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  1. Thomas, do you have the page posted on your site? If so, I can take a look at it and at least give you some direction (I think).
  2. I'm not sure if this is EXACTLY what you'll need, but it's worth looking at. Try the demo...you can toggle between a list calendar or grid calendar. Maybe you could customize it to only offer the list view. Bosdev Lite
  3. Pretty sure I read recently that TCH doesn't offer yearly payment for resellers. Seems we resellers upgrade too much and too often for it to be beneficial!!
  4. Thanks, Don. I also keep it on my local PC. I had tried a Find and Replace using DWMX, but it did not find it. It just didn't make sense to me (for whatever reason) to look in the language files. I guess it does make sense looking at it now... ...anyway, thank you for the help! Will make changes right now!
  5. Site page is here. OK...I'm using the advanced guestbook on this site. I have made some changes and such for the look of the guestbook, but I've come up against a change that I just can't figure out. Just beneath the title logo, there's a sentence that says, "Thank you for stopping by my site. Here you can leave your mark." I'd like to change this, but can't for the life of me figure out how to go about it. In the main body template, this text seems to be placed by the code >$LANG[BookMess6] I looked in the database table, but I just couldn't figure it out. If anyone
  6. I looked in your css file and noticed that div#body has a min-height declaration. Have you looked into IE problems with this? Seems like in my last attempt to create an all css site, I read something about some problems with this. It's a pretty big guess...but it's all I'd have to offer for your problem. That's some nice css work, by the way!! Good luck!
  7. I assume this problem is with using a scrolling div? I read something last night in my research that may or may not help. Check this link. Good luck.
  8. Thank you so much! I was so tired last night! The cell table must have stretched out in Dreamweaver since DW is having problems rendering the scrolling div. I new I didn't have the problem before adding the div...that's why I thought it must be connected! It was...just not the way I thought!! Anyway...thanks to everyone who checked for me. Now I'm going off to post a question about the guestbook!!
  9. Hi, All. I'm working on a site where I wanted to make use of a scrolling div on the homepage. It looks ok except for one minor thing...it renders empty space below everything, as if it were leaving space for all that is inside the scrolling div. You can see what I mean HERE. All the empty space below the main graphic/table should not be there. The main table, which is just a container, is set to 100%. It had previously been set to specific pixel height, but that didn't work either. Any suggestions/advice? Thanks!
  10. It guessed a snowflake in two tries. Pretty impressive for some computer code!!
  11. I'll definately look into it, Raul. Thanks!!
  12. Thanks to you both! I'm going to check out Audacity right now!!!
  13. You know how you start learning something new, and you go through that phase where you know just enough to feel like a complete moron???? Well...I'm there right now. I'm designing a site that will need to offer music samples. No matter my opinion on Microsoft......I would probably prefer to stick with using WMA files for right now. Just because most people have Windows Media Player readily available. That having been said...if there's anyone out there willing to get me started on this...that would be great! I just want to link to clips of the songs. If it's a simple link, I can
  14. Will do...I'm gettin' excited already.
  15. I think I just might do that. Hmmm...I'll have to get a blank CD first. Being away from home really bites sometimes!!!
  16. Thanks! I don't know when I might be doing this...could be a week or so. Then again, I might dive into it this weekend. Depends on what kind of internet connection I get. I'm away from home, without my trusty cable internet access!!!! I'm sure I'll take you up on your offer, though!!
  17. Thanks, Raul. I am definitely planning on trying it. I think I'll clean up my laptop a little bit tonight. Shouldn't be a problem though because I've got 25 GB of free space on it. What is the time difference where you are? I'm in Texas, U.S. Maybe I can plan to do this sometime when I know you might be around for quick questions.
  18. OK...I'd like to at least entertain the idea of jumping into the world of Linux. I've read a little and have my first question. If I go with the option of setting up a dual-boot system, will it use considerable more resources than just having one OS on the computer? In other words, will it slow down my PC or laptop?
  19. natimage


    Sure...but I'll be blushing! Using DW to upload, the inc folder where I put include files ended up at the same level as public_html instead of inside public_html where I intended. This happened because I neglected to define the root folder in the DW setup. To tell how crossed my eyes were, I LOOKED at the directory structure in both DW and Filezilla and didn't notice this little inconsistency! I finally opened File Manager and Cpanel before my eyes could settle in on it! I knew as soon as I posted about it I'd figure it out! Almost always happens that way! Thanks for taking the t
  20. natimage


    Nevermind...as I suspected...something stupid. I figured it out...link removed because the site's not finished yet. I know I must be missing something easy...but my eyeballs are going cross-eyed from looking at this. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this include will not work. If anyone has a minute... Code in the index file is: ><table id="topbar" width="100%" height="300" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td width="16%" height="300" valign="top"> <?php //get nav file include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/inc/nav.p
  21. I guess I'm not too worried because I'm not a new account...but...if I were getting a new account it sounds like I might have a problem with the area code verification. I live in Arlington TX, but don't use a home phone. I only use my cell phone, which is currently a Colorado phone number. Would there be a workaround for this type of situation as I know there are more and more people who use cell phones now and could possibly have a different area code from their CC billing info.?
  22. natimage

    Css Check

    Homepage looks fine to me in Mozilla1.6. I even checked with the text zoomed and that was good too!
  23. Nothing against TCH...but I wouldn't do it. I don't know whether or not it can be done, but after the MANY recent problems I've had with a site that's hosted with TCH, but using a local mailserver...I wouldn't do it. In fact, I'll probably never host site and mail seperately again if I can keep from it. My problems had nothing to do with TCH. Just weird behaviors do to the MX entries.
  24. Webgyrl, do you have a config.php file with that version? If you can post that file, I think I can help you fix this one. I had the same problem before...I just can't recall the text I changed. Make sure you remove any sensitive data before posting that file. Have you considered upgrading to the newest version?
  25. It looks fine from here too. Just a note, though...I have seen spacing issues with </td> tags that were not on the same line as the last line of text. So...if you have unclosed </td> tags, I would guess that it could potentially give a spacing issue as well.
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