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    photography, music, 'puters. I love to take photos of everything. Especially sunsets/rises, creatures, and my grandkids. (4 boys, one girl). I have been a country soloist since 1976. I have 3 daughters that play and sing also and a beautiful wife that's been with me almost 32 years. Vietnam veteran, 4 time commander VFW post 759 ( michaelstreeter.com or codydouglas.com )

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  1. mike

    New To Wordpress

    thanks, Dick. it WAS my autofill.
  2. mike

    New To Wordpress

    Hi, I have started a wordpress page where I intend to let visitors ask questions or leave comments. I did a comment / reply to a post I did for testing. wordpress makes visitors register with name, email, website so I did that. I have since removed that entire post but when I go to other posts and click READ MORE, it displays my name , email, and website. I can't seem to make it stop doing that. any help will be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
  3. well I have been with TCH for a long long time and I do it all through them. NOT ONE SINGLE COMPAINT. CHEERS to TCH
  4. thanks everyone. I installed a new msi installer and everything is fine.
  5. thanks Mike. I will talk him through that and see if it helps us. Will let you know. thanks
  6. I have an xp pro computer that runs fine via dsl. I gave it to my brother in law and he hooked it up but can't get on internet. limited or no connectivity. The only difference is that his old computer hooked up through roadrunner on a cable modem. Is there a reason concerning the difference between dsl and cable modems that would cause this problem? I did all the ipconfig release, renew etc, to no avail. Please help. thanks in advance
  7. HI TCH ers, I am wondering what would be the best way to allow visitors to a webpage to be able to print out a coupon. I would have, i.e., a picture of a product with a sale price on it and allow them to click "print coupon" button which would send the coupon to their printer. Any help would be welcome. thanks, Mike
  8. Guys & Gals, I have a pc that was heavily clogged with lint etc. I cleaned it all out and booted it up fine, then noticed the powersupply fan was barely turning. I ordered another one from ebay. It came, booted up, but the fan barely turned. I notified the seller and they sent me another. It booted up and the fan barely turned. 3 power supply units, same thing, very slow turning fan. Is there a chance that the mother board got too hot and burned something out so that it is not faulty power supply units? Thanks for any help / suggestions.
  9. Thanks Bill. Can you advise on what the temp SHOULD be and the best program to monitor it?
  10. I am thinking of changing out a single core amd processor to a socket am2+ x4 quad processor. Will the fan and heatsink that's already there be sufficient for this processor upgrade?
  11. HI Bill, No not just TB. I even tried to install Pegasus, same thing. Plus when I try to uninstall from add/remove, (win 7 ), That won't work either. I downloaded the same one you linked to but it will unpack, you hit the install button, then it, almost immediately goes to an empty white window with only the finish button to click. When I do I can find thunderbird under %appdata% but there's nothing there and it won't run. That's what makes me wonder about the installer, but I haven't had any luck getting a new installer. Some folks are claiming that 4.5 installer installation has been messing up other files and programs and I can't seem to get a download for ver. 5 installer. I am working on an HP pavilion so there is no windows 7 disk.
  12. turned off AVG, no difference. I think my installer may be bad, but can't seem to find a replacement online
  13. Installation will begin as normal but quickly pops up a window with a "finish" launch mozilla thunderbird now (window), yet the installation never completes and the program won't run. Happens with any program I try to install. windows installer was on manual, so I clicked "start" but that didn't help.
  14. For some reason all of a sudden I cannot install 3rd party installations. ( i.e. thunderbird ) any help would be highly appreciated thanks
  15. Thanks for your input. Problem solved - one of the 2gig sticks of memory was bad.
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