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    Mississippi - Home of 50,000 unused FEMA trailers and 20,000 homeless Katrina victims.

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  1. Since others here posted info about great books, I will post a link. This is how I learned: http://www.php.net/manual/en/ Contributors' comments help clarify things (when reading posted comments, remember they read from bottom up and when people say 'the poster above' they really mean 'the poster below')
  2. Heh. Sorry to reply to myself, but edit time had passed. It helps if you set the path to your database correctly.
  3. I have created a form with a DataGridView that is connected to the appropriate DB and I created a Sub that allows me to edit a row. Once the row is edited, I can see the appropriate changes are made to the DataGridView, but when I close the form and fire it back up, the table is back to its original state before the changes. I have googled and googled and cannot find the right command to actually commit the changes to the DB. Can someone give me a little push? My database is named MyBusiness with one table called Customer. My form is using MyBusinessDataSet and CustomerTableAdapter.
  4. Well, it's not free. You pay like $5.95+ a month for it (and the php, and the bandwidth, and the space, and the awesome service...etc).
  5. I guess you just have to listen to them talk. Somebody there was running install scripts and needed help with config for a bunch of servers. That's all I know.
  6. The TCH guys were talking about install scripts and stuff and when I got online they started talking really vague and telling each other to 'go to the other channel'. I think they are planning something else, but when I asked they told me they couldn't say anything yet.
  7. These are all awesome, awesome, awesome (except for the last one). I give TCH 3 thumbs up.
  8. 11pm EST (Eastern Standard Time US) is a little less than one hour from now or GMT - 5 hours.
  9. The "Largest Announcement" is that the announcement has been postponed indefinitely. Sorry to spoil it for you.
  10. They do this knowing full well that we are gonna ask "When is the announcement?" and then say "When we announce it".
  11. I was not aware that she was planning on emailing these images. Maybe it's not as simple as it sounds. I created a form for my own uses using PHP for uploading an image and it could be easily adapted for more images and form fields, I thought. It has multiple checks of mimetype and size for security purposes.
  12. I have seriously thought about flashing an OpenSource Linux firmware in there.
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