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  1. I will do it for free.............. I am just that kind of guy
  2. My TV is glued to ESPN. Basketball and football til the end. Was not much of a baseball fan until the Rangers started winning. As much as I post in different message boards every night it would be fun to join in on the fun with you.
  3. EnS

    Testing A Signature

    Just testing my signature......did not seem to work in another forum. thought i would test it here. i apologize if we are not allowed.
  4. I dunno......they are legal in Amsterdam Thumbs Up
  5. EnS

    Gmail Invite

    gmail is no less safer than the others... besides I was a victim of identity theft. if someone wants it they are going to get it..... though if you want safety there always is carrier pigeon.
  6. I have a kick butt brownie recipe.
  7. EnS

    Gmail Invite

    I finally got my gmail account and I love it......blows all web based mail programs out of the water.
  8. EnS

    Dog House

    you have me hungry now.............
  9. EnS

    Site "broken"

    Just basing my solution from the same problem I had and removing the TD WIDTH corrected it for me. but yes, roberts comment could actually be it
  10. EnS

    Site "broken"

    check it out....you have to remember that when specifying TD width and it exceeds the pixel width of the viewers browser window the browser will break the table cell down to the next row. If you take out the <TD WIDTH> tag and just use a <TD> tag instead the browser will not break the cell.
  11. EnS

    Linksys Befsr41

    I have 3 firewalls all using the BEFSR41 never had a problem...except their support is not that great.
  12. Dreamwaver is a joke with the PHP... The best way to learn it is to open up notepad and place a reference book by you and go to work this was the only way I could learn it
  13. Yea...I love them both BUT my site design prevents me from using them as it requires major change of their coding for me to get it to fit and I dont get much time as it is due to the nagging wife.....(dont tell her I said that) I still love supporting it. Do you all have a support section for people using it or do you refer them to the support forums for their respective sites?
  14. EnS

    Live Support

    oh yea.....I always update and upgrade... learned things the hard way. )
  15. The best thing to do is go to Hot Scripts and navigate to the PHP category and the Discussion Board sub category. There are a hundred or so discussion boards for your like. As always if you need help feel free to shout... Web Dev is my #1 passion.
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