY: DDR2 PS. it has a second Specifications that says it has 240pin everything else is the same as above Sis Sandra says it is Samsung 512 MB PC4200 533 MHz DDR2 Dual-Channel Memory Modules Now I would like to purchase this memory can I do it? From www.crucial.com 1GB kit (512MBx2), 240-pin DIMM, DDR2 PC2-4200 memory module Reason for not just calling gateway to order more is this Gateway --512 x 1 =$89.00 ------------ 1GB x1 = $159.00 Crucial – 512MB x 2 = $107.00 or even better 1GB x 2 = $189.00
  5. It is not wise to go with this type of site all they do is give you a program and tell you how to use it. these type of programs you can get for free and with a little bit of reading you can learn to use them. plus it says on it's site The purchase of a membership, however, is not a license to upload or download copyrighted material. We urge you to respect copyright and share responsibly. Click here for info on using p2p which means we will give you a peer to peer program and you can illegal acts all you want Not good not good at all
  6. Hello everybody here's one charge everybody a dollar extra for five months get ultimate form mail on every server and it can be installed via panel or Fantastico surefire would love that
  7. I was just wondering of how much bandwidth has been used since TCH first started. How many pages have been served? And who was the first client at TCH Who is the oldest client at TCH and is still around. Plus I suggest that you give the oldest client 3 months of hosting for free Thing of this nature would be interesting to see My guess at band width is at 20 petabytes
  8. Hello everybody Ok first of all I am an IE fan But when I saw this smiley it made me laugh and I have to admit I like it and I wanted to share with others
  9. Hello everybody I would suggest ttp://www.vcdhelp.com It has all the necessary information you need for creating DVD’s and DVD rippers freeware and shareware I Personal would use procoder 2 the file conversion software can convert anything to anything but it does cost a bit of an amount $ 499.00 but worth it ttp://www.canopus.us/US/products/ProCoder2/pm_procoder2.asp And easy to use. I use it for my wedding/party DVD creating
  10. Ilike IE my self but I have to admit that smiley made me laugh i wonder who made it or where did you find it
  11. just when i needed a good laugh thanks for the link "youneverknow" had my laughing for a good while
  12. Hello everybody I recently obtained Golive CS2 thru Adobe Creative Suite 2, and was wondering where the forum for it is. But I don’t seem to find one. And I was wondering if one of the staff or MOD's can create an forum for it after all you have front page, dreamwever up why not include Golive and make it a perfect 100% And I am pretty sure some customers have Golive as I have seen in some post made by them, they would be very happy to have an area to get help from
  13. Hey what do you mean your board with me just kidding i know what you are talking about never seen any of the movie I was thinking of renting all the movie and doing a watch a thon from beginning to end is star wars really that good or would you says it takes a certain type of person to enjoy it
  14. Hello everybody I use office outlook and i just have one rule set up and it gets rid of all my spam quick and easy. the rule goes like this " when I receive email from my main account check my address book if person is in there then leave it alone if not then delete it" Then I have outlook delete what ever in my trash folder upon exit. So I don’t even see the spam this works great with personal contacts. but as for my web sites not sure yet I was thinking of puting a form mailer that will say something like my daughters name in the CC field then make a rule in my outlook saying if cc field has my daughter name leave it alone if not then delete it. only draw back to this is if somebody emails me straight from there system and not my site using the form mailer i hope this helps for your spam problem
  15. 7 kids now thats a challenge i rack my brain in tring to raise my 2 rugrats up properly. congrats to the mother and father and welcome to the world little one
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