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  1. Hi David, One problem you will have is that some versions of norton no longer give a referrer as a header, and hence you will not be able to block them, joys of the internet! JimE
  2. Hi, Version works fine for me, strange, but glad its sorted JimE
  3. As answered above Vbulletin and IPB will work on TCH servers Hope all goes well, if not, come back and ask! JimE
  4. I have this set up on my own IPB forum, its very handy for novices to put the mouse over the underlined text and see what the word really means JimE
  5. Hello, Its all too easy to sidestep this one. Your best hope is to watermark each one of your photos. A CMS solution like Gallery can do this for you on the fly JimE
  6. Hello, It could also be possible that because its a parked domain name, apart from your own website, it doesn't lead anywhere, but originally it used too. Hence with no content to the .com, it goes down the list (google doesn't drop it, it just drops down the search list) JimE
  7. Hello, After some extensive searching, the IP you are trying to ban is actually the IP of the search engine, Ask Jeeves or Ask as it is now known as. Remember, when looking at the stats, make sure the time is the same as the time zone you are in. I would not bother to ban the IP, but if you really must, consider using robots. txt too to control the path of the robot JimE
  8. Thanks John, the support staff work as hard as possible to sort out any and all problems that occur JimE
  9. Hello, Goto explorer then at the top, tools > view > tick "show hidden files and folders" and also untick "hide operertaing system files" (or something similar) Try that JimE
  10. Hey glad it works! JimE
  11. I would suggest Joomla but since you have the ability to install and de-install every one in fantastisco, I would try them all! JimE
  12. A link would be handy, even its just a simple mock up page JimE
  13. I would suggest a content management system like Joomla with something like the JCE editor. Just like word to use, no HTML, and very easy to control JimE
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