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  1. Go Bruce! (and mporter88!) Let us know how it goes, its always good to pass on info! JimE
  2. Content basically. If something is there that I want to talk about, I will talk about it on whatever forum it appears. I have lost count of the numerous fourms I have posted my name up onto when discussing things. The other reason is, that most of the time, I am busy in forum A, because I own forum A JimE
  3. Welcome to the forums P4tr1ck, If you believe this to be s server problem, please start a support ticket and ask the server guys to take a look at the setup (remember to point out it works on the other server) Other then that, are you sure there is nothing else conflicting in the account, e.g. htaccess or web direct? JimE
  4. TCH-JimE

    Css Problems

    Eric, Do you mean the large yellow area around the word "action center". If so, this is mostly defined by your border being 3px. Since I am not sure what your trying to acheieve, I can't comment on a solution JimE
  5. Steve, I am also running firefox and I do not have that issue, however, I am running it on XP. Have you cleared out your cache? JimE
  6. Hello Senator, I suggest you submit a help desk ticket to look at the file and its permissions. JimE
  7. Depends, it would need to be included into a php file if it was. JimE
  8. Hello Tim, Are you moving databases between TCH accounts or from an outside hosting company to ours? If its between TCH accounts, then submit a help desk ticket and ask nicely and they should be able to do this for you. If its from an outsiding hosting company, if they have cpanel, you can move the entire website through a cpanel transfer. If you really want to do this yourself (its not hard) then in your other hosting account, access phpmyadmin and select the database. Then when the fields have come up, click export at the top. When the page appears, under the export column on the left is lots of fields, make sure these are all highlighted. At the bottom should be the ability to save to a faile, make sure its gzipped and click on "ok". A prompt will appear asking you to download and save it to your hard disk. To upload it, its just a matter of using the import button instead. Remember, you will need to copy over all your files because the database does not store the actual pictures. Hope this is of some help JimE
  9. Hello, If you want to check about the email folders on your website, please start a help desk support ticket. There is a link at the top of your screen marked "help desk" JimE
  10. Hello Noxipoo, I am guessing you have had the same error that I had a few weeks back. Don't panic, all your email should still be there. If (in XP) you go to C:\Documents and Settings\?????\Application Data\Thunderbird you will see a folder marked profiles. In there will be profile folders which contain your email. You will need to google thunderbird lost folders and there are several solutions available depending on what your current situation is. I would make a backup of the profile folders before you go any further JimE
  11. Hello Rowan, I have to admit to not knowing a way. My suggestion would be to look at things like bonus print who offer a free album online where people can upload pictures and also have them printed off. I realise that this means you do not have a final copy, but I am unable to come up with a solution for gallery, sorry. Edit - I have found this link, worth a shot... h**p://gallery.menalto.com/node/7961 JimE
  12. Very strange, but glad your getting there. with JCE, have you downloaded the image manager. With this you can set many options including where your pictures are saved etc JimE
  13. Welcome to the forum tracey, I am glad your email went through ok. Don't heistate to come back and ask any other questions! JimE
  14. Hello, I believe in many places your HTML is not truely correct. M$ seems to be able to cope with a mismash of HTML, firefox displays it more truely. For instance, the following code: ><table> <tr> <div align="center"><td width="1000" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5"> <div align="center"><font face="times new roman, Arial" color="#FFFF00" size="6"><i><b><u><i>PLEASE CHECK FOR MORE DETAIL PICTURES BELOW.</i></u></b></i> </font> <hr width="50%" size="3" color="#ff0000"> <br> <div align="center"><font face="Arial" color="#00FF33" size="6"><i><b>Top Retail Value $5,400.00 (used)</font></b></i> As you can see, your opening up a DIV tag inside a <TR> tag and in some instances not closing the DIV tag again. JimE
  15. Hello, There are many possible reasons why it could have happened again, let me name a few: 1) One of your folders is not correctley CHMOD. That it, if you have a 777 folder, people can write anything to this folder. 2) Are you sure there are no other admins in your mambo account, e.g. one that could have been created by a hacker? 3) Are you sure all your mods to mambo are up to date. Some mods are old and not supported correctley any more and hence are lacking security updates. 4) As mentioned above,make sure your passwords are at least 7 letters long consisting of numbers, letters and punctuation marks. 5) Change your mysql database password too. As suggested many times above, contact the help desk stating what has happened. The server guys are brillaint and will be able to point you in the right direction. JimE
  16. Hello Sylvest, Congratulations on your daughters wedding, I know the problems of having lots of photos to print afterwards! I eventually put the ones I wanted onto a CD and took it to my local Asda's who where happy to print them all off and I must admit I very well done. JimE
  17. TCH-JimE

    Second Ide

    I am all out of options, so my final suggestion is send it back to dell, sorry! JimE
  18. TCH-JimE

    Second Ide

    Very odd then. If your comfatbale doing a BIOS upgrade, go ahead, but beware of the pitfalls, otherwise ship it back to dell if its still under warantee, or if you havea a spare hard drive kicking around, unplug the current one, install the new one and install just a basic copy of XP on it and see what happens. JimE
  19. TCH-JimE

    Second Ide

    Hello, Ok first off, I never do anything by cable select. Do the drives have some jumpers on them, if so, set one to slave, the other to master. Does that work? JimE
  20. TCH-JimE

    Css Problems

    Hello, This is reasonable easy to sort out and is one of the many problems that users have with IE/Firefox. First off, a class is set of rules (css rules) that can be applied to many areas. An ID can only ever be applied once (or at least, it should only ever be applied once. Now I may be wrong on this, but thats how I have always played it when designing CSS). Also you are using "inline" CSS rather then sheet CSS which can lead to confusions (just my opinion there though) As Owatagal says, in Firefox, the borders are black, in IE, they are the same color. This happens, because rightly so, in this line of code: ><td width="50%" bgcolor="#FF0000" style="border-style: solid; border-width: 3px; padding-left: 4px; padding-right: 4px" bordercolor="#FF0000" valign="top"> <i><b><font face="Arial" size="4" color="#FFFFFF"> you have not defined the border color of the cell. IE being M$ product and not following proper rules, defines it from the style you have originated. Firefox displays it correctley as the border is not colored (although is 3 px big) and hence is black. You could follow Owatagals suggestion but I would also do it like this. Put in your head the following, (this is a class) ><style> .tableheader { width: 50%; background: #f00; border: 3px solid #f00; padding-left: 4px; padding-right: 4px; vertical-align: top; } </style> and then for your html all you need to put is: ><td class="tableheader"> As you can see it leaves the main coding much cleaner and the best bit is, you can use it again on the next columns header. In the style area, you can even define fonts. Keep it up, its brillaint that you are learning this and I am very impressed! With regards to the missing semicolon, you should always put it in. In the above style sheet example, if you forget the semi colon, it won't work at all, hence I always put it in. JimE
  21. Personnaly, no I dont think there is. Reason being, HTML is designed to use hex and there must have been a reason to do this rather then using RGB. I am guessing the RGB is a later addtition, and normally this means to browsers, a slower type of code. Again, thats just my thinking, no hard facts JimE
  22. Paul, If I may, could you please PM me your administrator username/password for joomla and I will take a look. Btw are these all uploaded or have you tried the fanstico option and when you resintalled them, did you wipe the database too? JimE
  23. Mel, If they are getting a 404, does that mean then doing a tracert just at some point times out? If so, could you please obtain the users IP and tracert and start a support ticket. Many thanks JimE
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